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The terms “architecture” and “interior design” are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different processes. Architecture refers to the designing of a building at a structural level, whereas interior design is the process of designing the interiors of a building or space.   

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However, while the two differ from one another, what does interior design consist of? And what is it that an interior designer does when hired? We tell you everything about interior design and what it encapsulates in this detailed guide, so you know who to hire when designing your new space.   

Pain Point   

A lot of new homeowners often find themselves confused between architecture and interior design. This leads to them not knowing who to hire for their new home or space and can also lead to them having unreasonable expectations of each service provider.   


The key is to understand what interior design is all about, what the process often involves, and the role of an interior designer.   

What is Interior Design?

What is Interior Design?

Put simply, interior design is the process of designing the interiors of a building or space. It involves transforming a bare shell into a space that offers its residents all the creature comforts they need, and that reflects their personality and interests.   

Interior design often consists of two key aspects – aesthetics and function, and the key to designing the perfect interiors is to strike the right balance between the two.   

An interior designer creates spaces that anticipate our needs in the present and the future and offer us the comfort, storage, and practicality needed to make life easier on a daily basis. However, these interiors are also designed in a manner that evokes a certain emotional response and affects your mood. 

A home, for instance, should be comforting and relaxing and must make you want to spend time in it. Every element from the colours to the materials used, along with their respective textures contributes to how you emotionally respond to a space.  

The Key Elements of Interior Design    

The Key Elements of Interior Design

Interior design is a comprehensive process that involves various steps and processes that ultimately result in the finished product. This section explores each of these processes and steps to give you a comprehensive overview of interior design as a concept.  

Deciding and Creating a Cohesive Theme   

The first step in the process of interior design is that of deciding and creating a cohesive theme for the whole space. While this sometimes happens based on the architecture of the building, in other situations, it’s created based on the client’s preferences.   

Clients can often choose from a range of different themes, including modern minimal, European, traditional, eclectic, luxe, and so on.   

Selecting the Right Materials   

The next step is to select the right materials for each space. The choices that an interior designer makes often depend on various factors, including durability, aesthetic appeal, and the client’s budget.  

For instance, if a client has a higher budget, they might prefer choosing solid woods like rosewood or mahogany for their interiors. On the other hand, someone with a more restricted budget would prefer choosing materials like plywood or MDF.   

Choosing a Colour Palette   

An interior designer then has to choose the right colour palette for each space in consultation with the client. For instance, if the client prefers their interiors to be modern and minimal, they might choose colours like whites, greys, and lighter earthy tones.   

On the other hand, someone with more eclectic or traditional tastes might want their home interior’s colour scheme to incorporate brighter colours like yellows, oranges, blues, and greens, among others.   

Selecting the Appropriate Furniture and Layout   

Selecting the right furniture for each space is yet another crucial aspect that falls under the purview of an interior designer. Once again, the designer selects options based on the client’s preferences which could vary based on a number of different factors.   

If the client wants to maximise storage space in their home, a designer will ideally recommend modular furniture that also doubles up to offer storage space.

Similarly, the client’s budget, the colour theme, and even the need for age-inclusive design, all have an impact on the furniture chosen for each space.   

Lighting up the Space   

An experienced interior designer understands the impact of lighting on a space. Lighting adds depth, and character, and breathes life into any space, and the right fixtures and colour temperatures can tremendously affect its visual appeal.   

From chandeliers, pendant lights, wall lights for living rooms, concealed LED lighting, or even floor lamps, homeowners have various options to choose from to light up each space in their home.   

Interior Design is a Collaborative Process

Interior Design is a Collaborative Process   

At its very core, interior design is a process that doesn’t occur unidirectionally. It’s a collaborative process that takes a client’s dream and vision for their home interiors and is then turned into a reality by the designer.   

The designer uses their expertise and industry knowledge to create interiors that meet all their client’s requirements and offer the perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics.   

Every choice a designer makes impacts the user’s experience across every part of their home and affects their productivity and emotions. This is why it’s key that you get your home interiors designed by the best designer.   

What’s more, do keep in mind that a lot of interior designers can be expensive, and designing your home interiors in itself can be a rather expensive process depending on the scale of the project and the materials used.   

However, with Bonito Designs, you can Design Now, Pay Later (DNPL). This means that you can design your full home interiors at just 10% of the amount and pay the rest in stretchable EMIs 9 months later.   

In Conclusion   

As you can see, interior designing requires bringing together various processes to create the right interiors to fit a client’s needs. From selecting themes, materials, furniture, and lighting fixtures to tailoring each element based on your preferences, a designer’s work is all-inclusive.   

At Bonito Designs, we have over 300 experienced interior designers who have turned the homes of thousands of homeowners into comfortable and luxurious havens. If you’ve just taken possession of a new home and want your interiors designed by the best, give us a call today!  

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