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by Sravani Padmanabhuni November 1, 2015 In Blog Project Writeups Uncategorized Villa Interior Design in Bangalore

A Close Peek at the Warm yet Lavish Interior Décor of 5BHK Villa of Mrs. Vasiya Aleem

Decorating small spaces is quite simple but when it is about redefining the interior look of a big sized space, then definitely the task becomes more challenging yet interesting. The same holds true when the most reputed interior designers in Bangalore – Bonito Designs, were given the responsibility of designing the interiors of huge size 5BHk villa of Mrs. Vasiya Aleem.

While the budget was not a major constraint, the biggest challenge was to accentuate each space uniquely while maintaining a pleasing uniformity throughout the villa.


At the end of this project, we not only once again proved our expertise and efficiency, but offered our client an amazing interior space that is exceptionally outstanding. So, let’s have a close peek at the features that make the interiors of this space.

The Warm Foyer Area

The beauty of the Foyer area gets enhances with the comfortable sofa seating provided by the professionals. The wall behind the sitting is beautified with graciously patterned textured wallpaper. The usability of the foyer area has increased with the introduction of a big size shoe built-in with basket system instead of regular shelves.

False ceiling lighting designs

The beautiful round chandelier hanged in the middle of the false elementary ceiling adds glamor to the entire foyer space.

Elegant Villa Living design

The living room holds a clean and elegant design. Right at the entrance is a highly functional chest having drawers and a tray top filled with pebbles. This pebble tray precisely compliments the stone cladding done on the wall behind the TV cabinet.

Living room TV unit designs

The area around the TV is covered with striking veneer panel that holds provision for showcasing artifacts or showpieces as per the taste.

Moving towards the dining room from the living room will make you experience an attractively gorgeous CNC partition that is set across the doorway.

CNC false ceiling designs

The false ceiling of the living space is simple and elegant.

Majestic Décor of the Dining Space

The décor of the dining area is accessorized with a large size dining table and a crockery unit made with wood and frosted glass.

Lavish Island Kitchen design

Adjacent to the dining room is the island kitchen that acts as another interesting element of overall décor of this space. The large size island kitchen top is complemented with storage cabinets on all the walls.

Island kitchen designs

Membrane shutters are used for the storage cabinets designed with soft-close mechanism. The expert designers have also provided magic corners that give maximum utility to space.

The striking kitchen false ceiling design is another trademark of the Bonito style.

Eye-striking Hallway

The vertically striped stone cladding on both side walls of the hallway looks pretty with the horizontally false striped ceiling.

Living false ceiling designs

The hallway ends at a wall that is highlighted with impressively textured wallpaper.

Guest Bedroom

The false ceiling of the guest bedroom is designed with arcs that are highlighted with running cove lights and spotlights on the border. The room is also served with a big sized wardrobe with lofts on the top.

Son’s Bedroom

To enhance this room differently, the Bonito Design professionals have made use of the Gypsum board and POP.

Bedroom lighting designs

There are pigeon holes created, which are covered with different colors of cove lights to give an illuminating effect. The similar theme extends to the false ceiling where the pigeon hole symmetrical pattern is accentuated with cove lights.

Bedroom false ceiling design

The floating king size bed holds a beautifully POP designed headboard above it. The double-door sliding wardrobe offers enough storage space and goes well with the study table and sleek dressing unit placed close to it.

Daughter’s Bedroom 1

It can be an ideal bedroom for a girl of any age as its concept revolves completely around the lovely pink color.


The wall above the bed possesses a gypsum board paneling that accommodates spotlights below it.

Pink theme bedroom design

A double door slider wardrobe is attached to a large size mirror that serves functionality of a storage unit as well as of a dressing unit. A pink bow design is imprinted on the wardrobe with the help of a digital laminate for the error-free finish.

To not disturb the overall theme of the room, there is a Minnie-Mickey bowtie wallpaper placed on the wall opposite to the bed.

Daughter’s Bedroom 2

In this bedroom, the feminine liveliness is given importance again by introducing beautiful and soothing color. With floating bed and side tables, the beauty of the room gets enhances with the lovely wallpaper placed on the wall above the bed.

Bedroom false ceiling designs

The false ceiling speeds up to the wall in beams and is paired with slight dark color wall paint. The cove lights running along the false ceiling creates a lastingly wonderful view. While the remaining false ceiling is simple yet interesting, there is also a neatly and attractively designed dressing room in this room.

Exquisite Master Bedroom

The master bedroom holds a floating bed along with floating side tables. The false ceiling of this room is most interesting that appears ascending and descending order; depending on the angle you view it. Opening the frosted glass sliding door will take you to the walk-in closet directly from the bedroom.

Master bedroom false ceiling design

There is also a full height wardrobe with slider doors and inbuilt lofts within it. To one of the passages in the bedroom, there is a small, slender pantry and an ironing unit attached to it.

No matter to which room you enter, every room is unique, but still space holds undisturbed consistency in its décor. The credit for all this goes to the best interior designers in Bangalore – Bonito Designs.