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by Sravani Padmanabhuni October 12, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog KITCHEN Uncategorized

The kitchen of an Indian household is perhaps the most significant part of a home. It is where the food is prepared and it is where we go seeking a solution to our hunger. Isn’t it for food that we are really running about and working hard?

When it comes to the format of the kitchens, in many households in India, it is being seen that people are accommodating new changes and formats as far as the design of kitchen is concerned. Kitchens are no longer a secluded area that has to be hidden in some corner, but with modern designs and spectacular modular kitchens, kitchens are a place to flaunt these days.


Hence it is no wonder that there is a debate in many homes in India whether to have an open kitchen or a closed one. Let us take a look at what these kitchens have in store for you.

Closed kitchens – traditional and nice

Especially with Indian cooking, where there are lot of tadkas and spices involved, having a closed kitchen helps because the fumes and aroma can be prevented from entering other parts of the home, making guests and others in the house uncomfortable. Closed kitchens mean the cooking area is kept away from the sight of others and those who are cooking get privacy and are undisturbed.


Closed kitchen interiors also means that there is a definite space for cooking and more walls give more space to shelves, which help keep the kitchen organised and clean. These are perhaps the reasons why closed kitchens are preferred in many homes in India.

The idea of Open kitchen is also catching up

According to a report in Times of India recently, many homes are opting for open kitchens. With an open kitchen, it is possible to cut off walls and create a larger space. An open kitchen gives an illusion of a larger space and this is very helpful in flats that are often starved of space.

Another advantage is that when you have an open kitchen it is possible for those who are cooking to have a conversation with guests or other members of the family, so that they are not cooking in isolation. Since in many middle class Indian homes, there are no paid cooks and the members of the family only cook, this helps.


Open kitchen interiors work for both types of people, one those who live in a small area and even those who have a bigger space in their homes. In both types of houses, open kitchens work well.

At the same time, when you plan for an open kitchen, it is important to look at their functionality as well as aesthetics. You need to have proper ventilation and exhaust system in place if you have an open kitchen. Also, for your open kitchen is visible to all, it is necessary to keep it clean and organised always. If you are ready for these, then you should go ahead and get an open kitchen.

Tread the world between Open kitchen & closed kitchen

With modern technology and some good ideas, it is possible to have the best of both, an open kitchen and a closed one. You can get roll-over screens or glass screens that you can pull over and shut the space out as and when required to.


You can even have a kitchen that is partially closed, by having a small passage or an open window on a wall of the kitchen that opens into the living room.


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The final decision

The decision whether you need to opt for a closed kitchen or an open kitchen really depends on your lifestyle and choices. If you are a person who loves to cook, and love to invite people over, then having an open kitchen helps because you can communicate with them, discuss cooking with them while you are preparing the food.


If you have hired cooks to cook food and are not interested in the process at all, then get a closed kitchen. Also, if you just love to have your space and time while cooking, then also it is better to have the privacy of a closed kitchen.

Whatever your decision, always remember to keep your kitchen clean and cook with passion and with a smile on your face. Then, whichever type of kitchen you have, open or closed, you will love the space.