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One of the most enjoyable joint endeavours is designing a house. Especially around the dinner table, it’s where loved one’s bond and new stories are told. Right from the start of the day to dinner and quietly sneaking into the dining room for some midnight snack, it plays an important role in our daily lives and interactions. Therefore, it’s important that you know some dining room wallpaper ideas.

As we all know, the dining room is the hub of your home, where you host guests, mark special occasions, and share hearty meals with loved ones. As for the best method to make your dining area stand out, why not try wallpaper?

It’s no surprise that wallpaper has seen something of a renaissance in recent years. The addition of texture, colour, and pattern can completely alter the feel of a space. We’ve rounded together our favourite wallpaper designs for dining rooms to share with you here. We have you covered for anything from loud patterns to delicate weaves. So, let’s dig in and see out how you can use wallpaper to make a statement in your dining area!

Flower Powerdining room wallpaper ideas

Traditional dining rooms often have floral wallpaper. They have the potential to revitalise the area with their natural charm and elegance. There is a wide variety of flower patterns available, from big, bold prints to tiny, delicate patterns.

For instance, a wallpaper pattern of giant sunflowers (think Van Gogh) or roses (think Van Gogh) make a room seem bright and cheery, while a wallpaper pattern of smaller flowers in muted colours give a suave look to the dining room.

Dichotomy of Geometrydining room wallpaper ideas

These wallpapers are like totally mimicking the look and feel of different materials such as brick, stone, wood, and fabric. The 3D designs and cool textures make the place feel totally tactile and give it a really unique vibe.

Installing a textured wallpaper in the dining room completely transforms the space. The wallpaper with subtle woven pattern that gives the walls a warm and cosy feel really does bring the walls to life. The textured surface helps to hide any imperfections on the walls, making the dining room look flawless.

Never Go Wrong with Bluedining room wallpaper ideas

There has never been a time in history when blue has gone out of style. Right from paintings to colouring homes in different shades of blue, it has been the colour of nature all the way through. There is no doubt that the colour cannot be used in home décor.

It is a great choice for dining room wallpapers, as it brings a sense of calm and serenity to the space. There are many shades of blue to choose from, such as navy, sky blue, teal, or turquoise, each with their own unique character. If you wish to make the dining area lively and vibrant, go with the sky-blue colour with white in places.

Consider using a blue and white pattern. This type of wallpaper features intricate drawings of scenes from nature, such as birds, flowers, or landscapes, in shades of blue and white. Or, just a plain blue walla with white dining tables. You can never go wrong with it – A classic choice that can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any dining room.

Wood Play

Dining room wood-look wallpaper is an excellent alternative for those who love the natural aesthetic but don’t want the hassle of actual wood’s upkeep. These wood-look wallpapers are a great option for rustic-style couples because they don’t require any of the maintenance that comes with real wood.

Light and natural to deeper and more rustic tones can be found among the wide variety of wood-like wallpapers in the market today. Some of them even have wood grain textures that look much like real wood, which makes it hard to tell the difference. Besides solid colours, patterns like herringbone and chevron are available in this type of wallpaper.

They go perfectly with a wide range of design schemes. Wood-look wallpaper, a dark wood dining table, a soft rug, and rustic light fixtures would create a warm and inviting cabin vibe. In contrast, if you’re going for a more contemporary vibe in the dining area, go for a lighter wood-look wallpaper and modern, minimalist furnishings.

Safari Serenitydining room wallpaper ideas

Safari serenity or tropical paradise. This type of wallpaper can be described as something that gives a lush green foresty look to the space.

When it comes to the colour scheme, you can opt for neutral shades such as beige, ivory, or cream, which complement the natural tones of animal prints. However, you can also experiment with bolder hues like olive green, burnt orange, or deep brown to make your dining room stand out.

To get a more exotic look, install a zebra print wallpaper in your dining room and pair it with a wooden dining table and chairs, creating a perfect safari-inspired dining experience for your family (especially children) and guests.

