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byBonito Designs January 19, 2024 In Blog


Designing elegant interiors is about more than just placing furniture around and getting the job done. It involves weaving elements of light, space, and furniture in a way that leaves you awestruck. At Bonito Designs, we believe that every home has potential and that you don’t need to have the biggest or most expensive houses to make them elegant.   

Inside Stories of Homes Reimagined

Reimagining homes has been our forte over the years, with hundreds of satisfied clients, we have a massive portfolio of lives we’ve changed. In this guide, we give you a tour of the inside stories of homes that were reimagined, and how we unlocked their hidden potential.   

Pain Point:   

In a market saturated with interior design studios, it can be challenging to choose the perfect one for your home.   


It’s crucial that you do your research when choosing an interior design studio. Understand how each organisation works, how much experience they have, how well-respected they are in their niche, and most of all, what their customers have to say about them. Here, we take you through some inside stories of homes reimagined to give you a deeper insight into what our clients think of us.   

Co-Creating Personalised Interiors for Everyone   

Saying this might come across as cliche, but a house only becomes a home when those who live in it see themselves in it. From the colours, materials, textures, layout, and furniture, a homeowner must believe that their home is a reflection of their taste and identity.   

At Bonito Designs, we don’t just design homes for you, we co-create elegant and masterful spaces that stand the test of time. We understand who you are to ensure that your home reflects your personality. It might sound easy for us to say this, but our customers say the same thing, and in the forthcoming sections, we take you through some of the inside stories of how we reimagined their homes, creating elegant and lively spaces that leave them fulfilled.   

Creating Modern, Minimal Interiors for Soumyajit Das   

In Soumyajit’s own words, “A home is a place that reflects the kind of person you are, what you love, what you want to keep close to you, and the memories that you have.” His words couldn’t be more correct, and with these words, we knew what our mission was. We had to create a space in which every element spoke to his heart and made him feel right at home.   

With intelligent use of space, timeless pieces of furniture, and a modern approach to the fittings, furnishings, and decor, we created a home that Soumyajit now takes immense pride in. We created a home that spoke greys and whites, along with a dash of earthy tones here and there. With a minimal approach overall, every element in his Bangalore home is modern and opulent.   

Anoop and Sreedevi’s Dream Bangalore Home   

A home must offer something for everyone, from your partner to your parents, or your child. The key to creating personalised full home interiors is to take not of every little need and ensure it’s taken care of. After all, your home must work for you, and not the other way around.   

In Anoop and Sreedevi’s case, their dream home consisted of several little elements that spoke volumes to them. From a custom bar counter with an eclectic mirror feature on top to a bedroom for their little son, they had a lot to look forward to. Bonito Designs took care of everything from start to finish, handing over their dream home that their child can now grow up and build a lifetime’s worth of memories in.   

Richa and Kamal Dham’s Modern, Minimalistic 4BHK Villa   

Accountability is key when dealing with any interior design studio, and that’s one of the key reasons that drew Richa and Kamal to Bonito Designs. Their sprawling yet minimalistic four-bedroom villa spans a whopping 3500 sq. ft and consists of a range of details that make this home a piece of their hearts.   

Their key focus was on quality, on which they wanted no compromises. That’s where Bonito’s talent and attention to detail shone through. Despite requests to wrap up the project early, Bonito laid great emphasis on the need to follow certain guidelines to ensure that every aspect of their home was designed with the utmost precision and the highest quality of materials. Today, their home is one that makes them proud, and they thoroughly enjoyed co-creating their beautiful home with us.   

Ashish and Shweta’s Mediterranean-themed apartment   

The classic Moroccan or Mediterranean theme has been in trend for a while now, but it’s not often that these themes come together to create a truly stunning masterpiece. That’s not the case with Ashish and Shweta’s 3BHK home in Whitefield – their apartment is a stunning mix of the blues of the oceans and the whites of the sands, all of which come together to create a space nothing short of cosy and inviting.   

Shweta’s favourite spaces in her home are her bedroom and kitchen. With blue standing out as the dominant colour of choice in both spaces, every other element works in a perfect symphony. From the beautifully carved wooden footlocker to the classy, two-door wardrobe, their bedroom is a space that you wouldn’t want to leave.   

Their kitchen, on the other hand, is a lot more modern but retails the calm and cool blue theme. Carefully selected details like the Moroccan-style lighting fixtures and the intricately designed handles give this space “soul,” in Shweta’s words. One of the reactions to her home that stood out to her, and us at Bonito Designs, goes as follows – “You’ve made a Taj Mahal out of the house!” Now that says it all, doesn’t it?   

Tashvi, Tulika, and Kunal’s Sun-Kissed Oasis 

“It’s all about how you exceed your customers’ expectations, and not just meeting their expectations.” This is what Kunal had to say about his family’s experience with Bonito Designs as we created the warm and lively interiors of their 3BHK in Bangalore.   

From carefully chosen materials and the right colours, their home came together to create a space for years to come. The designer working on their project saw their vision to their eyes, replicating exactly what they wanted. That’s one of the key qualities of any designer – their ability to emphasise with their customers, and that’s what we pride ourselves on with every project we’re a part of.   

Their home features some standout elements, such as their circular, marble-top dining table, and integrated workstation and media cabinet, among several others. Each of these comes together in a perfect symphony in their dream home.   


Reimagining your home can be an exciting prospect. From deciding your bedroom decor to your living room’s layout, there’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect space.   

At Bonito Designs, we’re here to help you make your dreams come true. We co-create your home with you with a continuous focus on empathy, one of our core values. We make you feel seen, so you can ultimately see a part of you in every little detail of your home.