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The process of transforming your home from drab to fab can be exhilarating. From deciding on your theme of choice, the furniture, layouts, colour palettes, and textures, along with every other detail, a home makeover is an exciting yet time-consuming process.   

Designing your home to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality involves checking various boxes. In this guide, we take you through each of these considerations to help you design the home makeover of the century. After all, your home must reflect your personality and be a haven of comfort and luxury, and we show you exactly how you can do so.  

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Pain Point   

The images of beautiful homes from across the world often seem like they’re straight out of a fantasy. Homeowners wonder whether it’s truly possible to turn their homes from drab to fab to match the visuals they see online.   


It is indeed possible to turn your home into a haven of luxury and comfort. This process involves getting various things right, from hiring the right interior designer to collaborating on the overall theme, the furniture, the colour palettes, and so much more. The ultimate goal is to create a space that truly stimulates your senses in every way possible, and we show you exactly how you can do so.   

Your Dream Home Makeover

Visualise What Your Dream Home Makeover Looks Like 

The first step to taking your home’s interiors from drab to fab is to visualise what your home’s makeover looks like. This is possibly the most crucial step in the process, as it lays the foundation for every change you make across your living space. From Pinterest, Instagram, and Google, or even a good old magazine, you can take inspiration from almost anywhere.   

Checking out multiple references, styles, and homes will give you a good idea of what kind of decor suits your tastes. For example, you could find that you’re drawn to eclectic interiors, or perhaps your preferences lie firmly in the minimalist camp. Maybe the idea of a reading nook with a lot of natural light appeals to you, or a spacious living room with a statement coffee table.   

Regardless of your tastes, this process can be incredibly useful in helping you build a vision for your home’s interiors.   

Your Home’s Layout and Functionality

Planning Your Home’s Layout and Functionality   

Turning your home into an aesthetic haven is one part of the puzzle. Another crucial aspect of creating a truly luxurious space is making sure it’s functional in all the right ways. From being spacious, offering plenty of storage, and even having ample lighting across every room, a functional space must tick several boxes.   

This is where the role of an interior designer becomes essential, as they have the best insights into the latest trends, materials, and ways of making homes perfectly beautiful and functional at the same time. They can help you create a layout that suits your lifestyle in the best way possible while optimising every square inch of your home.   

This process includes, for example, creating a layout for your living room to ensure adequate seating while making the space look bright and spacious, or even choosing the right accessories for your kitchen cabinet design. Every tiny detail plays a key role in the planning stage, as it contributes to making your home the epitome of splendour.   

Colour Palette for home interiors

Choosing a Colour Palette for Your Home  

Changing up the colours in your home, be it by painting walls or simply switching up accessories like cushions can give your home a refreshing makeover. The colours you choose also profoundly impact your mood on a daily basis, making it crucial that you choose the right palette based on how you want each space to make you feel.   

Whether you want a home that majorly features a neutral colour palette with a hint of earthy tones, or one that’s bright and vibrant from the moment you step in, you must discuss your preferences with your interior designer. Their expertise in colour palettes can help them understand your needs and personality and suggest the best combinations that meet your vision of a luxurious home makeover.   

What’s more, the colours you choose don’t have to be limited to painting your walls, especially with options like designer wallpapers and even textured wallpapers available in the market today. 

Selecting the Furniture and Accessories   

With your colour palette chosen, you can now focus on the furniture. The right furniture can truly breathe life into a space, making it one of the best ways of achieving a unique home makeover. The world of furniture today offers plenty of options you can choose from. For instance, you can choose from more minimal and contemporary options, or even more antique or colonial designs, among several others.   

The key to a fabulous home makeover is that every element must be both functional and aesthetic, and the same holds true for furniture. Your sofa set design, for example, must be comfortable for every member of your family, aside from looking lavish. You must also ensure you have adequate seating if you’re someone who enjoys hosting friends and family.   

Similarly, if you require lots of storage in spaces like your bedroom, you can integrate this using a hydraulic bed, or a spacious side table for your bed as well. After all, true luxury only comes from a home that makes your life easier. Making practical choices for your furniture can get you a big step closer to achieving an opulent home makeover.   

Integrating Smart Lighting Solutions  

Integrating Smart Lighting Solutions  

No matter what colour palette or furniture you use in your space, the lighting is what makes all of it come to life. Using the right lighting can make your home look like the paradigm of luxury, as it adds depth and character to your space.   

When it comes to lighting, there are several things you must consider. The first is the temperature of the lighting you use, which is measured in Kelvin. Warmer lighting, which typically falls around 2700K is ideal for living and dining rooms, as it makes these areas look warm, inviting, and relaxing. On the other hand, cooler colour temperatures which fall between 4000-6000K are ideal for spaces that tend to require alertness and concentration, such as kitchens. 

The next aspect is your choice of lighting fixtures. A pendant light, for example, is ideal when placed above a dining table, while a floor lamp or an uplighter is ideal for a reading nook or a couch placed in the corner of your living room.  

On the contrary, LED strips are perfect for spaces like your kitchen as they can be seamlessly integrated within your kitchen cabinet design. This ensures that your countertops are evenly lit up, making cooking a lot more relaxing. Lighting is thus a key element of defining the mood and ambience of each space in your home and serves both an aesthetic and functional role.   

In Conclusion  

Designing a home makeover that transforms your home from drab to fab might seem like a dream that’s out of reach, but with the right approach, it’s most certainly possible. In this guide, we’ve aimed to lay out the process of planning and designing your home’s interior design and give it the transformation it deserves.  

Always keep in mind that your home makeover never starts from scratch – your existing home, along with every home you see in person or online gives you a good idea of what your tastes and preferences are. This gives you a useful foundation that you can build on by closely collaborating with your interior designer.   

If you’re considering a home makeover, make it happen with Bonito Designs. Reach out to us for a personalised consultation so we can help bring your dreams to life.   

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