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by Sravani Padmanabhuni March 27, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog Uncategorized


Just because it’s a shoe, doesn’t mean it has to be kept outside the house, or like many Indian homes, just at the entrance of the house. This blog is the extended version of our previous post “15 Amazing Shoe storage Design ideas”.
Well, I have had the experience of seeing people put their expensive pairs underneath their closet, wrapped up in boxes. Imagine the neglect the footwear is getting! I know they care for them, take them out occasionally, wear them only with fancy clothes, and then shove them off, under the wardrobes!!! Organise your footwear effortlessly with a stylish and functional shoe cabinet, decluttering your entryway while adding a touch of elegance.

For a house, big or small, a separate place is always very necessary to keep the shoes. And I don’t mean cluttering them up in a corner. I mean installing proper shoe racks. There are many innovative ideas to place shoe cabinet, or you can create some designs of shoe cabinets ideas your own to suit the needs of your home.
But, do take out a little budget to set up a nice shoe cabinet. Here are some creative ideas for placing shoe cabinets to put up.

1. Inside the modular wardrobe:

A completely separate section, especially for your mammoth collection of footwear. The idea of this kind of a cabinet, is to store all your necessary stuffs at one place.


It is built inside your closet, so does not take up any extra space.
Note the efficiency with which it holds up everything you would be needing to get up and get going.

2: A window of opportunity

If this is what one of your rooms looks like, use the space beneath the window seat to store your shoes. To save yourself from everyday trouble, you might use this space to keep the ones you don’t use very often.


Be very careful and lock the drawer up, if you have little kids in the house. This space is within their reach so you can imagine what might happen!!!

3: Up against the wall:

Doesn’t it look alluring? Imagine the compliments you would get when you install this amazing open cabinet.

You can keep it low, may be just a few of these light shaded boxes. Or you can make this as a pretty wall piece for your side verandah.

I might as well suggest this if you have a big enough garage, attached to your house, and use that path to commute. After all shoes must be kept handy!!
There are countless ways to think of the perfect place to fix this up. This idea is economical, easy to maintain, and nonetheless, gives your shoe space a great makeover!

4: Beneath the stairways

This idea is inspired from the west. But make a note of the utilization of an otherwise useless space.


It is near the door, yet can be hidden. It is easy to handle, and if you segregate the space according to the height, it is very well accessible by each member of your family.

5: Anywhere and Everywhere:

The best thing about this design is, you do not need to drag your chair near it, to sit and tie up your shoes. It stores the shoes, and the platform is well suited to help you ties your laces.
This structure can be put up anywhere, just near the door, in the room, or wherever you feel comfortable to store your shoes.


The thing about Indian households is that, we have always been very picky about the fact that shoes bring in dirt and dust from outside. But why can’t we just be a little more cautious, and dust them off well enough before storing.
This little trick would a long way, if you are suffering from a space crunch in your one-room apartment. A prefabricated storage design would not only save space, but also help you find the right thing at the right time.
Consider all the little places that can be used efficiently. You would always feel good on the inside when you turn your house into your home!