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Kitchen Flooring Trends 2021: 10+ Flooring Ideas for Kitchen

While designing your kitchen interiors, one eminent element that you need to take care of is the flooring. The kitchen flooring is often exposed to water and other items. Hence, it should be waterproof and anti-slippery. Choosing the wrong flooring for the kitchen can often lead to a large number of accidents. Hence, while choosing the best from different kitchen flooring ideas, you should also make sure that it is safe and efficient for your kitchen.

Before you move ahead to check out the different kitchen flooring trends, it is a great idea to check out the factors based on which you should get the right flooring.

Factors Determining Kitchen Flooring Selection

Follow these factors so that you can get a kitchen floor that is elegant as well as perfect for your requirement.

The Types:

The very first factor that you should consider is the type of flooring. There are different types available to choose from such as waterproof vinyl, tiles, laminates, and engineering hardwoods.

The Looks:

When you are designing your kitchen interior, you will wish to have everything perfect and dazzling. Hence, apart from checking out the right type, you should also select the best looks for your kitchen flooring. You can select from various options such as concrete look, wooden look, stone look, or even decorative look.

The Styles:

There are also several styles to choose from for your kitchen floorings such as farmhouse style, contemporary style, and coastal style.

The Colours:

You can have absolute independence in selecting the right colour for the floor of your kitchen. While most homeowners prefer to choose the colour gray so that it does not get dirty, there are also many other colours to go for.

The Patterns:

Using unique patterns for your flooring can make your kitchen look vibrant and pleasing. There are so many patterns that you check out currently such as large format, wide plank, chevron, and herringbone.


If you are choosing wooden flooring, you can choose to have different textures for your kitchen flooring such as distressed, wire-brushed, and hand-scraped.

10+ Flooring Ideas for Kitchen

Now when you have understood the different factors that determine the flooring of your kitchen, here are some of the kitchen flooring ideas that you can surely go for.

Ceramic Tile Flooring:

Most homeowners prefer to go for the ceramic tile flooring as it is very low on maintenance. Another great benefit of ceramic tile is that it is easy to clean. If you have a smaller kitchen, installing large blocks of white ceramic tiles will make the area look bigger and spacious. But for a larger area, you can choose from different colours and patterns in which they are available. While you are installing ceramic tile flooring in your kitchen, make sure that you seek help from professionals only. It is crucial to keep smaller joint gaps in between the tiles otherwise cleaning can get difficult.

Laminate Kitchen Flooring:

If you are looking for a durable kitchen flooring option at an affordable cost, you can always go for the laminate kitchen flooring. The upper surface of this flooring is resistant to moisture and other abuses. It is also easy to clean. There are foams installed underneath the laminate flooring that keeps them soft so that you can stand and work in the kitchen for a long time without getting very tired. Another benefit of having laminate kitchen flooring is that it can be easily installed. Available in several styles, this simplistic-looking flooring offers a modern look to your kitchen.

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring:

Many people install hardwood kitchen flooring as a healthy alternative to other options available. Hardwood offers a warm feel to the kitchen environment as it does not freeze during winter. Though hardwood is already resistant to several cases of abuse, new technologies enhance the resistance power of hardwood to make it resistant to extreme moisture too. This is why such hardwood flooring is also now being used in the washing area of the kitchen. You can choose different colour options while installing the hardwood flooring for the kitchen.

Natural Stone Flooring:

When you think about natural stones such as marble or granite, the first thing that you think of is that they are best for kitchen countertops. But you can also use them for your kitchen flooring to get a great look. When you are selecting natural stone for your kitchen flooring, you can choose from a wide range of options such as sandstone, limestone, slate, and coral apart from the usual granite and marble. They can offer your kitchen a unique look that is lavish and worth flaunting. Just one thing that has to be understood here is that natural stone flooring is good for houses in hot regions as these stones can get cold much faster.

Concrete Floor Covering:

Concrete is one of the most durable options for flooring purposes. The earlier concrete flooring was not considered to be appealing but now it is considered to be a great option for offering style to your kitchen. Though this material is available in a simple form, you can offer it patterns and designs before it dries up. Due to its durability and recently the option of styling it up, the demand for concrete kitchen flooring is on the rise.

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring:

Vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable options in the category of kitchen flooring. Do not just go by the affordability as the different patterns and styles available in it can transform the look of your kitchen to a great extent. The vinyl flooring is also water-resistant and hence it is again a great pick for kitchen flooring. The vinyl flooring may seem super easy to install, but you will require professional help to install it in a perfect way.

Carpet Tile Flooring:

It is quite obvious that no one will wish to install a carpet in the kitchen as the carpet will get dirty very soon in the kitchen and washing it regularly can be a messy task. But on the other hand, having a carpet in a big kitchen area can offer a warm look. Hence, modern technology has come up with tiles that have the look of a carpet. These are water-resistant and abuse-resistant. Also, these are easy to install and easy to clean.

Bamboo Flooring:

If you are someone environment-friendly, then the bamboo flooring is exactly for you. You might not find many kitchens as of yet having bamboo flooring. But this type is a great option to offer a modern look to your kitchen. Bamboo naturally grows in damp areas and this is one of the reasons why the bamboo flooring is highly water-resistant. While choosing bamboo flooring, you should make sure to get a good quality option with a longer warranty period as they fade in sun, if you have huge windows in your kitchen.

Cork Kitchen Flooring:

Cork flooring can turn up to be one of the best kitchen flooring trends of 2021. It happens to offer a balance in terms of quality and affordability. Though this flooring is also not much popular as of now like bamboo flooring, it is trending quite much now. The cork flooring is soft and is said to be the best for those individuals who have joint pains and need to work in the kitchen for long hours. Also, it is antimicrobial, water-resistant, and also noise-resistant. Apart from these properties, it is also super easy to install cork flooring in your kitchen.

Terracotta Tile for Kitchen Flooring:

The reddish clay of the terracotta offers it a reddish hue that makes it quite different from the other ceramic tiles. If you are choosing a high-density material in terms of terracotta tile, you can be sure that it will be water-resistant and a great option for your kitchen. Similar to other options in this list, the terracotta tiles are also available in different shades such as beige, charcoal, and others.

Linoleum Flooring:

It may offer you a feel of your grandparent’s kitchen, but this style is also making a comeback in the year 2021. In contrast to the other vinyl flooring, the linoleum flooring is more eco-friendly as the base of this flooring is natural materials. Another great advantage of this flooring is that it is very comfortable even when you are standing on the kitchen flooring for a long time while cooking. The only problem with this flooring is that it requires high maintenance.

Thus, here stands a listicle of the best and trending flooring ideas for your kitchen interior. There are so many options to go for and often this can get confusing. Apart from the look, you should also consider the space in your kitchen, the temperature of your region, and other factors while making your selection. Getting in touch with a professional is always a great idea as they can help you in making the right choice and they can install the flooring in a perfect way as it should be.




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