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byBonito Design November 15, 2022 In Balcony Interior Design


Balcony is to your mind what a dance floor is to your body. Each one has its merits. One is a freeing experience for the body, while the other frees the mind. One separates you from the crowd, and the other helps you step outside yourself and take a fresh look at where you are. It is known as a “balcony view of things”, to be engaged in a situation without having to be affected by it. Just like we engage with people on the dance floor without coming into contact with them. No wonder “balcony design trends 2023” and “balcony view” are in the search history and buyers list while choosing a house.

We need modern bedroom designs but we forget to think of giving our balcony a makeover. Experts in real estate say that a good view from the balcony is now a must-have for most buyers. Home owners see the balcony as an extension of their living area. Therefore, proving the first paragraph about how many people think that the balcony changes the way they live.

Balcony designs, whether it be for a small balcony or a spacious one, should not only offer a view but should be good enough for us to spend time with ourselves or small groups, to just chill out, have a drink or look at the sunset with our dogs. We all imagine a house with a garden outside with fences and plants and animals. Urbanisation and city life has prevented us from dreaming about that. Thus, a balcony in its fullest sense.

Balcony gives us a glimpse of the outside world. Therefore, it should look classy with its neutral-colored loungers and wooden floor, which are surrounded by lush green vines.

The Outdoor Café

Let’s start the discussion about balcony design trends 2023 with turning your balcony into a cutesy little café. This design is for balconies with all kinds of spaces. Therefore, get creative as this Bonito blog helps you get creative with your balcony.

If you are one of those people who believe “less is more”, please check out our blog on minimalism: Click here.

Let’s start with walls. If you’d like, you can let some planters hang on the wall instead of the ground. Don’t go overboard with the plants, though. The wall is not done yet. You can also hang a painting on the wall with lights: wall sconce or simple string lights.

All you need is a café table and chairs (bean bags will be cosier). Bean bags are easy to carry around the house to sit on. For chairs, pick a foldable one that can be stashed away in the corner if the rain is playing cat and mice with your balcony decor.

Holiday Home

As we discussed, the balcony gives us a look into the outside world. We need a good view as well as need to sit down a little, and hear people say “let’s talk somewhere quiet” whenever you’re hosting a house party.

A holiday home is a place where you go to recharge. It does not have all the amenities but enough to not create a hassle. Make uses of the available space. Why not make it an eating and lounging area if there’s enough space? Throw in an outdoor rug and cushions. They give off a vibe of cosiness to the space, and the chairs round off the package.

A Minimalist Approach

Take it a few notches down by not cluttering the space too much and avoiding noisy colours in your balcony interiors. There are many ways you can design your apartment balcony with minimalist ideas. For example, use contrasting colours like white on the wall and black for furniture including house plants and lights.

Remember that you are going for “living with less” design. Avoid installing unwanted lights or more plants than necessary. Otherwise, you will have to live in a place you wouldn’t want to spend too much time in. Throw in a hammock or hanging chair with a pillow and a table with a stylish oil lamp or a wall lamp on the side of the wall.

The Private Affair

In this day and age when we are surrounded by devices and electronics, a quiet moment without our phone is a luxury. If our houses are private, why not the balcony? There are complexes and townships where buildings are built right opposite each other, leaving no room for privacy. As outgoing as a person might be, they need a quiet moment with their family and friends.

If your balcony is directly up against that of your neighbour, you can create a natural wall by growing tall plants such as bamboo on your balcony. You can also hang bamboo blinds that have a pulley system so they can be adjusted to the desired level. This way, you will prevent direct sunlight and rain as well as maintain your privacy.

The Hanging Wall

When it comes to balcony design trends for 2023, could there be a more interesting idea than placing plants over walls with wall mounted plant holders. Depending on your balcony size, place a chair or a rug underneath it.

Remember, it is possible for there to be a buildup of dust, but there are many kinds of rugs that are simple to clean. In addition to that, it could make the colour scheme seem better. Pick one that complements the overall look of the design. A runner rug is something you should consider adding to the minimalist apartment balcony décor. The length is appropriate for the balcony, and the colour contributes quite a bit.

The Flower Power

Just the glimpse of flowers puts us in a good mood. Whether you are home after a long day or stressing over issues or even overthinking things that are mostly not going to happen, the sweet smelling flowers in a balcony makes a lot of difference.

Sit down with a book and cup of coffee while gazing in awe at the splendour of nature rendered by the flowers. Even if you don’t have room for a table and chairs, you can always make room for a few pouffes or pillows. A quick way to make any room appear better is to throw down a lot of pillows and string up some lights. Put pots along the railing of the balcony to improve the aesthetic value of your property and to make the view more pleasant.


Weather plays an important role while designing balconies. You cannot fix the seasons but you can fix how you can deal with it. Be mindful of how it affects balcony decor. If you stay in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore where rains are uncertain and make guest appearances throughout the year, you might want to get balcony design ideas around furniture and fixtures that are easily dismantled and uninstalled. 

How we can help!

Ask questions to the interior designer about how direct sunlight might affect the furniture. Whether your house and balcony decor can withstand the seasons. Climate responsive homes are not just a need but a prerequisite. Get your home personalised to perfection with Bonito Designs. Design a house you’d love to come back and a balcony you wouldn’t mind having a sleepover in.


What is the best colour for a balcony?

Ans: If your balcony doesn’t get a lot of sun, a gorgeous white veranda may be exactly what you need to make your outside area seem brighter on cloudy days.

What is the best way to decorate a balcony on a budget?

Ans: If you are looking for some privacy, a natural screen for privacy on the deck can be created by installing a series of railing planters or a hanging succulent garden, which also makes efficient use of vertical space on small balconies. Install a wall shelf and decorate it with smaller succulents for apartment balconies.

Lastly, if you don’t have room for large pots on the floor, consider tabletop plants (or even just one tiny pot of orchids). This is the first and most important step in creating a beautiful outdoor area. You need to be surrounded by lush greenery to feel revitalised, not grey concrete.

What do I put on my balcony floor?

Ans: Composite planks are a great option if you want the beauty of hardwood balcony flooring without the maintenance or wear and tear.