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byBonito Designs March 14, 2024 In Interior Design


No matter where you look, you’ll always find your favourite celebrities sporting the latest styles and trends in their lives. Whether it’s in their clothing, accessories, cars, or even their homes, they’re always one step ahead of the rest of us. As a result, we often find ourselves yearning for the opulence that they enjoy in their lives, particularly when it comes to their home interiors.   

While their state-of-the-art interiors, luxurious design cues and material choices might seem alluring, they’re out of reach for most. However, this doesn’t have to be a barrier in your journey of designing your home’s interiors in the best way possible.   

If you want to add unique touches from celeb-style decor ideas you’ve come across into your own home, this guide is all you’ll ever need. We show you some of the best ways you can turn your home interiors into a haven of comfort and luxury without breaking the bank.   

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Pain Point  

Including celeb-style decor touches in your home can be expensive, especially if you decide to opt for the same brands and materials celebrities use in their homes. However, most homeowners think of this divide as the end of the road when designing their full home interiors.   


For every option, there are several cost-effective alternatives that can help you design your home interiors to match that of your favourite celebrities. The key is to have a keen understanding of the various options available in the market and how you can create a luxurious atmosphere in your home.   

The best option in this scenario is to work with an experienced interior designer who has the industry knowledge and the know-how to help you create home interiors with unique touches of celeb-style decor.   

Personalise Your Interiors 

Personalise Your Interiors 

If there’s one thing you’ll never see your favourite A-listers shying away from, it’s personalising their home interiors to reflect their true personalities and interests. From incorporating thrifted vintage finds to DIY decor, there are several routes you can take to design home interiors that exude luxury and personality at the same time.   

Whether it’s the modern and minimal lines of Kim Kardashian’s mansion or the pop of colour across Sonam Kapoor’s London abode, take a closer look at every element that speaks to you to understand how you want your interiors to look.   

One of the best ways to gather inspiration for how you can personalise your interiors is to check out home tour videos. Think 73 Questions by Vogue, where you’re taken through a tour of your favourite A-lister’s home as they answer 73 burning questions about themselves and their lives. 

Vogue aside, there are several other resources online that can offer you plenty of inspiration on achieving celeb-style decor and interiors.   

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Choose Materials and Finishes that Exude Luxury  

A luxurious home is one that stimulates all your senses, and not just your sense of sight. Touch is a key component here, and the materials and finishes you choose can go a long way in making your home feel like a haven of opulence.   

Whether it’s a suede sofa set dotted with velvet or silk cushions or linen used across your curtains and throws, there are several different materials you can choose from to make your home interiors a treat to the senses.   

Just like your sense of touch, stimulating your sense of smell and sound is just as crucial. Using aromatherapy diffusers, for example, can be a great way of simmering your interiors with a fresh fragrance that transports you into the midst of nature. Similarly, regularly deodorising your rugs and sofas can also help you keep your home smelling fresh in the long run.  

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Find Affordable Alternatives to High-End Pieces  

One of the first things that might catch your eye when looking at celeb-style decor is certain high-end pieces that become the focal points in their respective spaces. However, these pieces often cost the moon, making them out of reach for most people.   

This is where it helps to find knock-offs of your favourite pieces online that you can get at much cheaper prices. All you need to do is capture a screenshot of the piece you want and run it through a Google image search. Chances are, you’ll come across hundreds of similar pieces at much more affordable prices.   

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Focus on Statement Pieces  

For those with an unlimited budget, it becomes easy to choose the best furniture, lighting, materials, and accessories for every corner of their home. However, sometimes, it helps to focus on incorporating a few statement pieces in your interiors to help elevate its visual appeal.   

For example, a stunning Persian rug with a custom art-deco coffee table can prove to be the highlight in your living room, allowing you to play it simple with your sofa set.   

Similarly, choosing statement lighting fixtures for each space can also instantly elevate your home’s interiors, adding a touch of sophistication. You can choose from floor lamps, uplighters, table lamps, and even scones or pendant lights for different spaces in your home.  

You can also get each of these pieces in different finishes based on your overall theme – bamboo for a rustic theme, and sleek metal for modern and minimal spaces.  

Go Down the DIY Route

Go Down the DIY Route  

DIY home decor is one of the best ways of personalising your home interiors on a dime. What’s more, if celeb-style decor is out of your budget, you can try replicating some key designs using thrifted pieces.   

With countless thrift stores and markets with pre-loved furniture in cities like Mumbai or Bengaluru to name a few, you can find some unique statement pieces that can elevate your interiors to the next level.   

As mentioned earlier, DIY projects can be a great way of personalising your home interiors while also giving you a sense of ownership over your home’s design and overall aesthetic. Whether it’s wall art, craft projects, simple decor pieces, or even a cabinet or coffee table, you can work wonders on a budget.   

In Conclusion 

Taking inspiration from celeb-style decor to design your home interiors doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. With some patience, creativity, and time, you can find cheaper alternatives to all your favourite celebrity furniture and decor or even thrift pieces to give them a new life.   

If you’ve just taken possession of a new house and are looking to design its interiors with the best materials, finishes, and workmanship, reach out to us at Bonito Designs. We’re India’s only ISO-certified full-home interior brand and have over 10 years of experience.   

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