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byBonito Designs March 11, 2024 In Bathroom Design in Bangalore


Bathrooms are perhaps among the most important spaces in your home. They offer you a retreat to relax and unwind at the end of a long and tiring day, making it crucial that they are designed in a manner that exudes comfort and luxury. However, designing lavish bathroom interiors isn’t as simple as it might seem, considering they aren’t the biggest rooms in your home. This is because a bathroom consists of various elements that must come together in perfect symphony.  

Lavish Bathroom Interiors

From the colours you choose to the size and textures of your tiles, the materials used for your counter, and so much else, there are various factors to consider. If you’re looking to design your bathroom to turn it into a retreat of comfort and opulence, make sure to read this guide right till the end.   

We take you through some of the most notable trends and ways you can design your bathroom to turn it into a space that redefines luxury.   

Pain Point   

Designing a luxurious bathroom often requires taking various factors into consideration, especially if you also have to consider the needs of older members of your family. Making a bathroom both functional and visually appealing often becomes a challenge for most homeowners, especially since it requires incorporating multiple elements into a rather small space.   


The key to designing lavish bathroom interiors is to take all your needs and preferences into consideration and understand how your bathroom can meet them best. With the expertise of a skilled interior designer, you can have your bathroom designed in a manner that checks all the right boxes.   

However, if you’re on the lookout for some inspiration, we’ve got you covered in the sections to come.   

Choosing the Right Materials   for bathroom interior design

Choosing the Right Materials   

At the heart of any luxurious bathroom is a meticulous selection of the most premium materials that can elevate any space. From rich marble and statement tiles that are ideal for making a bold impression, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Every element, from the materials used on the floor of your shower cabin to the wood used across your cabinets, contributes to an overall sense of luxury.   

Another aspect to consider when choosing the right materials is the paint or the overall colour scheme of your bathroom. This is where you have several routes to take. You could give your bathroom a vintage look with brass or dull gold hardware, warm colours like browns, maroons, or olive greens, or even use the same colours with more contemporary fittings.   

You can even make use of unique wallpapers with fruity or floral designs that make your bathroom feel fresh and inviting. On the flip side, you can also go down the all-white route, which often becomes a popular choice for anyone wanting to design a luxurious bathroom. 

Integrating Ample Storage for bathroom interior

Integrating Ample Storage 

Take a quick look at any luxurious space, and the first thing you’ll notice is that each one is clutter-free. A neat, well-laid-out space is one of the key characteristics of a luxurious home, and the same holds true for lavish bathroom interiors. The key to keeping your bathroom clutter-free is to ensure you integrate ample storage into its design.   

Whether it’s a large, mirrored cabinet above your basin or even a whole chest of drawers or an integrated wardrobe to hold essentials like towels and other linen, you’ve got plenty of solutions to choose from.   

Creating lavish bathroom interiors involves catering to storage for the following aspects – bathing essentials, skincare and makeup, accessories, appliances like trimmers, shavers, and curlers, cleaning agents, and towels and linen, among several others. When each of these elements has its dedicated storage space to keep them organised and out of sight, your bathroom automatically feels like a calm and serene place to be.   

A Well-Planned Layout  for lavish bathroom interiors

A Well-Planned Layout  

While many assume that luxury interior design only works when visual appeal trumps practicality and functionality, they couldn’t be more wrong. A truly luxurious space is one that’s opulent to look at while being immensely practical and functional. The layout of your home is one of the key characteristics that contribute to creating a sense of luxury.  

Just like your full home interiors, your bathroom’s layout often dictates how practical it is. Every element, from the faucets, mirrors, toilet seat, or even your basin is crucial. The layout becomes especially important if you intend to make your home interiors age-inclusive to cater to elderly members now or even a few years down the line.   

This involves strategically placing grab handles at key points, using flooring solutions that are non-slippery, and ensuring ample lighting across the space. 

Statement Lighting for bathroom interior design

Choosing Statement Lighting Fixtures  

When designing lavish bathroom interiors, lighting is king. A well-lit space automatically feels luxurious when compared to one that’s dimly lit. When combined with the right colours, textures, and materials, the right lighting can transform your bathroom from a purely functional space into a retreat that calms you down every time you step into it.   

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, there are various points at which you can integrate lighting fixtures. For instance, you can have an LED strip that runs along the entire perimeter of your bathroom to add some ambient light to your space.   

Similarly, your shower cabin must also have one or multiple lights that uniformly light up the entire area. Last but not least, the area around your wash basin must also be well-lit, primarily because this is where you have a mirror and tend to spend most of your time getting dressed.   

In terms of colour temperatures, warmer lighting often makes for the ideal choice as it naturally exudes a sense of warmth and luxury when compared to cooler lighting.   

In Conclusion  

A bathroom’s impact on your home’s interiors and state of mind is often underestimated. However, don’t make this mistake when designing your home’s interiors. As you can see, there are several elements that come together to create lavish bathroom interiors. Understanding the best materials, colours, layout, and more is a crucial part of this process. 

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