Explore the beautiful home of Mr. Ramesh and Mrs, Preethi Menon located @G Corp The Icon crafted by team Bonito Designs. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this interior design for 3BHK.

Designed for

Mr Ramesh & Mrs Preethi Menon

Designed by

Bonito Designs


North Bangalore



Key features of contemporary

The Foyer: The foyer or the entrance contains Zen components, which complements the vitality of the residents. It also has a beautiful plant placed on the stand placed in front of the entrance with a beige background. 

Kitchen and Dining area: Both the dining and kitchen areas of the property contain a contemporary or modern zen feel. It also has straight industrial lines and features the helm as a nautical component. The dining area walls are covered with a laminated world map that enhances the area’s appearance.

The living area design

The Living area: The living area delivers a calm and comforting vibe with cozy seating and a bar unit. It also has a beautiful and decorative ball fireplace. One side of the wall is decorated with pictures of the family members, and the ceiling is covered with unique spotlights and a ceiling fan. Right above the sofa is located a decorative ship steering wheel that magnifies the look of the entire living space.

Zen-style home interiors

Now, you too can get a zen-style home, and all you have to do is contact the designers from Bonito Designs to get a consultation for your own 3BHK house interior design.  A marriage of serenity and flamboyance. 

An unusual fusion, of contemporary – zen – nautical – retro – bohemian – modern style elements, make this house extremely unique. Its outrageous of our Design Mentor: “Abraham” to play with such varying styles in a small space! Well, we like the thrills of experimental designs. Behold your curiosity as we unveil the complete project next week.

Mrs Preethi Menon

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