Role of Floral Power in Interior Decorations

History of Flower Arrangement:

Floral decorations are associated with human history since time immemorial. Egypt has the reputation of using flowers since earliest times in Human History. The Egyptians were decorating with flower as early as 2500 BC. The Greeks and the Romans also used flowers. The Chinese also used flowers for decorations as early as 207 BC. The common flowers used in the process included Hyacinths, Honeysuckle, Violets and lilies. Tulips, Marigolds and Larkspur were also used.   

Some Good Reasons to use Flowers for decorations:

Decorating your house with your own home grown flowers gives a lot of positive energy and a feeling of being with nature. Floral decorations are the most natural means to boost up the look and the air inside your home.  Not only for interior decoration of the house, but flowers are associated with all daily activities of an individual, right from worshiping gods to even beautifying one’s own hairs, especially by ladies. Let’s have a look briefly into some aspects of floral arrangement.

Some basic Flower Arrangement styles:

Broadly the floral arrangement is categorized into 3 major groups:

1.Traditional or Western

This is done using many flowers to give it a mesmerizing look.


The lines of floral arrangement play an important role in this type of floral styles. They have that typical conventional look.

oriental floral arrangement


This type depends mostly on the taste of the designer. Designer have the freedom to make a floral arrangement of their choice. Generally, this is one of the most prevalent floral styles of the times.

modern flower arrangement

Basic floral styles gave birth to other important forms of floral decor styles

  • Bouquet: This kind of arrangement is generally made of roses followed by daisies, carnations and chrysanthemums. Apart from sending love or condolences these may also be used for interior decorations. Bouquets, when kept in a suitable place in a room can enhance the ambiance of the place greatly with its dazzling beauty. There can be no great a thing of beauty, than a beautiful bouquet which when placed suitably, radiates rays of captivating beauty and lifts even a damp boring mood to fantasy.
  • Table Centerpieces: These are generally used for special occasions like dinners, thanksgiving etc. They are placed on tables to enhance the beauty of a room. Table is the place, where we spend a very large part of our social as well as personal life. Many a relationships are made and broken on table tops. When a tabletop is ornamented with radiant flowers the spirit of the entire place takes a big hit.
flowers on table top
  •  Baskets: These is another very important kind of floral arrangement.  Baskets of varied depths are used for flower arrangement. Baskets when filled with mesmerizing flowers and kept in a room, increases the glow and fills the air with a kind of happiness that one can only experience. On the whole we can say that a basket full of flower is like a tonic for a dull room. Just use it to feel it.
  • Wreaths: This a circular garland woven of flowers and foliage. Though general purpose of the wreaths are to be used on different occasions like festivals, funeral or thanksgiving but wreath do also contribute to interior decor. When wreaths of different colors or same color are used in the decor of a place, they just light up the whole place with their fragrance and ethereal beauty. You can earn a lot of appreciation from your guests, when happen to catch a glimpse of the wreathe. Make sure you put the wreathe in some strategic place.
flower wreathe

Thus we can say that floral arrangements of different hues, colors, shapes and sizes may be used to add life to the interiors of a house, when adequately implemented. Floral arrangement or floral decoration is an art which has captured human imagination from ancient times and will do so in the times to come. It is art which is easy to learn and implement. My personal view is that, using flower to decorate one’s house is the most natural way of doing it, and certainly there are proven benefits to it apart from just your house looking nice.Please Do reach us onEmail: hello@bonito.inTelephone Number: +91-9019598877

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