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by Sravani Padmanabhuni September 1, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog Uncategorized

When it comes to decorating a window or getting it covered, most people face the dilemma as to whether they should go for window blinds or stick to the traditional drapes. In hindsight, both work well in different circumstances.

Also, as in any other, both have its own advantages and disadvantages. Before getting into them, it is essential to understand what ideally window blinds and drapes are.

Blinds: Blinds or window blinds are window coverings, generally made up of many horizontal or vertical slats. These can be made from different materials, from wood to plastic and fabric.


Window blinds can be either folded up to open or lowered to close. They can also be adjusted as to open them partially depending on the user as how much sunlight he prefers inside his house.

Drapes: Drapes are not curtains, this is a fact not many people know of. Curtains are basically decorative items made up of transparent fabric and mostly are for decorative purposes. Drapes on the other hand, are made of heavy fabric and run floor-length.

Advantages and disadvantages of blinds over drapes

  • Cost: Blinds are more expensive than drapes.
  • Installation: Installing drapes is quite easy and it can be done easily by anyone on his own. Blinds require professional installation. Hence the cost of setting up a blind is more than that of drapes.


  • Decor: Blinds can be seen in many offices and in home decor as well because of the professional look it offers whereas choosing curtains as per the matching color scheme and theme can sometimes a difficult task. Curtains may not act like a focal point for your room.
  • Design: Blinds are available in various designs. There are different types of blinds available, like Venetian blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds and so on. Drapes on the other hand are available only in terms of different fabrics and colors.
  • Cleaning: To clean the drapes, all it needs is to remove them and put them in the washing machine and dust them once in a while.


The cleaning of blinds require more effort, each slat has to be cleaned well. That does take more time and energy.

Curtains require cleaning only when they wear stains or for every 3- 4 months, whereas blinds require cleaning atleast on fortnight basis.

  • Coordinate: When it comes to blinds, they look better coordinated with modern designs. Hence a modern home will look great with blinds. For a traditional home, drapes suit better than window blinds.
  • Functionality: When it comes to function, such as blocking outside light and view, blinds work more efficiently.


It is also convenient because you can choose how much light or view you want inside your room and accordingly, you can partially open or close the blinds.

Blinds are more capable of saving energy and keeping the room warm or cool as per requirements.

Drapes move or fly as per wind and breeze and one can’t stop it. Hence it cannot be depended fully on temperature control.

  • Privacy: Even when the blinds are partially open, an outsider won’t be able to see the view inside the room and that is a great advantage of blinds.


Blinds or Curtains or both?

They offer more privacy than drapes. Thus both blinds and drapes have their own detractors and proponents. It all depends on how you can make use of the advantages and adjust to the disadvantages.

But when it comes to deciding on drapes or blinds for your home, give a thought to the décor of the house, your budget, what functions you expect and also how you prefer your windows to be.

Choosing both blinds and drapes is a wise decision to balance your decor with style and functionality