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by Sanchari B September 12, 2015 In Blog Project Writeups Uncategorized Villa Interior Design in Bangalore

Bonito Designs recently undertook a villa project in Mahadevpura. It is a 4BHK villa owned by our client Mr. Jithendra Mouli who wanted his interiors to be as ravishing as the villa itself. After elaborate meeting with our designers, finally a design was fixed. Check out how the interiors turned out to be in the end.

Entrance Interiors in Villa

The foyer has a spacious shoe rack with a long seat. The shoe rack looks very bright against the patterned wall paper that we have used here. The entrance also has a paneling.

Living room interiors

The living area centers around a beautiful TV cabinet that has two big drawers at the bottom and an open cabinet in between them to accommodate the set top box.
One experiment that we did in the project is the spectacular panel of the TV unit that extends upto the first floor creating a wonder visual impact.
Right opposite to the TV unit is the sofa set behind which we have provided three niches as display units.
There is a beautiful CNC partition on either side of the living room dividing the dining and the living space.
The CNC partition also has sandwiched glass in between that highlights the intricacies of the CN design.
From near the sofa set you will be able to see a beautiful piece of stone cladding on the wall of the landing above the first flight of stairs. It looks so unusual that anyone will be compelled to climb up the stairs to get a closer view.

Villa Dining room interiors

On the other side of the partition lies the dining room and kitchen area. The right of the dining area you will be able to see a breakfast counter with an ivory white Korean stone attached to the kitchen interiors. Adjacent to it is a wash basin where one can wash their hands after a typical Indian dining. There is a partition that separates the dining area from the open kitchen. You will also see a set of lights right atop the breakfast counter that also creates a sense of partition in this part of the house.
In the dining area we have also given an elaborate crockery unit that has the same Korean top as of the breakfast counter. The crockery unit has a spacious closed storage and two drawer storages along with a ledge and a display unit with glass door on top. The spot lights inside the display of the crockery unit give it a royal look.

Interiors in Modular Kitchen

The L-shaped modular kitchen looks lovely and vibrant with its off white and dark chocolate interiors. We have helped installing efficient kitchen interiors that are storage friendly and access friendly. We have put the hob, the sink and the refrigerator all at the right places and have filled the rest of the space with ample storage cabinets.
Modular kitchen interiors
Instead of the usual handle system, we have opted for G-profiles in this kitchen that look more sleek and stylish. We have also provided a host of overhead cabinets for easy access and a tall cabinet to store groceries purchased in bulk.

Puja Room design ideas in villa

We also have designed a puja room for this villa where we have used lots of spotlights on the rafters so as to create an illuminated effect inside the room that spells out devotion.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is spacious and has a king sized bed with two big pullout drawers where extra bedding can be stored. It also has two beautiful side stands on two sides of the bed against two elegant CNC panels with backlighting for a calming effect. There is of course a big dresser with a life sized mirror and plenty of storage units along with it. We have given a combination of dark and light laminates to highlight the beauty of the dresser.
Masterbedroom interiors
The same dark and light combination has been used for the big slider wardrobe as well. The wardrobe door also has lacquered glass sandwiched between the laminates that create a sense of opulence within the bedroom interiors. The TV unit of the bedroom has sufficient storage and a stylish ledge where the TV has been placed.
The false ceiling with cove lights and spot lights along with the rafters blend with the luminously back lit CNC extending from behind the side stands.

Kid’s bedroom

The kid’s bedroom has a queen sized cot with the storage facility of one pullout drawers on one side and a lift up storage on the other side. There are two cute little side stands on either side of the cot as well to suit the overall mood of the room. Our designers have used an out of the box wall concept in this room that extends from the walls up to the false ceiling.

There is a sleek dresser on one side of the room with a series of thee stepped closed cabinets for storage. The slider wardrobe is also designed with a combination of black currant and white laminates following the colour pattern of the whole room.
Slider wardrobe design ideas
Right next to it is a little study space fitted inside a niche in order to save space within the bedroom.

Guest bedroom interiors

The guest bedroom is complete with a dresser consisting of two closed storages while the niche in between can easily be used for open storage.
Guest bedroom interiors
There is a big openeable wardrobe right next to the dresser with lofts on top for extra storage.
Dresser design ideas
We have given two stylish ledges on the wall next to the head board where photo frames and artifacts can be displayed.
bedroom ceiling designs
The false ceiling is simple but at par with the overall ceiling designs of the house.

Bar counter

The bar counter has a nicely designed with two levels where the upper level is back lit with beautiful LED lights. It is also a home theatre area for which we have given the false ceiling a really interesting design.
High_ceiling_theme_ideas (1)
Needless to say Mr. Mouli was overwhelmed by the looks of his home as we handed the site over to him in the end. He thanked us whole heartedly for delivering the exact interiors that he had asked for in our discussion phase.
What did he like most about our design? Well there were many, but the backlit CNCs took away the first prize. The Bonito team thanks Mr. Mouli as well, for giving us the opportunity to design his beautiful home.