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by Sravani Padmanabhuni August 20, 2014 In Blog Home decoration ideas & Tips Uncategorized

A sofa is furniture used for seating and can accommodate two to three people. If it is a larger sofa, then more people can sit on it. It also referred to as couch or even love seat. There are many factors that go behind choosing the perfect sofa for your home, the space, the décor of the place, other furniture in the room and of course, the overall set up of the home.

There are many types of sofas. Below are mentioned different types of sofa and where they fit well. This article will better explain you on how to choose sofa set.

Conventional sofas:

These are the old type sofas that could accommodate two to three people. They generally do not comprise pull out bed or any other extra functions.

Today, such sofas are available in different designs and styles.

Sofas with divisions:

As the name suggests, this sofa is made up of sections, may four or more pieces. They can be taken apart and can be placed at different places in a room. They are available in ‘L’ shape and even in circular shape.


An advantage of such a sofa is that it can accommodate a large group and apt for a party zone or so in home.

Ideal for:

Such sofas will require more space and hence larger living rooms can have this sofa. Also this type of a sofa is apt when one has to create a division in the living room to separate out the dining area.

Sofa beds:

This is the sofa that also has a bed tucked under it. The bed can be pulled out during night and during day, it can be a good seating place. These beds are usually heavier and hence difficult to carry from one place to another.

Ideal for:

Such sofa beds are ideal for those spaces which are small. If the room is very small, then this sofa bed is ideal because then there is no need for an extra bed. For those who do not have an extra guest room, can have a sofa bed in their living room as it will be helpful to accommodate guests, if they plan to stop over for a night.

Convertible Sofa or Foldable sofa cum bed:


Foldable sofa bed or convertible sofa bed are more or less like sofa beds or sleeper beds as they also have a bed under it. Convertible sofas have cushions that can be used as mattresses while sleeping. They are cheaper than sofa beds though.

Ideal for:

Again such sofas are ideal for people living in small rooms or homes. This sofa can also be placed in the study room or library room and if one wants to take a break or sleep for a while after reading, this sofa will come handy.

Loveseat sofa bed:

This is a small sofa with space for just two people, hence the name, loveseat. If there is less space, get one such loveseat sofa and if there is more space, get two or more so that there is enough space for guests if you are throwing a party.

Ideal for:

A corner in home where you want to cuddle with your spouse.

Divan sofa set:

These are simple sofas that come without a backrest and hence are kept near walls.

Ideal for:

If there are smalls or a wall near window, then the divan sofa design can be placed there to give a pretty feel and look.

Sofas with different frames:

There are sofas that have wooden or metallic frames. These sofas have cushions placed on them and as per the change of cushions, it can be adjusted to the décor of the room.

Ideal for:

Those rooms that have simplistic design or feel to it can have such kind of sofas.