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Holi marks the beginning of a new season. It is festival that is full of life and is celebrated with colors. Holi is the symbol of life. The bright colors can bring all the positive vibes to your home. There can be beautiful ideas and themes, based on which you can decorate your home. You can go through the suggestions as to how colors can be added tastefully to decorate your home.

  • Rangoli of Colors: Colors are a very important way to embellish your home. Color garlands can be easily used in all major places such as staircase railings, balconies or doors. Beautiful Rangolis are another way to make things beautiful. Colors of different hues and colors can be used to make beautiful Rangolis.


  • Furnishing: Although Holi is celebrated mostly outside the home but still furnishings inside a home can play a very major role in having a holi spirit. You can add funky or ethnic colorful cushions to make things more visually interesting. Bed sheets and curtains can be updated accordingly to add a new flavor during Holi.
  • Lights: Lights of different hues can add a colorful radiance. You can spruce up the evenings with delightful lights and welcome some vivacious colors into your home. You can also add some multicolored lanterns to add radiance to your home.


  • Painted Matkas: Painted Matkas are a great way to celebrate holi parties at home. They are easily available and economical too. You can serve Thandai (along with Bhaang) in these beautifully decorated matkas to feel a true flavor of Holi.
  • Ethnic and Colorful Home Décor: Holi is the best occasion to include some bright décor items. Do consider funky – Painted candle stands as one of the ways to have a beautiful décor for Holi.


  • Colorful Wall Hangings: Beautifully hand painted wall paintings give an ethnic touch to the whole concept. The wall paintings highlight the fun aspect of Holi other than giving a quirky appeal to your wall interiors.
  • Bright Rugs:   You can pick up an ideal rug that compliment your home décor. A colorful rug may be most ideal. Any rug livens up the atmosphere but it is advisable to use cotton rugs so that your home stays cooler during the warmer months.

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