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Every homeowner aspires to be able to create their dream home interiors at some point in their lives. The hustle and bustle of our daily lives, along with the consistent bombarding of successful people building their dream homes can make one want to do the same. The good news is that achieving interior perfection isn’t as difficult as it might seem. With the right tips and a comprehensive approach from the very first step, you too can unlock your dream home. In this guide, we take you through some of the most important tips and things to consider that can help you make your dream home design a reality.   

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Pain Point  

The internet is filled with images of beautiful home interiors from around the world, and achieving the same for yourself can often seem next to impossible. This is especially so when you have no background in interior design, and don’t know how to go about designing your dream home interiors.   


Achieving interior perfection involves keeping various aspects in mind. However, these factors, along with the process of dealing with countless vendors can be challenging, but with an experienced interior designer, it becomes a whole lot easier.   

We take you through some of the most important things you can do to design your dream home interiors, and how you can discuss each of these considerations with your interior designer for the best results.

Carefully Consider Your Home’s Layout      

Carefully Consider Your Home’s Layout   

Once you’ve taken possession of your home, the first step in designing your home interiors is to take a close look at its layout. The shape of each room, how much space you can allocate to the essential furniture, and the space available will play a key role in your interior design.   

For example, a 2BKH flat interior design will have to keep in mind that the second bedroom will have to double up as a workspace or a home office, and even your kids’ bedroom or a room for guests.   

Similarly, your kitchen interior design will depend on the shape and space on offer. So, for instance, if you’ve got a long kitchen that’s wide enough, you can have a design with dual countertops on either side, giving you plenty of space to prep, cook, and even place your favourite appliances.   

Let’s take your living room as the next example. If, for instance, your living room is rather small, you’ll have to consider using a sectional rather than a complete sofa set design in a 3 + 2 + 1 configuration.   

In this way, you’ll have to plan out the interiors for each room based on a range of different factors. The best approach to doing this is to discuss every little detail with your interior designer so they can give you the most optimal solutions.   

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Choose a Theme Based on the Intended Purpose and Your Personality   

The colour palette and the materials you use across your home play a crucial role in dictating how each space makes you feel. If you’re someone who prefers a bright dash of colour in your space, you could opt for interiors with a specific theme for each room, with one wall serving as an accent wall in a bright colour.   

Similarly, if you’re someone who prefers darker, more opulent colours like navies, maroons, olives, or even greys and blacks, you’ll have to ensure your space is well contrasted with lighter flooring, furniture, and furnishings.   

This is where the science of colour psychology plays a key role, as each colour instils specific energies in a space. Orange, for example, is an energetic colour, whereas white can help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Once again, you should discuss your unique tastes with your designer, along with how you want each space in your home to make you feel.   

Treat Your Walls as a Blank Canvas 

Treat Your Walls as a Blank Canvas 

When working on your full home interior design, you must make the most of your walls. Each wall in your home represents a blank canvas that you decorate with beautiful art, murals, or other home decorations to bring life to your space.   

The colour you paint your walls in, the paintings and art you hang, or even the wallpaper you use, all contribute to achieving interior perfection when done right. What’s more, your ceilings also offer prime real estate that you can take advantage of with stunning false ceilings. These are ideal to hide any unsightly wiring or cables, make your space look opulent, add ambient lighting, and even help regulate its temperature in the summer.   

Lighting is Key to Interior Perfection  

Lighting is Key to Interior Perfection  

Good lighting is one of the most important elements of your full home interior design and can go a long way in achieving interior perfection. When choosing the lighting for each space in your home, you must think about its intended purpose, the kind of fixtures you want to use, and how you intend to use each room. 

For instance, spaces like living and dining rooms are ideal for using warm lighting, as they make them feel warm and inviting. On the other hand, your kitchen should ideally have cooler lighting as it’s a space that requires a lot more focus.  

When choosing fixtures, you can choose from a whole range, from wall or ceiling-mounted fixtures to floor or table lamps, uplighters, chandeliers, and even pendant lights among others. 

Statement Furniture into Each Space 

Introducing Statement Furniture into Each Space 

Adding statement furniture across your home interior design can be a great way of making it feel opulent and timeless. From introducing an accent chair as alternative seating to your primary sofa set design, to a solid wood bar cabinet with fluted glass panes, there’s a range of different options you can consider.   

The same goes for spaces like your bedroom, which are meant to be havens of comfort. A lush, velvet-lined bed frame, a comfortable set of chairs for a cup of coffee, or a neatly designed dressing table are just some of the many options you can incorporate.   

Similarly, you should focus on making every space in your home functional yet visually pleasing.  

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Throw in Some Greenery in Your Home’s Interiors   

Last but certainly not least, you should incorporate some greenery in your home’s interiors. Adding a few plants in each space can make it look opulent while helping you create a sense of connection with nature.   

Further, if your home’s theme is more tailored to warmer tones, houseplants can help balance out the colour temperatures well, while helping purify the air around you. Plants like indoor palms, snake plants, succulents, cacti, or even peace lilies can be great additions to your space.   

What’s more, you can even create a mini herb garden in your kitchen if you’re someone who’s always wanted to be able to pick out herbs from their very own backyard.   

In Conclusion   

Turning your home into a masterclass in interior perfection can seem challenging, but with the right guidance and the expertise of a good interior designer, it’s most certainly possible. The key to achieving this is to hire the best interior design firm in India. Working with a reliable design firm can prevent the need to deal with multiple vendors at once while benefiting from the expertise of a someone who’s in touch with the latest trends, materials, and solutions in the interior design world.   

Bonito Designs is India’s only ISO-certified interior design brand in India, and with over 300 experienced interior designers, we’re best suited to turning your dream home interiors into a reality. Reach out to us for a personalised consultation and get yourself a step closer to living in your dream home

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