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by Sravani Padmanabhuni July 17, 2014 In DIY home decor ideas Home decoration ideas & Tips Uncategorized

In the world of interior designing, there is no such place that’s underutilized. In fact, we try to make use of every nook and cranny of a household, and make purpose of it.

With the apartment sizes crunching away, making good use of corners that were previously never even considered, is becoming art.

There is a lot of space under the staircases. Using them judiciously, would make space for a lot more useful stuffs. The following under staircase space design ideas, would make you wonder in the awesomeness, with which an insignificant area could be exploited to be so much more!

1. Under staircase bookshelf and Library:

This is but the perfect place to store your collection. A small apartment might not give you the lavishness of having a separate study. Make room for it under the stairs by utilizing your under staircase storage.

Stairs have ‘high’ storage space available beneath them. Implementing racks, for your books, and magazines, would make good use of the space.

You might as well take out some extra one for a nice recliner, to sit and read in the cozy little corner.

2. Kitchen or Under staircase Bar ideas:

You might think how that is even possible! But think about a studio apartment where a kitchen uses up most of the living area. A modular kitchen setup can be very useful in the space under the stairs.

The set-up is easy, and becomes very useful. Do not worry, it could be made to hold all the necessary items required for a couple or even a small family.

A wine cellar is also a great idea because this area is generally free from heat and sunlight. A traditional attic is never available nowadays. Why not create one where no one ever thought it could be, and they would safely tucked in!

3. Under staircase children’s Playroom:

Your children would love you for making a separate space for them. A little cozy wonderland with all their toys nicely arranged. It would be like making a live doll house for your toddlers.

You could keep your kids games, and them, all contained in a single place. Not having the babies running around the house is already a big relief. And this would also teach them keep their own little house neat and clean.

For a house big or small, a child’s playroom could never be extra. Use this otherwise useless area to gift your baby something impressive.

4. Space under stairs as a Storage room:

There can never be enough space in the house! Winter blankets, extra pillows, lots and lots of embroidered sheets, these things generally take up a lot of space in your closet, and are not even used regularly. Why not create a separate storage area specifically for your not-so-frequently used stuffs.

Heavy coats, seasonal wear like sweaters, boots, or even old clothes, can be segregated away in boxes made under the stairs. There is a huge space lying beneath the stairs which call for your attention.

Make room for your large collection of shoes even. Utilize the space under the stairs by transforming them into closets or pull out drawers, and happily live a clutter free life!

5. Office area – Great Under staircase design:

Isn’t it better to have an office space right at your home? With millions of people working from home these days, a necessity of a separate home office is booming in every house.

With more than working member in a house, making an arrangement for desk and cubicles is not feasible for everyone. Why not we say! Create a small office underneath the staircase.

It’s just a perfect little corner to unwind with your laptop, and a cup of coffee when everybody else is out doing their jobs. This quiet cozy booth would help your imagination flow without any restrictions.

6. Bathroom:

This is again an unconventional idea for being under the stairways. But thinking over it, you can find enough reasons why you should invest a little more in creating a small guest bathroom here beneath the stairs.

It doesn’t need to be lavish, just the necessities. But when created with a good amount of thought, this area would bring out an adequate amount of space to include a shower and a toilet.

It adds value to your house, and a niche to your creativity. Keep this area neat and clean, and you would keep gathering praises.

7. Pantry – Under Stairs storage ideas:

The kitchen is somehow never enough to store all your stuffs. Why not create a pantry in the most inconceivable of places. It would keep your food items stored in a cool dry place. And if you could invest in a little freezer, you can also store liquids, jams and jellies too.

The big jars of pickles, baking products, or even items that only come out during big feasts. Extra pots and pans, ladles and spoons, all can be stored in the pantry that you create under the stairs.

This might not sound very ludicrous and is genuinely a very useful way of utilizing space.


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8. Napping Area:

A cozy silent corner of the house with a plush cushion, and some warmth. Doesn’t that instantly make you want to nap?

When there’s no one running up and down the stairs, go underneath it and sit with an earnest cup of milk, and some romantic music, and rejuvenate yourself away from the noise.

It is a great way to unwind because as doctors say, a warm soft place feels like a hug. And this hug doesn’t need any extra arrangement!

9. Laundry Area:

Setting up a laundry area in the backyard is such a cliché. Make your own little laundry area in the space most underutilized. This area would act like your mini cloth storage for your dirty wardrobes that are ready to go into the machine.

Rather than putting the big washer and drier at the very glare of your visitors, hide them elegantly, yet systematically.

10. Pet House:

Do not keep your pets lying around in the corner, make a room for them. We are not asking you to share, just build them a tiny house under the stairs.

It would give you the extravagant feel of keeping a separate kennel like in a huge bungalow or a farm house! It is neither expensive nor frilly, it is just making good use of a space otherwise wasted.

Your pets would have their own area to sleep in and they would surely be grateful to you for that.

It needs a keen eye to find space and always make good use of it. Do not over-decorate. It would make your home look shabby.

Always keep an aesthetic eye towards the arrangement of objects in the little corners of your house. You would see there are many ways to utilize spaces which you never thought about before. That’s what called innovation!