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Plywood has become a popular choice for many homeowners today. Some of the most eminent reasons why many people today prefer to use plywood interior in place of real wood are:

  • Much affordable pricing
  • Similar look as that of real wood
  • Perfect for roofing, flooring, and different furniture options

So, what is actually a plywood interior that has been in so much demand lately?
Plywood is basically engineered wood that is constructed by pasting several veneer sheets together. This offers a sheet that is thick and strong yet flexible to create several furniture items as well as to use them for different purposes such as flooring or even roofing.
So, altogether why has plywood become so much popular and in-demand lately?
There are several possible reasons for that.

Diverse Types of Plywood

The very first reason is that plywood is available in diverse types so that you can choose the right one depending upon your requirement and budget. Here are some eminent types of plywood that will surely make you understand why it has become so much popular these days for varied purposes.

    • Moisture-Resistant Plywood:
      This is the most commonly used plywood that is also known as commercial plywood by many professionals today. As the name implies, this plywood is moisture-resistant and hence is used for a number of options such as furniture or even for cabinets.
    • Boiling Water Resistant Plywood:
      Today, plywood is also being used on the countertop of kitchens as well as in bathrooms. This is because now you can get boiling water-resistant plywood options. This means even if you are steaming up your bathroom with a hot shower, you do not have to worry about your plywood or its finish in your bathroom.
    • Marine Plywood:
      No more bringing in your plywood storage cabinets inside when it starts to rain! Constructing boats with pure wood is completely old school now with the introduction of marine ply. This type of ply is not just moisture-resistant but is completely water-resistant so that you can keep it submerged in water for a pretty long time.

Convenience of Using Plywood Interior:

Most homeowners and even interior designers prefer to make use of plywood today due to the convenience that it offers in terms of work. Of course, when you are manufacturing furniture or other options such as cabinets using plywood, you have to make use of nails over them. The best thing about the plywood is that the nails do not damage the planks and you can easily create the masterpieces that you wish to use this particular piece of engineered wood.

Plywood Durability:

Though many people still doubt the durability of plywood, experts confidently mention that high-graded plywood planks are highly durable. If you are making use of high-quality plywood, they do not shrink or warp due to the atmospheric pressure of climatic changes. Also, there are different types of plywood available today such as moisture-resistant and water-resistant plywood options. Choosing the right type of plywood will ensure that you can enhance the durability of the item that you have manufactured using the plywood that you have chosen.


Today, saving the environment is a major concern. Cutting down trees for the use of wood has shown major impacts on climate change already. The use of plywood has surely offered a great solution for this concern. When plywood is used for manufacturing furniture or any other items, the wastage is minimal as these are available in planks and only that much part is cut out that is not necessary. Also, experts measure the amount that is required and then buy planks matching that particular dimensions.
Also, plywood planks can be recycled. Thus, once particular furniture is discarded or a cabinet surface is broken or changed, the plank can be used to manufacture some other items. Also, the destroyed planks can be recycled to create more plywood so that they can be used once again for manufacturing different items in the future.


One of the most prime reasons why the demand for plywood has increased in comparison to wood is its economic factor. Plywood is comparatively much cheaper than wood. Also, as there are several types and qualities available, you can choose the right kind of plywood depending upon your budget.
Why do you think furniture items that were manufactured years ago are still costly?
It is because they were made up of real wood such as Sheesham or pine. The carpenters had to customize planks from the wood to get the structure of the furniture. Also, there were costs involved in sanding the wood to offer it a smoother finish.
All these expenses are excluded with the introduction of plywood usage. Usually, the most commonly used commercial plywood is available at a cost of Rs.28 per square foot or so. Similarly, if you wish to have boiling water-resistant plywood, it may cost you Rs. 48 per square feet. All you need to do is to customize the planks a bit according to the item that you have made and fix it. These plywood planks come in a smooth finish so that you do not have to exert yourself in sanding them that may incur extra cost.


Life has become much more convenient no doubt with the advent of plywood replacing wood. While many people still may wish to have a wooden structure due to their beliefs, plywood is definitely here to offer a close fight to the quality and durability of wooden-made structures. Of course, the addition of benefits such as cost-effectiveness and convenience of working come together to make plywood a perfect material for home interiors today. Get started with some of the top-notch plywood interior design ideas right away!
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