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by Sravani Padmanabhuni October 9, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog

Interior Budget – Splurging and budgeting as needed

Interior designing has indeed caught up in India, with even people living in chawls and small homes spending much thought on sprucing up the interiors of their house. Be it a modest budget home or a luxurious apartment, it is the interiors that make the house worthy to live in.


It is neither practical nor easy to change interior décor every year. Hence it is necessary to put a good thought into interior designing for your home decor and spend wisely. Splurge money where it is necessary and limit your budge on certain parts.

When it comes to interior designing of a home, it is best to hire an interior designer for he can guide on how to have a spruced up home within your budget. He will help you in planning and executing your ideas effectively. There will be no confusion and no wastage of money.


Before you entrust your contractor with work, ensure he gets you a bill of quantities. That will again help in unnecessary wastage of money and resources.

Areas where you should be spending

Experienced labour:

Skilled and capable workers can add value to work. Get good labor even if it means spending extra. Works such as tile and marble laying and wood work, carpentry need expert hands.

Order made furniture:

They can also be referred to as custom made furniture. Such furniture will cost more than readymade furniture but the advantage is that this furniture lasts long and since they are custom made, they will fit into your space. In space starved apartments, such furniture helps save the space and looks elegant too.

Lighting the house:

Lights are perhaps the most important part of a house. So, spend wisely on getting the best lights for each room. They don’t just brighten up a house but also add to the beauty of your home.


Hunt the sites and research well before implementing lighting.

Devices and apparatuses:

Certain devices that not many people pay much attention to are door knobs, handles, hinges, locks, etc. Try to get the best quality for these devices because they have to be strong and durable. As, these mechanisms need to operate for many years throughout and much practiced.

Art work:

Art works, crafts as well as painting give a style and definition to the whole space.


When planned well in advance, they make the interiors look special and pleasant. Here is an area where you can spend.

Areas where you needn’t splurge

Floor and wall tiles:

You can get less expensive tiles for floors and walls. These tiles do not lack in character and they do last longer. If you go for expensive ones, it is ok, but it is safer to define your budget when it comes to tiling.

Bathroom floors and walls:

Rather than getting expensive, but poor styled ones, you can always make the modestly priced but good combination ones. They would relieve your budget and also extend a pleasant smell in the interior bathrooms.


Being the most popular setup for new houses as well as renovating homes, it isn’t required to spend more bugs on wallpapers. There are variety of touch, themes, forms, and effects of wallpapers. With these great deals of wallpapers, a trendy one with modest cost can be used as wallpapers.

Stone Cladding:

If you feel that installing wallpaper is not your cup of tea, you can opt for stonecladding which gives rich look to your space.


It is not mandatory that you need to install stone cladding during renovation, you can even invest in good stone cladding, when you are bored with dull walls, or even want to hide those random scribbles on your wall.


Laminates are an integral part of interiors which add beauty and standard to a home.


With the plentiful modern interior laminates, they should be durable with high performance, for your complete interior needs such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinet, counter top and table top.

Cushion covers, curtains, etc:

When it comes to cushion covers, curtains, sofa covers, table clothes, etc., you bring a great deal of diversity in both patterns and costs.


It is more beneficial to bring them from small shops because you will be then able to produce a good mixture at a lesser price than leading to a big showroom where you splurge but end up buying only a few.

At the end of the day, pay more attention to functionality than design because it gives you value for money and when it comes to interior designing, value for money is what is important.

Make a detailed conversation with interior designers as well as experienced experts before proceeding on materials.

Pen down the mandatory materials which should be focused on for high cost and the ones which need not. Plan and move the coin so that your dream house is shaped as per your desire and the materials used last longer.