One good thing about such wallpapers is that they can be replaced anytime during the new year with new ones, according to the different seasons. Add a touch of adventure to your dining room and make your dining experience warm and inviting.

Stripe Wallpapersdining room wallpaper ideas

Think of it like a dash of salt or pepper. A striped wallpaper pattern draws attention to an area without dominating it just like that. Stripe wallpaper is another option for adding visual interest and texture to your dining area without overpowering the space’s other design components.

When it comes to design features, stripe wallpaper comes in a variety of widths, colours, and patterns, from classic pinstripes to bold multicoloured stripes. Depending on your preference, you can opt for horizontal or vertical stripes to create different visual effects in your dining room.

If you want to add contrast and drama to the room, match a strong striped wallpaper with solid-colored furniture; if you want to achieve a feeling of balance and harmony, pair a neutral striped wallpaper with striking artwork or patterned drapes.

Stripe wallpaper can add a touch of class and elegance to your dining room. It also makes a great backdrop for food photography when hosting dinner parties!

Wallpaper that Sparks Conversation

Imagine sitting down for a meal with friends or family, and the first thing they notice is your stunning wallpaper that sparks “Hey, where did you get that made?”. This is the power of a conversation-starting wallpaper! It can be a great icebreaker and add personality to your dining room.

The possibilities are endless! Choose a wallpaper featuring an inspiring quote or slogan or opt for a bold graphic design. A global map mural is a favourite at dinner parties, sparking lively discussions about the world and its wonders.

Another factor to consider is colour scheme. Wallpaper should go with the existing colour scheme rather than compete with it. If you want to coordinate your wallpaper with your accessories, such as cushions, curtains, and dinnerware, select a pattern with only one or two accent colours.

Metallic Dramaticdining room wallpaper ideas

A dining area adorned with metallic wallpaper exudes grandeur and sophistication. Suppose you have lovely gold or silver wallpaper on your walls, and the light hits it just so, making the wallpaper sparkle like diamonds. The glimmer of metal makes for a dazzling impact that improves the look of any dining space.

Think about the other colours in the dining area when deciding on a metallic wallpaper. Warmth is possible with gold tones, while elegance and coolness can be achieved with silver. You can really make a statement by using metallic wallpaper in vivid hues or striking geometric designs.

Keep in mind that hanging metallic wallpaper could prove more challenging than hanging regular wallpaper. It is crucial to have a professional hang metallic wallpaper since the finish might make it difficult to conceal seams or defects. Pair a gold wallpaper with bright red accents for a dramatic effect. This is a great way to incorporate metallics into your dining room without going overboard.

Art for Art’s Sake

The key here is to inject some cultural flair into your dining area. It’s an extraodrinary way of showcasing your artistic sensibilities and giving your home a personal touch. There are innumerable art eras from which to choose a pattern for your walls, from impressionism and abstract expressionism to romanticism and modernism.

A wallpaper with impressionist vibes would have these gentle brushstrokes in like soft, pretty colours (think about Claude Monet). But if you’re more into abstract expressionism, then you might want a wallpaper with these bold lines in like bright, poppin’ colours that really stand out (think about Mark Rothko). These wallpapers can really jazz up your dining room, making the walls stand out and giving the whole space a great vibe.

Have you tried looking for patterns and motifs that would go well with your dining room decor and furniture? It could really help accentuate the space! Did you know that adding a wallpaper with Art Nouveau or Art Deco elements can really elevate the look of your space? It adds a touch of elegance that’s hard to beat.

When doing the dining room, go with a wallpaper inspired by Piet Mondrian. The use of bright colours and geometric shapes in his abstract paintings is impressive. The clean lines and bright primary colours complement the white walls and black furniture.


From the striking jungle prints that demand attention to the understated yet sophisticated metallic drama, each wallpaper type boasts its own distinct design elements and colour palettes that will elevate your dining experience. Discover a wide range of options to suit your style, from timeless stripes to bold, art-inspired wallpapers that are sure to make a statement.

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