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by Sanchari B January 4, 2016 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog Home decoration ideas & Tips Uncategorized

Draperies are often considered to be the icing to the ‘interior’ cake. But in reality, there is much more to their role. They are multifunctional and humble, doing their job without even making their presence felt. But think of a house without any curtain! Seriously, just think about it. Naked? Creepy? Weird? Wrong? Yes, exactly. So let’s find out a few ways in which good old draperies can make your home a better and happier place.

1. Create the illusion of doors in your wide-open balcony

Do you have a balcony that is wide and have a lot of sunlight coming in? Divide it with the help of heavy draperies.

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It can easily create an illusion of doors and help you contain excessive sunlight in an organized manner.

2. Soften the hard lights coming from your windows

Sometimes, a colourful curtain or drapery can help you soften direct sunrays so that the room doesn’t look burnt out and harsh.

Decorating with draperies - Interior designers in bangalore

Use cooler colours like blue and green to put it around windows or other natural light source openings in order for smooth flow of sunlight.

3. Set the ambiance of the room by changing the color tone using draperies

To carry forward the previous point, colours of draperies can work like magic in making or breaking the ambience of your room.

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So use colours to manipulate the mood you want in a room. Red, brown or yellow curtains create a sense of warmth and romance whereas aquas, blues, greens and purples would create a soothing, cool mood even in a hot afternoon.

4. Use draperies for pure decoration

Who says that curtains or draperies have to have a solely functional role? They can be decorative as well.

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Just make sure that the fabric is of some fancy material like brocade or satin or even net, depending on what kinds of decorative purpose it has to serve.

5. Highlight the architectural features in your house

If your home has a unique architectural feature, a proper drapery can work wonders.

Drapery decoration ideas - Interior designers in bangalore

As you can see in the given picture, the unusual height of the building has been highlighted here with the help of long curtains.

6. Create a sense of uniformity in your room

Coordination is good not only in terms of colour but also in terms pattern. If you have a bed sheet and cushion covers in a particular motif or pattern, you can follow the same in curtains as well.

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It helps in creating a sense of uniform style for the entire room.

7. Decorate your bed with draperies to create a romantic mood

Want to surprise your partner? Experiment with draperies around your bed. It can create a romantic mood in your bedroom without much effort.

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Just ensure that you have a four-poster bed. That is the ideal framework which can create a magical effect with a little help from draperies.

8. Use two layers of draperies for (decoration/better insulation from heat/wind)

As the wise men say, more often than not, two is better than one. We agree. Be it the scorching heat coming from a window in the west or chilly winds making its way through a north outlet, layers can save you from any extreme weather conditions. How to drape multiple layers?

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Well, it’s your call. You might choose to install one more curtain hanger above/below the usual one. Or you may go creative like the picture shown here.

9. Use heavy dark-colored draperies to control light in your room

How many of you are late risers? Many, right? So this is a very useful tip for using your drapery right.

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Use heavy, dark curtains on your bedroom window, especially if the window is towards the east. That will prevent direct sunlight from entering randomly through the windows and waking you up from your late morning slumber.

10. Use draperies to create a partition

Sometimes we end up in homes where the hall is big, but not enough that we can use a solid wooden/cane/furniture partition. In such cases, a drapery comes in really handy. Just hang it from the middle of the room and you will get a beautiful partition, ready.

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A partition created with drapery is more fluid than a solid one and helps in maintaining the continuity of space despite the partition.

Now that we know at least ten ways to play with drapery, let’s start experimenting. Who knows, maybe you can come up with a whole new style of your own that makes your home even more beautiful than it already is.