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by Varalakshmi D December 28, 2015 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore KITCHEN

Microwave oven has become a very indispensable part of kitchen and cooking. In order to help you, here are a few tips that you can try to manage the space in your kitchen. Scroll down to know more about having a clutter-free kitchen by tackling the increased population of kitchen appliances.

1. How about having your microwave below the counter?

Placing the microwave beneath the counter also helps you in accessing it with all the comfort. It is not advisable to have the microwave below the counter, if the kitchen is too small.

Make sure that the microwave is tucked in a considerable height, so that the opening and closing of other cabinets don’t get disturbed.

2. Microwave in the Island cabinet

Are you having an Island cabinet in the kitchen? Then placing your microwave there, is the wisest option. It will not disturb your cooking area i.e. one can cook and the other can work with the microwave in the Island cabinet.

One has to face problem in fixing electrical points. But that can be done by drilling holes at the inner part of the cabinet.

3. Fused into the cabinet

The kitchen looks smarter, when the microwave can get integrated into one of the kitchen cabinets, so that it doesn’t appear alien or uneasy to handle.

You can customize the height as per your convenience.

4. Separate top portion for Microwave in the kitchen

At times, isolation can also bring in happiness and disturbance-free lifestyle. You can provide a separate top cabinet that is far away from the stove and not disturbing the kitchen space.

Not just that, it also imparts an elegant look to the entire kitchen.

5. Microwave at the appliance depot

As far as appliance garage is concerned, the microwave doesn’t require a particular space to be built for it exclusively. It can be placed along with the other appliances too.

But see to that there aren’t too many appliances to keep, as it would be difficult to operate the microwave.

6. The corner placement

This is very much for the bigger kitchens, where deep corners are used less. Ideally, placing the microwave in the corner cabinet is not a difficult task.

You will just have to place it inside the corner space in the kitchen.

7. Microwave above the cooktop

When placed above the hood, it saves a lot of space. The hood fans can be placed under the provision given for the microwave at the top.

It is better if the microwave is placed at a convenient height, to avoid the mess of accessing it easily.

8. Built in microwave slot

It is all the more comfortable, if the kitchen has a built-in slot for the microwave. To make the kitchen look more elegant, this method can be brought into action.

See to that the electrical points are fixed in such a way that, it doesn’t mess up the place.

9. In a spare cabinet

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your microwave away from your cooking space or appliances, so that your kitchen looks clutter free and functional.

You can set the microwave at a comfortable height. It also gives a classy appearance, when microwave is provided with a separate cabinet.