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by Sravani Padmanabhuni January 27, 2015 In Blog Home decoration ideas & Tips Uncategorized

The amazing world of wallpapers

In my previous article, I  have explained you about the advantages of wallpapers and its kind that are available in the market. In this blog, I want to infuse some more information into readers mind about different kinds of myths every person will have when it comes it wallpapers. I have some strong points even to break those mysterious myths. So here is how I’m explaining them below :)

First things first everyone will look into before purchasing any product is durability.

Myth 1 – #Durability: 

It is a common misconception that wallpapers are not durable and that they will tear off soon.

Explanation: Nowadays, wallpapers are made from different materials and hence they last also for long. Wallpapers are no longer made of fragile paper that disintegrates in a day. Even if a house is painted, it has to be repainted in a year or two. Good quality wallpapers will surely stand the test of time and last longer. Some wallpapers can even last for more than 5 years or so.

Myth 2 – #Strength: 

High quality wallpapers are strong enough to resist moisture and fear.

Explanation: They do not tear off easily and can withstand any change.

Myth 3 – #Maintenance issues: 

Wallpapers can be easily cleaned and depending on the material used, some wallpapers can be even cleaned with a detergent.

Explanation: They are easy to maintain and stay for long. Those who install and sell wallpapers even give annual maintenance contract, thus making maintenance of wallpapers a comfortable matter.

Myth 4 – #Paints offer more variety: 

Many think that paints give a wide option to choose from but wallpapers offer more varieties.

Explanation: With paints you have to stick to one pattern or a certain colour but with wallpapers, there are different patterns and designs available. Be it geometric or floral pattern, or colour collage or any other design, wallpapers are available in thousands or more designs and patterns, something paints can’t offer.

Myth 5 – #High cost of installation:

This is another myth that surrounds wallpapers.

Explanation: Wallpapers are available from just Rs. 30 per square feet to Rs. 3000 per square feet. There is wallpaper or another as per each one’s budget. Since the wallpapers offer good durability and better designs than paints, wallpapers are here to stay.

Myth 6 – #Lasting power of colours: 

It is generally believed that the colors of wallpapers do not last and that they fade with time.

Explanation: Today wallpapers are technically tested and are made with modern technology which makes it resistible to sun’s rays and dust. Hence the colors of wallpapers really last for a long time and they do not fade out with cleaning or with time.

Myth 7 – #Walls need smoother texture for wallpapers: 

This is another myth that walls have to be extra smooth for installing wallpapers.

Explanation: Walls do not need extra treatment to install wallpapers. It has to be made ready the same way as a wall is prepared to be painted on.

Myth 8 – #Wallpapers make walls prone to termites and germs:

It is a myth.

Explanation: The wallpapers that are available today are made from vinyl and other materials which resist termites, insects and germs. In fact, wallpapers can keep these pests away from walls and can lend protection to walls.

Myth 9 – #Wallpapers are not fire resistant:

Explanation: The main advantage of the wallpapers available today is that they are fire resistant. They do not catch fire and hence are safe.

Myth 10 – #Wallpapers attract moisture and damage walls: 

Most of the wallpapers that are available are made from modern and much advanced materials which resist moisture.

Explanation: On the contrary, the wallpapers protect walls from catching moisture and keep the walls strong and attractive.

Myth 11 – #Wallpapers increase the temperature of the rooms:

Explanation: In fact, a recent study has revealed that wallpapers can help you cut your electricity bills by at least 5%, as they act as thermal insulators. In summers, it helps keep the rooms cool by absorbing heat and in winters, it helps keep the house warm.

Thus, wallpapers are not only convenient and user friendly, they also are as durable as paints. Even a mundane space can look luxurious with the help of wallpapers. With the large variety of designs and patterns available, wallpapers come in every imaginable pattern and design. The modern wallpapers are easy to clean and maintain and also keep the walls protected. No wonder then, wallpapers are becoming a style quotient in many of the modern homes today.