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by Mini Kottekattinmel June 7, 2016 In 3BHK Home Designs | 3BHK Flat Designs Blog Project Writeups Uncategorized

A house turned into home graced with elegance and modesty. That is the definition of Mr. Mithun Goyal’s 3 BHK DSR EDEN GREENS apartment in sarjapur road.

Foyer, the first and best impression

Tinted brown coloured stone cladding in the foyer gives a hint about the rich and cozy interiors inside. Shoe storage with a seater height cabinet and cushion completes the need of furniture at the foyer.
stone cladded wall
A simple rectangle shaped false ceiling with spot lights highlights each end every corner of the foyer which generates a feeling that you are under limelight right from the first step.

Refreshing living room interior

A TV unit with very minimalistic and necessary storage adds to the modesty of the living room interior. A pebble tray with white pebbles and cove light is also a part of the TV Unit. Two rectangles intersecting at the corners is what you see when you look up in the living room.

Modern Home Bar

On the way to the dining room, we have a very modern and fancy bar unit that steals your attention. Near the glass dispensing area we have given a rafter with stainless steel hanging glass storage. Bottle storage area is decorated with mirrors, which adds to overall look of the bar unit and also gives an enhanced spatial ambiance.
modern home bar counter
In fact, this has turned out to be the favorite Place of Mr. Mithun Goyal and the couple get excited as they talk about it. This beautiful custom made bar counter is a fruit of the collective effort of our designer Vishal and this lovely couple, and is worth all the appreciation. 3 ledges are provided next to the bar unit to display artifacts.

Auspicious Pooja Unit Design

The pooja unit is sleek and houses storage space at its base. The doors and sides of this unit are made of frosted glass. Golden colored hanging bells and handles adds a traditional touch to the Pooja unit. A single spot light is given on top inside the unit to highlight the idols and photos.

Eye Catchy dining room interior

The dining room interior welcomes you with the least expected color of red and calls for awe the moment you enter. The crockery cabinet is so pretty that it stops sad turn heads. It has a step shaped storage unit at the bottom and an inverted step showcase on top.
crockery unit

Ravishing master bedroom

If you ask Mrs. Mithun about her most-treasured place, she would point to the master bedroom interior. The color yellow sheds a warm glow. The study unit consists of a sleek ‘S’ table with 3 drawers and two ledges on top for stacking books. The TV Unit also has 4 drawers and an open niche.
master bedroom designs
The slider wardrobe is built with concealed handles and solid brown glossy laminate sandwiched with mirrors. The corners of the wardrobe are effectively used by adding additional storage space with spot lights to display. A king sized bed with cushioned headboard and the wall decor turns it into a luxury lair.

A Bright and Modern Kitchen

The kitchen interior design has 2 colors, blue and white. White is one color which is predominantly present throughout the house. As you can see the couch, flooring, kitchen and butterflies on the wall decor of the master bedroom; literally white is everywhere!!! White is considered to be the color of perfection. It gives more clarity and finish to the design.

Blue represents both the sky and the sea, and is associated with open spaces, freedom, imagination, expansiveness and sensitivity. The combination of these 2 colors is a visual treat to the eyes. We have D-Tray, Bottle pull outs, tandem boxes, microwave unit and lofts, aligned in elegance, decorating the kitchen.

Inviting Guest Bedroom

In the guest bedroom, one full wall is dedicated for display purpose alone. The queen sized bed is decorated with a cushioned headboard. 4 openable wardrobes with end to end lofts made of glossy laminate and a dresser with 2 drawers and a mirror, a side table with storage are the other furniture in this room. Spot lights and cove lights on the false ceiling are other attractions here.
guest bedroom designs
A fusion of various opposing and complementary traits, taking cues from its cosmopolitan environment, manifesting together into an artful living space would be the best way to summarize my experience at the Ghoyal’s. One thing we savor is inspiring feedbacks from customers.
The couple unanimously agrees that Bonito was with them throughout the journey of crafting their dream home interiors design right from day one to completion. It’s our immense pleasure to hear from these wonderful people. Hoping to turn more dreams to reality in years to come.