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Ideas to maximize your kitchen storage

Have you been thinking lately that you do not have enough space in your kitchen? One of the major reasons can be that you are not organizing the kitchen properly. Also, you may be stacking up things for long without throwing out the items that have gone old and are of no more use to you.

Well, that is a major problem that many people have today. Hence one of the best ways is to look out for kitchen storage ideas that can help you in the process.

Experts from the house of Bonito Designs suggest some of the best kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens especially. Here are some of the options to go for.

The Magic of Pull Outs

We all have fallen in love with the pull-out options such as pull-out trays or pull-out pantry in the kitchen. You can easily get it installed just beneath the countertop on which you cook. So, while you are cooking, you can easily pull out the pantry to get your spices and other ingredients required. There is no need to fuss around searching for the ingredients when you have everything stacked in one single place. Also, when you push in the tray or the pantry, it is no more visible, keeping your special tastemaker hidden from the eyes of others.

S-Shaped Carousels Save Space

If you have a hidden corner that is empty yet, you can utilize it in getting an S-shaped carousel installed out there. Usually, you will find the stainless steel ones the most durable options. But you can find them in other material options too. Apart from the corners, these carousels can be also installed inside the cabinets to hold a double number of items that the cabinet would have usually stored in. These are a great help for people who do not wish to see items scattered all about the countertop of the kitchen.

Skirting Drawers

If you are looking for kitchen storage ideas for small spaces, skirting drawers can be one of the best options to go for. These can be also known as hidden drawers that you can have just beneath your kitchen countertops. You can customize the segments and layers of the skirting drawers depending upon the space that you have and your requirement. These drawers can be used for different purposes such as storing utensils, spices, and even your apron along with other essential items. Moreover, these can be a perfect option to hide the mess of your kitchen when a sudden guest arrives.

An Oil Pull Out

Different types of oil such as coconut oil, mustard oil, clarified butter, or others are an essential part of any Indian kitchen. Instead of getting the countertop dirty with numerous bottles, organise your Indian kitchen with a convenient pull-out cabinet. Similar to the pull-outs for the spices, you can get pull-outs for your oil bottles and jars under your kitchen countertops. This will save space and will also keep your countertops free from that oily mess.


Janitor Unit For Stocks and Supplies

If you have a modular kitchen or even a civil kitchen, you have to clean it regularly to keep it looking stunning always. The way you use a proper cleaning regime for the utensils, you should use proper cleaning items for the kitchen countertops, stove, appliances, and other things too. Doing this can pile up to a good many ingredients and items. But again you cannot keep these items in one corner of the kitchen visible to everyone. Instead having a Janitor unit installed at one side of the kitchen can be quite helpful. You can get it in the form of a closet or even a rack with many layers of shelves.

Drawers Make Your Space Better

Drawers are another great option that saves space as well as offers you easy accessibility of the items. You can install sleek drawers of the same colour as that of the countertop to keep a continuation. Also, you can install drawers of some other colours to offer a different look. If you have some fancy crockeries and utensils, you can always store them in these drawers in place of locking them up in the cabinets. There are also many people who love to store glasses and cups in such drawers.

Wall Shelves For Storage And Display

When you are looking for organization ideas for the kitchen, another thing that comes up quite often is the wall shelves. You can get open shelves where you can store containers of different ingredients or spices. Also, you can arrange different utensils so that you do not have to find them scattered around at other places. While installing such shelves, there are many people who love to cover them with glass doors. In such a case, it becomes a perfect place to store your delicate items too.

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

It is not always that you have everything in your kitchen to flaunt and show off. There can also be many such items that you use but you do not wish to flaunt in front of the guests. This can be an old kadhai that does not look good now but you still use it as you find it quite convenient cooking in it. The modular kitchen cabinets can be an extreme life saviour for such hidden kitchen storage ideas. Just similar to the skirting drawers, you can also throw in the unnecessary items in the cabinets when suddenly you have guests at your place and you do not have time to arrange things up.

Tall Units Are A Storage Boon

If you do not have a huge countertop beneath which you can install several pull-outs, you have to think of some other options such as the tall units. These can work great if you are looking for some kitchen storage ideas for small apartments. Once you get a tall unit and install it in, you can stay assured to store several items such as utensils, oil bottles, spice containers, and many others together in it. These units come with racks made up of stainless steel that are durable and also will look impressive in your kitchen.

Kitchen Lifts Add to Decor And Function

If you have a very small kitchen or you stay in a studio apartment, installing various cabinets and drawers can be a challenging task. For such a kitchen, kitchen lifts can offer an amazing result. These lifts not just save space but also offer great functionality. Do you have guests at your place and you wish to impress them with something new? Flaunt this amazing technology installed in your kitchen.

Kitchen Cupboards For Neat Organisation

There are so many kitchens that are large enough but due to a lack of organizational skills, they look messed up. If the cabinets and drawers are not enough in such a kitchen, you should take another step to create masterpieces on the walls now. The kitchen cupboards on the wide walls add up to the beauty of the kitchen. If you have kitchen walls coloured in a neutral shade, you can install such cupboards and colour them with funky colours to transform the dull kitchen look into something livelier.

Have you been into the habit of working in a messed up kitchen the whole week and then organizing everything on the weekends? This can lead you to a huge embarrassment when guests suddenly pop up and they enter your cluttered kitchen. There are so many homemakers who use different tricks such as using a bowl to store cutleries or arranging containers on the countertops in a pattern. But these things can get messed up quite easily and then arranging them can take up quite some time. Also cleaning becomes a hectic task then.

How Bonito Designs Help in Maximizing Your Kitchen Storage?

Bonito Designs offer several facilities in maximizing your kitchen storage with ease.

The designers allow you to customize the designs as per your wish.
They offer a smooth and hassle-free service from the start to the end.
The experts will offer a design that you will love to flaunt.
They offer service support even after the completion of the project.
Thus, expert interior designers at Bonito Designs offer several ideas for kitchen storage solutions that are simple yet effective. All you need to do is get the right storage options and you can stay sorted for a much longer time.




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29 Apr, 2022



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