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A home’s master bedroom ought to be serene and welcoming. It should be a retreat after a long day where people can relax and definitely chill! As we foresee the design trends in 2023, colors will undoubtedly still play the integral part in any design planning. A variety of design elements can be added to this space which can make it cozy and comfortable. Utilizing the appropriate color scheme or color palette is one of the finest ways to achieve it.

Master bedroom color ideas

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best color for bedroom walls, including personal preference, the size and layout of the room, and the desired atmosphere.

But first let’s understand the importance of hues for your space which should complement all your design needs.

Best color ideas for master bedroom

Here are some general guidelines to help you get the best color ideas for master bedroom:

  • Consider your personal style

Do you prefer a bold and vibrant look, or something more calming and neutral? Choose a bedroom color combination that reflects your personal style and that you will enjoy waking up to every day.

Master bedroom color ideas

  • Think about the size and layout of the room

Lighter colors can make a small room feel larger and more open, while darker shades can add warmth and coziness to a large room. Consider the layout of the room and how the colors will affect the overall atmosphere. You can also opt for two color combinations for bedroom walls.

Master bedroom color ideas

  • Consider the atmosphere you want to create

Do you want a bedroom that is calming and relaxing, or one that is energizing and invigorating? Choose bedroom paint colors that will help you achieve the atmosphere you desire.

Master bedroom color ideas

  • Take into account the natural light in the room

The way a color appears can vary greatly depending on the amount of natural light in a room. Consider the direction the room faces and how much natural light it gets throughout the day.

Master bedroom color ideas

  • Don’t be afraid to use bold colors

While neutrals are always a safe choice for a master bedroom color idea, don’t be afraid to incorporate bold pops of color through accents such as throw pillows, artwork, or a colorful area rug.

Master bedroom color ideas

  • Use color psychology to your advantage

Certain colors are known to have certain effects on the mind and body. For example, blue is often associated with tranquility and is a popular choice for a bedroom color combination, while red can be energizing and is better suited to a living room or home office.

Master bedroom color ideas

  • Experiment with different color combinations

If you’re not sure which colors will work best in your master bedroom, try experimenting with different bedroom color combinations using paint swatches or fabric samples. This can help you visualize how the colors will look in your space and determine which combination is the most harmonious.

Master bedroom color ideas

There ‘s no rule of thumb for choosing the best color for bedroom walls! If vastu colors are your concern, you can also consider colors for your room according to the vastu.

Check out some best colors for bedroom walls

Here are some specific master bedroom color ideas which can enhance your design style:

Soft shades of blue

Blue is a popular choice for a bedroom paint color or wallpaper because it is calming and relaxing. Soft shades of blue, such as light blue or powder blue, can create a serene atmosphere and help you sleep better.

Master bedroom color ideas

Pale pink

Pink is often associated with romance and can add a feminine touch to a bedroom. Pale pink is a softer, more subtle choice than a bold fuchsia or magenta.

Master bedroom color ideas

Sage green

Green is a refreshing color when looking for bedroom paint colors that can help create a calming atmosphere in a bedroom. Sage green is a soft, muted shade that pairs well with neutral tones.

Master bedroom color ideas


Lavender is a soothing color that can promote relaxation and help you sleep. It pairs well with neutral shades such as white or gray.

Master bedroom color ideas

Warm neutrals

Warm neutrals such as beige, taupe, and camel can create a cozy, inviting atmosphere in a bedroom. They can be the best color for bedroom walls. These shades can also be paired with pops of color for a more dynamic look.

Master bedroom color ideas

Ultimately, the best color ideas for master bedroom interior design will depend on your personal preference and the desired atmosphere you want to create. Consider the size and layout of the room, the amount of natural light it receives, and your personal style to choose the perfect shades for your space.

At Bonito Designs, we understand your requirements and create a personalized space which reflects you! Connect us for more information and get your desired space designed by us today.


How to choose perfect curtain options for the master bedroom?

Ans: Color ideas for the master bedroom can be assessed through curtains as well. Curtains in the bedroom must work quite hard. The ideal option for individuals who want no light at all is blackout drapes with thermal lining. Summery sheers will effectively block the harsh light if all you want to do is that. These can be generously layered to protect your privacy while also adding pleats when pulled back. Curtains can also be chosen on the basis of the existing color scheme.

Which lights are important for your master bedroom styling?

Ans: The elegant atmosphere of your bedroom is created by layering. Both functional and artistic! Enjoy a strong task lighting pendant rather than standard ceiling lights. A combination of all the lights are important which includes ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

How can I know my personal style while designing the master bedroom?

Ans: Don’t let design advice distract you from coming up with bedroom ideas to the point that you create a space that doesn’t feel comfortable to you. Make sure you’re asking yourself what appeals to you along the route because your bedroom should feel cozy and personalized to your needs. Make sure to incorporate your favorite elements, bedroom paint colors: whether they are upholstered headboards or flora, into your design plans.

Which colors are not suitable for a master bedroom?

Ans: High intensity colors should always be used with caution, according to Vastu Shastra. These include shades of black and dark gray. Bedroom color combinations should be subtle and soothing.