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byBonito Designs April 25, 2024 In Bathroom Design in Bangalore Blog


In modern days, the bathroom is a place where we go to do our ‘business,’ think, and contemplate. It is the place that opens up our day with a splash of freshness and gets drawn to a close with a quiet relaxing soak. Whether you prefer the subtlety of a minimalist retreat or the punchy design of a bold statement, the choice of your tiles can set the whole tone and feel of your bathroom. 

The right tiles can make even the dreariest of bathrooms look like a spa retreat or an invigorating oasis. In other words, if it is a small bathroom, then these mosaic tiles will provide an illusion of space; otherwise, they will add a touch of luxury and texture to lift the overall look. 

Subway tiles are just perfect for those who love a classic style. They are so versatile that they can be laid in many ways, from a classic brick style to herringbone for depth and interest. Conversely, geometric tiles would add a modern hue to some space with patterns like hexagons and Morrocan. 

Emulate a stylish, sophisticated hotel atmosphere in your very own spa-like retreat, such as with the use of natural stone tiles like marble or travertine. The most stunning tiles are those that acquire character and warmth over time. 

Bathroom Tile Designs

Popular Tile Materials and Finishes: 

Tile materials and finish play an important role not only for aesthetic purposes but also for functionality when it comes to the selection of the right type of tiles for your bathroom. Knowing the different options available will guide you to make an informed decision that meets your design taste and practical need. Some of the most common and popular materials and finishes used for the tiles in use for the bathrooms today are as follows: 

Common Tile Materials: 

Ceramic: Among the most popular and rather functional because of their durability, tiles in the bathroom are ceramic ones. Having multiple colors, patterns, and sizes in their range, you can choose the perfect one that suits the design you’d want to implement. Ceramic tiles can, however, crack or chip, especially when poorly installed or maintained. 

Porcelain: Very close in comparison to ceramic, the tiles are equally hard and water-resistant, which makes them perfect for usage in the bathroom. It comes in many design types, from mattes to glossies. Compared to ceramics, porcelain tiles are more costly, with a service life that is long and requires low maintenance; in consideration, therefore, they are economical over time. 

Marble: Generally, marble tiles are beautiful, and therefore, when they are laid on the floor or the walls of the bathroom, they bring an element of luxury. Marble is outstanding, with natural beauty and patterns created by veining, something that shines with timeless charm in the space. But marble tiles should be sealed from time to time to avoid staining and etching, placing them higher on the maintenance scale compared to other materials. 

Glass: Easily available in the market, glass tiles are used to give a trendy, updated, sophisticated look to the bathroom. It is available in a lot of colours with various finishes, such as glossy and frosted. Glass tiles, on the other hand, are able to reflect light and make the space look deeper. However, they are much more brittle and may require more precaution during installation. 

Popular Finishes: 


Matte finish for bathroom tiles

Matte-finished tiles offer a softened and muffled look to be able to produce that serene, spa-like feeling to your bathroom. They can also be resistant to showing water spots and smears, making them a good option for busy places. 


Reflective bathroom tiles

This has a shiny, glossy face with reflective qualities that could help to beam light into a small or dark bathroom, thus making the room feel brighter and more reflective. Conversely, glossy tiles are more prone to showing water spotting and fingerprints and therefore may require extra or more frequent cleaning. 


Textured bathroom tiles

Textured tiles in your bathroom add dimension and flare; they offer a non-slip surface, thus making them excellent for wet areas or even the floors of your shower. They do come in varied patterns and styles, thus adding a unique aspect to your bathroom. 

How Can We Help:  

In Bonito Designs, we understand that your bathroom is more than just functional space. It is your sanctuary from where you get started and wind up your day. We hope to turn your bathroom into a chic, utilitarian refuge appropriate to your own style, and definitely, your utilitarian needs. Based on our expert knowledge in interior design of complete homes and very strong commitment to excellence, we present a range of solutions that promise an experience devoid of hassles and results that are breathtaking. 

Budget-Friendly Luxury: 

We believe in making luxury affordable for all. That is why we offer pocket-friendly prices without any compromise on quality. We have coined our budget-friendly choices in such a way that they would not only fit your pocket but also meet your taste in design and strength. 

Uncompromising Quality: 

Bonito Designs thrives on quality. From the choice of raw materials to every stage of the craft, quality is checked not once or twice but seven times, comprising over 400 tests at each stage. Be it the material or the craft, we try to perfect ourselves in every detail we have control over. 

Timely Delivery: 

We understand that timely delivery is key, more so where your home is involved. With a 90-day delivery guarantee, be sure to be well on the way to a new bathroom. 

Efficient Workforce: 

More than 300 brilliant designers, passionate about their work, expert and creative, will certify your project with their know-how. The bathroom that they will submit for your consideration will be not only beautiful but also functional, a comfortable place.  

In-House Manufacturing: 

Unlike any other brand, we believe in total control of the process. That’s why everything we offer is built from the ground up and built with great pride and passion from our state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring the best quality and standards in craftsmanship. 

ISO Certification: 

Bonito Designs is proud to enjoy the privilege of being an ISO-certified brand in interior design. This is a testimony to our dedication and commitment to excellence and the desire to afford our clients the best products and services. 

Easy EMI Options: 

We understand and realise how big a cost home improvement can be. That’s why we offer easy EMI options in making your dream bathroom less of a dent in your wallet. At Bonito Designers, we offer a comfortable and flexible payment plan that allows you to pay in installments, ensuring you can enjoy our luxury without breaking the bank. 

End-to-End Solutions: 

Bonito Designs – Your One-Stop Solution for All Your Interior Design Needs. From styles to themes, genres to completion – from concept to each and every aspect of your project is our responsibility. We can turn your bathroom into a stunning one or can offer a completely new look and feel to your entire home. 

Experience the Bonito Designs Difference: 

With Bonito Designs, what the customer gets is not just a beautiful bathroom but also the perfect blend of quality, affordability, and innovation. Redefine your bathrooms with Bonito Designs.

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