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Many Indian festivals are deeply rooted in cultural and spiritual significance, and Akshay Tritiya is one of the most auspicious among them. This festival, which occurs on the third day of the bright fortnight of the moon in the month of Vaisakha, traditionally symbolises prosperity, success, and unending good fortune—aptly reflected in the term ‘Akshay’, which means “never diminishing” in Sanskrit. Considering it particularly fortunate for starting new ventures, making investments, or purchasing valuable items like gold.

Akshay Tritiya home decor

The connection between Akshay Tritiya and gold is steeped in tradition and mythology. Universally, gold is seen as a harbinger of wealth and stability, but on Akshay Tritiya, it takes on a deeper, almost divine significance. Buying gold on this day is believed to bring enduring prosperity to one’s family, serving as a symbolic gesture that invokes divine blessings for perpetual wealth and happiness. 

The festival is enriched by various mythological tales that emphasize its importance. According to Hindu mythology, it was on this day that the sacred river Ganges descended to earth, and the celestial bodies—the sun and moon—aligned in the most favorable manner.  

Another legend recounts how Lord Krishna bestowed immense riches upon his impoverished friend Sudama on Akshay Tritiya, thereby marking the day as one that eradicates poverty and ushers in abundance. Additionally, the epic Mahabharata links this day to the Pandavas, who were gifted with a never-emptying bowl of food, sustaining them during their exile. 

In modern times, the tradition of buying gold on Akshay Tritiya has evolved beyond a mere transaction. It is now seen as an investment in beauty and a means to invite divine blessings into the home. Integrating gold into home decor helps keep the ethos of this tradition alive throughout the year, making one’s living space a haven of prosperity and positivity. 

Exploring how Bonito Designs incorporates this luxurious element into home aesthetics reveals how traditional beliefs seamlessly blend into contemporary design, creating culturally rich and elegantly modern spaces.

The Symbolism of Gold in Akshay Tritiya 

The Symbolism of Gold in Akshay Tritiya 

Gold, revered for its enduring luster and rarity, holds a special place in Indian culture, especially during Akshay Tritiya. Recognized as a symbol of wealth, gold is believed to confer eternal prosperity and success when acquired on this auspicious day. 

Beyond its monetary significance, Indians deeply value gold for its purity, incorruptibility, and traditional beauty, resonating with spiritual beliefs. It is considered pure, essential in religious ceremonies, and symbolises divine blessings for unending wealth.

The metal’s radiance is thought to reflect the intrinsic brightness of the soul, while its malleability symbolises adaptability and human kindness, intertwining material value with spiritual and moral virtues. 

Trends in Gold Accents for Home Interiors 

Incorporating gold into home decor has made a significant comeback, with modern interior design embracing gold accents as a staple for adding elegance and warmth. Here are some of the latest trends that highlight the versatile use of gold in home aesthetics: 

Hardware Finishes: One of the simplest yet most effective ways to integrate gold into your home is through hardware finishes. Gold handles, knobs, and pulls are becoming increasingly popular for cabinets and drawers, offering a touch of sophistication that complements both modern and classic designs. 

Light Fixtures: Gold light fixtures, including chandeliers, pendants, and sconces, serve as focal points in a room. These fixtures not only illuminate spaces but also act as exquisite decor pieces that enhance the overall aesthetic. Modern designs often feature clean lines and minimalist forms, which help incorporate gold in a subtle yet impactful way. 

Decor Items: You can strategically place gold-framed mirrors, picture frames, and decorative objects to elevate a home’s elegance. Items such as gold-rimmed vases or candle holders add a refined touch without overwhelming the decor. 

Furniture Accents: Gold legs on tables and chairs or gold detailing on upholstered furniture are trending. These elements add a flush of luxury and are particularly striking when paired with rich colors like navy blue or green. 

Wall Accents: Designers use gold-toned wall accents or wallpapers with gold patterns to add depth and texture to walls, creating a rich backdrop for simpler furnishings.

Akshay tritiya  home interiors

Balancing Gold with Other Elements: 

While gold can elevate a home’s interior, it’s important to balance it with other elements to maintain sophistication. Pairing gold with neutral tones such as white, black, or gray can prevent it from overpowering the room. 

Using matte finishes or brushed gold can also soften its appearance, making it suitable for various decor styles from industrial to Scandinavian. The key is to use gold as an accent rather than a primary colour, ensuring it enhances rather than dominates the home environment. 

Here are some tailored design ideas for incorporating gold accents into various rooms of your home, ensuring that each corner not only shines but also reflects sophistication and style: 

Living Room: 

In the living room, gold can serve as a stunning highlight without overwhelming the overall decor. Consider a large gold-trimmed mirror which not only adds a touch of glamour but also brings more light into the room, making it appear larger. 

Golden throw pillows can introduce a subtle shimmer to sofas and armchairs, complementing both neutral and vibrant color schemes. A brass coffee table or side tables with gold legs can act as chic focal points, especially when paired with a dark wood or a glass top to balance the look. 


For a tranquil yet opulent bedroom ambiance, gold-framed artwork can serve as a magnificent backdrop above the bed or across a feature wall. Gold-threaded bed linens or a gold-accented headboard can infuse luxury into your sleeping quarters subtly. The soft glow of gold can promote a serene environment, perfect for unwinding after a long day. 


Gold fixtures in the kitchen, such as a faucet or sink with gold finishing, can inject a modern yet classic touch. Cabinet pulls or knobs in brushed gold can complement both light and dark cabinetry, adding a sleek, sophisticated element to your kitchen’s aesthetics. Even pendant lights with gold accents over a kitchen island can create a warm, inviting atmosphere. 


In the bathroom, gold accents can elevate the space from ordinary to extraordinary. Consider gold tapware, which pairs beautifully with marble countertops or dark tiles, offering a striking contrast. Decorative gold elements in tiling or a gold-framed mirror can enhance the luxurious feel of the space, making your bathroom look like it’s straight out of a high-end spa. 

Overall Tips: 

When integrating gold into any room, consistency is key. Choose either cool or warm tones to match with the gold to maintain a harmonious color palette. Avoid overcrowding with too many gold items; instead, select a few statement pieces to stand out. 

With these tips from Bonito Designs, gold accents can beautifully transform any area of your home into a stylish, and elegant yet favourite corners where members of the family will take turns to enjoy their time in the space. 

Akshay Tritiya celebration

How Can We Help: 

As we celebrate the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya, let’s reflect on the timeless significance of gold and its role in our lives. Beyond its material value, gold embodies purity, beauty, and prosperity, making it an integral part of Indian culture and traditions. Integrating gold accents into your home decor not only adds a touch of luxury but also symbolises abundance and good fortune. 

At Bonito Designs, we understand the importance of creating spaces that reflect your personality and embrace cultural significance. Our team of expert designers specializes in crafting exquisite interiors that combine elegance with functionality. By incorporating gold accents into your home, you can elevate the ambiance and infuse it with a sense of timeless sophistication. 

Imagine stepping into your living room adorned with golden-trimmed mirrors, luxurious throw pillows, or tastefully designed brass coffee tables. Picture your bedroom transformed into a sanctuary of serenity with gold-framed artwork and opulent bed linens. Envision your kitchen and bathroom exuding elegance with gold fixtures and accents, creating a harmonious blend of style and functionality. 

With Bonito Designs, you can turn your vision into reality. We meticulously plan and execute every aspect of your home decor to perfection through our comprehensive range of services. From concept development to final installation, our team works closely with you to bring your dream home to life. 

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Embrace the spirit of Akshay Tritiya and elevate your living spaces with the timeless allure of gold.

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