11 Striking Modern Sofa Designs

Most of them are aware of sofa beds that are available in the showroom. But there are a lot of other weird and preponderance of designs that will create that jaw dropping feeling, when seen for the first time. They don’t just look crazy but feel so comfortable too.

Do you want to give it a try? Then, take a look at a few Modern Sofa design.


1. The carpet sofa

This crazy sofa cum bed is designed in such a way that, the support is made with wood and inox at the top of the rug like sofa. This acts like a semi-bed where one can lie on it.

Sofa design ideas


2. The smart sofa bed

Save your bedroom space by keeping the sofa itself. Wondering how?

Interior designer bangalore

The new sofa cum bed has the bunker bed facility.

Interior designer bangalore

You will have to unfold it at night to make it a bed. So, it doesn’t occupy a lot of space and it looks smart too.

Interior designer bangalore


3. Sofa bed with storage

It is actually blissful, when you have sofa – bed. Imagine if a storage as an added value, it is all the more blissful.

Check this one to get swayed.

Interior designers in bangalore

4. Extended sofa bed

A vast living room with an extended sofa-bed can make the entire room look big. The facilities are so high that, the bed can be levelled at a higher plane or a little above the floored position.

Interior designer in bangalore


The occupancy is not limited like other sofa beds.

Bangalore interior designer

5. Pull-push sofa bed

All you have to do is, just pull the sofa for it to become a bed and push it back to the same position to be the sofa itself.

Push sofa cum bed


It is simple, yet stylish and functional.

6. Modern sofa bed

A modern sofa cum bed?

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The box like sofa can be unfolded to appear like a bed by releasing arm rests and the seat to the 90 degree position from 180 degrees.

Bangalore interior designers

Finally, the cozy sofa comes to the shape of a bed.


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7. Suede sofa bed

This smart suede sofa bed for your smarter living room. If you are running out of space and have a small rented house, then this should be the opted.

7. Wall sofa bed


The suede sofa bed is designed peculiarly to help you save space and look unique and not odd. To make it a bed decline its position in an angular way. It will look spacious and If the top floor provides with natural sunlight it make its a perfect suede sofa.

8. Qwerty sofa bed

We are so obsessed with the QWERTY keypad in the laptops, tablets, and smart phones and now in your own living room. It acts like a sofa and also like a bed.

theme based sofas

For a change, the one which torments our day can give supreme pleasure. Everything has its own time to fall in right place.

Theme based sofa design concepts


Never miss any opportunity when you will be given such a favour.

9. Toddler sofa cum bed

Your toddler needs to be given such a special care too. While we all enjoy our sitting and sleeping position in the sofa, why not the little angels?

toddler sofa cum bed


Feed them, when they are sitting on the chair.

Sofa cum bed design for toddlers


You can unfold it as a crib like cot and fluff it up with comfy bed for them to have a sound sleep. You can just put in soft toys, so that they can play too.

10. Multipurpose sofa cum bed

Sofa cum bed can be used as another furniture too. It can act like an armchair, a table when folded, a bed and also like a sofa.

modular interior designers bangalore


So, save space and change the angular position at your own convenient time that would serve the purpose at that moment.

11. Contemporary sofa bed

Interior designer portfolio in bangalore

Two separate sofa can be conjoined to make it look like a bed where you can roll 360 degrees, while sleeping.

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It is the safest and gives you the comfy feel when you sit and sleep.

Explore the different sofa bed ideas going through this piece of article.Save the space using sofa beds in your home.

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