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The living room forms the most important part of the house. It is where every family member gets to interact with each other often and at the same time it gives the first impression of one’s house to outsiders even if they are not taken to other rooms of the house.

Thus, be it for the family members or the guests the living room is the crucial part of the any house. This makes it important that the designing, coloring and furnishing be done in a way suiting everyone’s needs and at the same time making it elegant.

It is with the designing and playing with right choice of colors that one can give the modern look to the living room. Here are few living color design ideas widely accepted by the interior designers bringing innovation and at the same time which will help impart a modern look to the living room.

Color schemes:

Selecting a color from the range of hues is not an easy task. It needs some efforts and color sense to choose the right color for the room.

Before boiling down to one color, it is necessary that one ask certain questions to oneself. Like what mood one wants in the living room, whether it be lively, romantic, cozy, energetic, tranquil, etc.

The answer to this question will help win half the battle. According to the mood set, selecting the color from the palette will be easier.

If one wants the room to be energetic, yellow is the color. If it is passionate and stimulating, red is the base color.

Every color on the wheel has its own charm.

  • Like green which is the color of the nature will create an atmosphere that is comforting and friendly.
  • Blue is the color of the sky providing tranquility.
  • White shows an inclination towards cleanliness and loving peace. It gives a sense of purity.
  • The brown is the color of the ground giving a feel of being grounded and earthiness.

Once the mood is established, one can do the permutation and combination with the colors on the color wheel. The combination of colors will lead to the combination of moods. This is a task to be tested effectively.

Main color plus A complementary color = Pop feel

Freeze your favorite main color along with a complementary color for your living room colors. Play with them. It will definitely ends you with a pop feel.

The sequence on the color of the wheel will make sure that the colors chosen are in harmony with each other. Thus selecting the main color and the accents which will add up to the rainbow of moods and make it look little subtle and grounded.

For modern living room design, generally the simple color schemes and clean lines are chosen. The base colors selected are neutral colors like white, beige or black. The neutral colors help to highlight the furniture and designs more.

Few bold colors can be integrated with these simple colors to give a key and lock fit.

One can try their own hands in this which will give it a personalized effect. One wall of the living room wall can be highlighted or decorated in a different way just like this.

The dynamic patterns used for designing will make the living room bright and at the same time will help to develop affinity for it as it is personalized!

Putting the glow colors in the living room can add to the liveliness of the room and remove the monotonous nature of the room.

It is suggested that one go for the high quality paint that will help increasing the life of the paint and will not fade with time. If one thinks on the maintenance part then, the earthy colors are suggestible which won’t bear the smudges.

Once the color is chosen this is the time to match it with the design style. For this, it is advisable to take the shade card which contains the color one has chosen for the walls and match it with the designs one has opt for designs.

Simply seven Living room design ideas:

  • Interiors in the living room can be selected to be of glossy material. For instance if floor is taken, the material is to be chosen in a way that it gives glossy appearance. There are many materials from concrete, lapato finish in tiles, granite and linoleum to give this kind of surface.

Even for furniture, there are myriad options available in wood with chrome and steel finish to synchronize with the floor.

  • Generally for modern living room, rectangle and squares are the shapes that are in. Straight lines and angular edges with perfect circles will also do for the modernized living room.

If one intends for the latest looks, the undefined shapes or rectangles with rounded corners should be avoided.

  • Lights play a very important role while designing the living room. One will not find typical yellow colored lights in the new built houses. Bluish white or bright lights are generally preferred in the modern homes.
  • As the modern living room is somewhat in neutral tone, the artifacts catch the eyes. One can go for beautiful sculptures or modern paintings to add to the beauty of the living room.
  • When the whole living room is going in the neutral tone placing a rug of bold color will leave a strong statement. One can select square rug of strong color that can have straight lines or figures to add to the defining of the living room.
  • The coffee table selection plays an important part as it is most eyed on while having a light chat in the living area. Glass table is apt with the modernized look rather than going for stainless steel which offers a contemporary look to the room.


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Add dimensions to your living:

  • The couches and the furniture could also be selected in a way that goes with the look of the rest of the room.

As, the modernized look calls for the defined shapes and angles, furniture could also be selected in the same manner to match the frequency with other design icons.

Add dimensions by summing varied colored textures to your color scheme.

There are many small things when selected in a right way would add up to the modernized look of the living room and make one feel satiated about it!

While choosing the colors follow your personal style and as per your heart. Do not opt for a chevron wall just because it is a hot trend now.

Incorporate some of your favorite modern pieces in your living and stick on the color which you love.