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by Sravani Padmanabhuni July 31, 2017 In Blog Interior Colour Decoration Ideas And Tips

Colors are really powerful. By using certain colors we can communicate in a crowd without even speaking a word. We know the meaning of different colors. But white is a color that is different from the rest of them. Can we even consider white as a color? It’s a mixture of all the colors. White is like a blank canvas… Yet to be written, discovered and explained.
Our home is the place where we relax and nourish ourselves. We must be really careful while choosing colors for the interiors as these colors can influence our daily life subconsciously. Today we have a wide variety of colors available in the market to choose from. Still why people go for white as the base color of their interiors?
Go Classy with White Interiors!

1 ) White amplifies everything which it comes in contact with:

When your walls and curtains are white, you can play around with colorful furniture. If you are bored with these colors you can change the furniture to get a fresh look. If you are planning to invest in durable furniture, buy white furniture. You can pick up colorful
curtains and table clothes to add colors to your interiors. Do you want to bring a traditional theme in your house for the upcoming wedding ceremony? You just have to invest in new curtains and table clothes to change the mood of the house.
White amplifies everything which it comes in contact with

2) White is totally reflective:

White reflects the other colors used in the room. If you have natural sunlight falling inside the house, white interiors will reflect the light and make the room more bright.
Classy White Interiors

3) Increases your focus:

We live in the world of distractions. Anything can distract us from a simple WhatsApp notification to a bright color on the wall. It would be ideal to paint your study area and office space white to stay away from distractions. This will help you concentrate on the work. Nowadays offices provide long tables with no storage space so that employees bring only necessary things to the office every day. This helps them to organize the desk and declutter the place. When each table is clean the whole office looks organized. We can implement this at home too. Have a sleek study table and white surroundings. You can have your To-Do list displayed too.

4)White is classy:

White is the symbol of purity. Most of us prefer to wear white when we go for interviews and first date. Because we want to look at our best that day.
White is the symbol of purity. Most of us prefer to wear white when we go for interviews and first date. Because we want to look at our best that day. White makes anyone look classy. Who wouldn’t want to lead a class life inside a classy house?

5) Easy maintenance:

This might sound contradictory to what most of us have heard. White surfaces get dirty fast and we have to maintain them well. So people go for a darker
shade for kitchen cabinets and bathrooms. But These are the most sensitive areas of a home. We call it a home because it’s the safest place on the earth for us. When we know that kitchen and bathrooms are the places which need constant cleaning to save us from dangerous bacterias why will we let the dirt hide behind dark
colors? Give your kitchen a complete white outlook so that you can save it from getting dirty.
Easy maintenance of white interiors

Like we made thousands of colors out of VIBJYOR, There are variations in white too. Snow white, cool white creamy white are the common ones. There are bluish & yellowish whites available too. You have to choose the color tone depending on the ambiance you would like to create.
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