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by Sravani Padmanabhuni February 9, 2015 In Blog Living Room Interior Design in Bangalore Uncategorized

A sofa has become an indispensable part of most of the living rooms today. Sofa is comfortable, looks good and is available in many options and one can get a sofa as per the home décor. The amusing part is that all over the world, there will be hardly any living room where there won’t be a sofa. But with times, priorities change and so do people’s tastes and needs.
Sofa designs for livingroom
Hence the current trend is that there are indeed people who do not prefer a sofa in their living room. Anyway, let’s give our dear old sofa a chance to explain and then let us look at why it really is not needed.

Advantages of having a sofa in living room decor

A sofa can seat three or more people at a time. Hence it is apt for those living rooms which are small in area. Secondly, a sofa can also be used to recline if necessary. If it is a sofa cum bed, then it can be used to accommodate an extra guest who has decided to stay overnight.
Also, during a party or get-together, even if strangers are seated on a sofa, they end up having a good conversation. So, one can easily give the dear sofa some credit for bringing people together.
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Another good reason to have a sofa around is that is its available in different sizes and shapes and also the designs that they come in are so amazing that one can find a sofa as per his taste and requirement.

Disadvantages of a sofa in a living room

Having a sofa can be quite a disadvantage too in many occasions. Today, people are starved of space in their home. Not all live in spacious villas. The flats and apartments in cities have small living rooms. In such rooms, a sofa can take up quite some space and there might not be any place for any other furniture. Thus, in such homes, one can have a couple of nice cushion chairs, a stool, etc., to save space.
The layout of most of the living rooms in today’s homes is such that each wall has a different utility. A wall might have a window, another might be having photographs or wall units or bookshelf and of course, as in most living rooms, one wall will definitely have a TV. A sofa, when placed amidst such a room, people who sit on it will invariably face just one wall and one wall will be always behind their back. And not many would like to sit and watch TV.

Smooth flow of conversation

There is another reason why sofa might not be always the best option for a living room. When you invite people over, not all might want to share their space with others and they also might not like to sit in such close proximity with strangers. Even if you are with guests, it is really uncomfortable to sit with people on a sofa and then chat. It is always better to be seated on different chairs for a smooth flow of conversation.

Options galore for sofa replacement

Armchairs are a great replacement option for a sofa. They are comfortable, convenient and are stylish too. One can also create a nice get-together space with three or four armchairs and a coffee table. If you are looking at more seating space, then you can easily fill the space with stools and foldable chairs. You can also add a daybed instead of a sofa.
Armchairs in living room interiors bangalore
Another advantage of bringing in good replacement for your old sofa is that it frees up a lot of space which gives a relaxed feel to the living room and now the kids will be able to play around freely in the area without being cautious about bumping into anything. The whole living room can breathe easy now!