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byBonito Designs February 22, 2024 In Design Trends


The world of DIY home decor has slowly shifted from being a staple of the West to our lives in India. Today, an increasing number of homeowners are gravitating towards the idea of designing some part of their homes themselves. This takes them down the DIY route which offers a whole world of opportunities.   

However, since transforming your interiors can often seem like an expensive affair, we’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be. In this guide, we take you through some of the most unique upcycling projects that you can experiment with on a budget.   

Pain Point   

While many homeowners find the idea of DIY home decor exciting, they often consider it to be an expensive process that requires a lot of machinery and equipment. This prevents them from experimenting with their interior design, leaving them to rely on third parties to refresh their home 


Upcycling projects don’t have to be expensive. After all, it relies on taking pieces of furniture or art that you already have and giving them a fresh makeover. With platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram offering plenty of inspiration, you can most certainly take pride in the fact that had a hand in some part of your home’s interior design.   

Experiment with Textured Wall Art   

Experiment with Textured Wall Art   

One of the biggest trends in the world of DIY home decor is that of textured art. The world over, an increasing number of people are incorporating statement pieces of textured wall art in their decor, and we think it makes for a fantastic way to refresh your home.   

All you need is a stretch canvas in the size you desire, and some fabric and Plaster of Paris. With so many ideas available online, you can choose from any one that you think reflects your tastes best and start making it. From floral designs to abstract art, you have a world of options to choose from.   

When made on a larger canvas, you can turn this into a statement piece on a wall and highlight it with some ambient lighting for a luxurious touch.   

Painting an Accent Wall

Painting an Accent Wall

Another budget-friendly DIY idea is to paint an accent wall in your home. If you feel like you want to give your home some life, you can choose a wall that you think needs some refreshing and paint it yourself. In terms of colours, you’ve got several options to choose from. However, you must ensure that your choice is cohesive with the rest of your decor, especially since you’re not likely to change all of it on a budget.   

So, for example, if the furniture in your living room is predominantly earthy (beige, off-white, green, or brown), you can choose from subtle colours that complement your existing furniture and furnishings.   

Repainting a wall gives you the opportunity to give your home a sizeable change with a rather simple process. It can also be an exciting activity to do with your loved one or your family.   

Freshen Up Old Furniture 

Repurposing Unused Clothes to Freshen Up Old Furniture 

Any home is bound to have a pile of unused clothes, and also some furniture that needs sprucing up. If you’ve got both and want to make use of some of this fabric to upcycle a chair, for example, here’s an idea you can consider to refresh your home interiors.   

Take an old saree that features a print or design you like, and a chair that you feel could do with some reupholstering. Cut out the fabric to the size required and replace the existing upholstery with this new fabric.   

A simple change like this could give your chair a fresh look while adding to your home’s overall appeal. This idea is perfect for those who enjoy featuring traditional Indian art and craft in their home’s eclectic designs and can also help add a dash of colour to an otherwise more muted space.   

Dye Your Furnishings   

Dye Your Furnishings   

Adding or changing the colour of your furnishings is one of the simplest ways to refresh your home and give it a well-deserved makeover. If you’ve got a pair of curtains that you’d like to add some colour to, consider dyeing them in a colour that matches the existing theme of your space.   

This way, you can transform a pair of white or off-white curtains into any colour you’d like. When dyeing them, you can also use methods like tie-dye to give them a more playful appearance, ideal for homes with a more vibrant and eclectic vibe.

Similarly, you can dye anything from a throw, table linen, to even bed sheets if you think they’d make for an eye-catching addition to your space. 

Spruce Up Some Old Furniture   

Spruce Up Some Old Furniture  

Another simple and cost-effective way of refreshing your home’s interiors is to spruce up an old piece of furniture. For example, if you’ve got a cabinet that’s showing its age, you can transform it into a brand-new piece of furniture. All you need is some references and a few essentials. Some paint stripper can be a great place to start to get the existing paint, wax, or polish off the cabinet.   

With that done, you can sand it down with a few different grades of sandpaper. Wipe it clean, and you now have a perfect blank canvas to play around with and let your creativity shine through.   

Some wax, polish, or even some paint can go a long way. If you can stretch your budget, some new handles and hardware can also help you refresh your cabinet and give it a new life.   

In this way, you can work with any piece of furniture that you feel like you could freshen up rather than dispose of.   


DIY projects can be the ideal way to refresh your home on a budget while being fun activities to do with friends and family. When done right, they can add to your home’s visual appeal and add a touch of sustainability to your lifestyle.   

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