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The inside story of kitchen interiors – What are the factors to be considered

As the saying goes “Home is where the heart is”. Home is what we make of it.

Kitchen is one small however the most important part of our house and it is very important to ensure that kitchen looks clean and dazzlingly because kitchen is what creates a brand image of our house to the guests.

Also lack of ignorance can be harmful to the living members in the house in terms of food poisoning and many other diseases. In our previous post we have talked about how to  keep kitchen clean

The interiors of the kitchen matter the most to make it look good. Each and every part in the kitchen plays a vital role in making the kitchen interiors look good. No matter if the kitchen area is big or small; it’s all about intelligent creative designing which makes it look spacious.

Storage space:

Before going for other features like colour, tiling etc it is very important to determine the usage of space in the kitchen.


Storage is the most important factor in the kitchen to make it look clutter free. Chosing the correct storage cabinets like Thali, grain baskets that are avilable in the market will be a secret solution for you to save a lot of space.


It is a smart move to chose the proper kitchen basktes as per your kitchen dimensions.

Kitchen cabinet:

Cabinets form a very important part of kitchen since the next step for having a good storage space is by having a well designed kitchen cabinets to keep all the kitchen utensils well stacked without any clutter.

The kitchen can look larger by using glass doors.


Also this would help in bringing in more light by the reflection on the glass doors and make it look very bright and happy.


If you have a small kitchen then placing a chimney on the top of the hob is very hygienic. As the kitchen space is less in small kitchens, it ensures that all the smoke, moisture generated while cooking is aired out without any smokiness being confined in all the rooms of the house.

Wall colour and flooring:

Colour plays a very vital role in creating the first impact. It can greatly affect the atmosphere of the kitchen by creating a soothing effect. Great combinations of colours can be used depending on various needs like whether you want to contrast it with the cabinet shades, go for pastel colours or bold colours.


Similarly the flooring can be worked on based on the wall colours chose like checkerboard flooring, wooden flooring etc.

The main concern is to ensure there is no leakage, seepage. Hence one must ensure the choices; else all the effort will go in drain.

Ceiling and lighting:

By placing some modern hanging lights from the ceiling to main counters of kitchen can add a beautiful soothing effect to kitchen at night.


We can add some designs to make it pleasing for the visitors.

 These are the few important aspects we should consider in our list while dreaming for our favorite lifetime kitchen.

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