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by Sravani Padmanabhuni March 29, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog Uncategorized

One fine day, I walk into a friend’s house. She showed me around, and I was indeed very impressed to see the beautiful kitchen interiors she had got built. With fine granite platforms, built in shelves in matching colors, gorgeous state-of-the-art cook-tops and expensive china, stored in glass cabinets, all the aspects of her kitchen were very attractive!!


And then there was that looming, massive structure which was completely overpowering all the other petite arrangements around. It was her refrigerator!

She was all chirpy about the latest triple door model she had procured, with built-in water and ice dispenser. Nonetheless, I found it very odd that the lonely fridge was able to disturb the entire area around it!

Though wholeheartedly bought keeping the color codes of the kitchen set up in mind, the location of that enormous machine was just not appropriate.

Here are some suggestions that you could consider, if you feel that an electronic equipment, that is a bare minimum necessity of a house, should not be so consuming! Rather, there should be ways to curb its prominence, yet acknowledging its usefulness.

1. Built inside the kitchen shelves:

With the modern interior designing ideas flooding the market, you can easily consider getting your refrigerator integrated. These go along with the kitchen decorum, blend in very faithfully and are never too overwhelming.


If you make an estimation of your budget, and have a rough idea about how you want to design your kitchen, integrating the fridge will never be a matter of concern.

It looks clean, very classy, and you can easily get multiple cabinets installed around the refrigerator to keep the dry goods at hand’s distance.

2. A small one installed in the bedroom:

Are you the one who hates getting up at night to have a glass of cold water? Or is late-night snacking a part of your routine?

Why not get a fridge installed in your bedroom? It will save that itchiness to get out of the chamber, find your way through the dark and finally satiate your hunger pangs.

Make your fridge as an attention seeker!!

A fridge in your room can be assimilated within your cupboards. It would save your time and energy.


And with an infant in the house, this becomes all the more worthwhile.

3. Fridge Under the kitchen stands:

If you have a small studio apartment, with no separate kitchen area, do not waste any more of that precious space to keep a huge refrigerator.

Instead, get it installed fridge under the kitchen stands.


It would help you keep all your kitchen needs at one place, and would make your apartment look beautifully organized, clean, and spacious.

4. Counter Drawers: best place for refrigerator in kitchen

This is a very new innovative design ideas to place fridge, which is quickly becoming very popular. The freezers are installed in form of pull-out drawers.

They are a welcome change from the mundane door of a regular refrigerator. You can install as less, or as many, depending on the requirements of your home.

Non-flashy, these pioneering drawers are very easy to use and maintain.


And, the best part is, none of your pies, puddings or fruits would ever go beyond your sight, and perish away behind the fresher, glossier foodstuffs.

In the Dinning Space:

Now you might as well say, what’s new in it? But this ordinary technique can save your kitchen space very comfortably.

Imagine more than a couple of friends helping you out at a dinner party. You can picture people making their way in and around the open door of the refrigerator, or waiting for the door to close to pass through your kitchen.

Install the refrigerator outside the kitchen. Make sure to purchase one that goes well with the dining décor of your space.

For any house big or small, it becomes very difficult to survive without a refrigerator. But make sure that a fridge is used for cooling your foodstuffs, and is not a showpiece stand.


In a regular Indian household, one can often find old receipts, pens, everyday medicines, jars and bottles of health drinks adorning the top of the refrigerator.

This demeans the expensive equipment, and makes your dining space and kitchen look very commonplace and unexciting.

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Beautifully design your kitchen and dining area, make the best provisions for your refrigerator, and be the talk of the town!!