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byBonito Designs January 24, 2024 In Blog


From a Pinterest board to real life, every homeowner’s vision of their dream home goes through a long process that begins with a lot of inspiration. While Pinterest offers us stunning visuals of homes where every corner inspires and where every piece of furniture breathes life into a space, there are several real-life homes that offer the same, if not more stunning inspiration. 

Real-Life Homes

Prepare to be captivated as we take you through some real-life homes that breathe life in every possible way. These homes can serve as an inspiration for your dream home. From minimalistic to eclectic designs, there’s a lot to experience, so let’s dive right in.  

Pain Point 

Every individual with a vision of creating their dream home finds themselves bombarded with millions of stunning ideas on Pinterest. However, these homes often seem too good to be true, making them wonder if it’s truly possible for real-life homes to have such character and opulence.  


Building truly Pinterest-worthy real-life homes may seem like a challenge, but with the right interior designers, you can make this dream a reality. This is what countless happy customers have done, and their vision shows in the dream homes they now live in. Experience the magic of Pinterest in real life, as we take you through some of the most stunning home interiors, we at Bonito Designs have had the privilege of designing.  

Samar and Lopamudra’s Contemporary 2BHK Apartment  

Set in the heart of Bangalore, Samar and Lopa’s contemporary home is the perfect example of a minimal, artistic, and lively space that offers tons of inspiration. From the use of high-quality materials, personalised elements, the vibrant sofa set, and stunning lighting fixtures, every element in this space stands out for a variety of reasons.  

In their own words, they wanted Bonito Designs to meet three key criteria – a home that’s minimalistic yet elegant, a good fit and finish, and timely delivery. All three criteria were met with the project being delivered in three months, leaving them with a home that they find relaxing, opulent, and Pinterest-worthy.  

From the sage green kitchen cabinet designs to the eye-catching pendant lights over the kitchen island, and even the comfortable and inviting bedroom decor, every part of their home speaks of minimalistic luxury. 

Ruchi and Saumya’s Eclectic Yet Modern Residence  

If we could show you quiet luxury in terms of a home, Ruchi and Saumya’s 3BHK Bangalore residence would be our pick. What initially comes across as a space that seems like it’s been ripped straight off Pinterest, this real-life home is a prime example of stunning design and workmanship.  

This beautifully designed home perfectly combines minimalistic, modern, and eclectic design elements that come together to create a warm and inviting living space.  

From the bold, pastel blue sofa set that stands out into the open living-cum-dining room to the statement dining chairs, every space in this luxurious home has a key element that catches the eye. The neatly integrated hardware across the kitchen cabinets and the eclectic splash back across the ultra-modern layout of the kitchen makes for a space where the whole family can come together and cook a meal together.  

The memory wall, a key feature of this home offers Ruchi and Saumya a space to make their home truly theirs. Dotted with beautifully framed pictures of their family taken over the years, it adds a sense of true personalisation to their home.  

Divya Jyoti’s Modern 2BHK Apartment  

When a homeowner is a designer themselves, you can be sure that their home is going to be nothing short of a work of art. This couldn’t be truer for Divya’s stunning 2BHK apartment in Bangalore.  

Trendy wallpaper, mirrors for space, and a blend of traditional-modern elements make her home a Pinterest-worthy masterpiece.

Her living room shines with a luxurious L-shaped sofa, textured grey wall, and a large TV, forming an exquisite focal point. Dubbed her “party place,” this is where Divya brings her friends and family together whenever she has company.  

From the modern kitchen design to the chimney, the hob, and the lights, her kitchen strikes the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. Her apartment is a relaxing, modern, eclectic, and opulent inspiration, setting a trend for real-life homes.

Anil and Sarita’s Unique European Style Bangalore Home  

European-style homes often make for one of the most popular segments of posts in the interior design space on Pinterest. Anil and Sarita have taken all the best elements of this style and integrated them into their stunning 2-bedroom Bangalore home. From the sheer gold wall accents to the vivid and plush sofas, every element speaks luxury.  

Carefully chosen artifacts adorn every space in their home, adding beauty to walls, bedrooms, dining tables, and beyond. Their bedroom’s interior design is cosy while still maintaining an iconic European touch. Unique elements, like fluted drawer fronts on side tables, abound in their standout home.

Their inviting home features a modern emerald kitchen cabinet design, integrated hardware, well-placed appliances, and ample floor space.

The guest bedroom’s reading nook, bathed in natural light from an overhead window, adds a unique touch—a perfect spot for relaxation.

In Conclusion 

Discover that achieving uniquely stunning interiors goes beyond Pinterest boards – it’s a game you can master in reality. Explore homes we’ve showcased, each capturing the charm found in Pinterest interior designs. Balancing elegance, style, and functionality, they reflect the unique personalities of those who call these spaces home effortlessly.

Embark on creating your Pinterest-worthy home with our assistance—turn your vision into a stunning reality effortlessly. Over a decade of design expertise turns your dream home vision into a space you’ll proudly own. Reach out to us for a consultation today to find out more!