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by Sravani Padmanabhuni February 6, 2017 In Blog Interview Uncategorized

In today’s interview series we have with us a very sweet couple Mr. Nagesh Phaniraj and Mrs. Anusha Vasantha. Mr. Nagesh is currently working with Intuit development center as a lead software engineer, while Mrs. Anusha Vasantha is working with Amadeus India. We sincerely thank the couple for giving time to our social media manager, Ms. Soumya who has deftly used her skills with right questions to read the mind of the couple about Bonito Designs. Our project designer Kusuma also answers some questions in this section.


Soumya            : How did you get to know about Bonito Designs?

Mr. Nagesh     : The videos have helped a lot to gain knowledge about Bonito. We had gone to the Bonito Office and had a talk with the CRM and that was really great. It eventually gave a lot more insight into Bonito. Basically we did a lot of homework before we selected Bonito finally.
Mrs. Nagesh   : We as well went and talked to other vendors, but we liked Bonito.

Soumya            :  How has been the whole journey with the Bonito Design from the Design phase to the execution Phase?
Mr. Nagesh    :  Bonito gave us an idea about every details and we knew how much we can stretch with our given budget. The meeting with the designer Kusuma was a very fruitful one. She was always very accommodative of our ideas and we always felt as if we are a part of this process.
Mrs. Nagesh  :  Bonito is one organization which gives end to end solutions. They take care of each and every part of the house unlike other vendors who offer only specific help.

Soumya            :  May I know about your favorite area of the house?
Nagesh             :  I like the study room and the place near Buddha statue
Mrs. Nagesh    : The kitchen is my most favorite area. I would like to thank designer Kusuma for being accommodative to our ideas and also being careful about our budget constraints. I also like my master bedroom design as well.

Soumya              : How much would you give us from 1 to 10 if in case 10 is the highest?
Mr. Nagesh       : Since Bonito has exceeded our expectation, I will give Bonito 10/10.
Mrs. Nagesh     : I would also give 10/10 to Bonito. Everyone who has seen this house is overwhelmed by its beauty.

Soumya               : What are the areas of improvement you would want to suggest to us?
Mrs. Nagesh     : We were a little apprehensive about the delay in implementation phase but everything was delivered as per schedule.
Mr. Nagesh       : We felt that there could be a delay in the carpentry work but everything went on as per schedule.
Mrs. Nagesh    : I would like to thank project manager- Gopi personally. Without the hard work and dedication of the project manager it would have been impossible to carry on with this kind of a project.

Soumya              : How has been the journey on this project, and which is your favorite area?
Kusuma            : It was a great pleasure to work with one of the sweetest couple. They were very co-operative and it was just a great experience to work with them. Well, my favorite area in this house is the Foyer.

Soumya             : So this was one of the sweetest people that we have ever worked with. Wait for our next video and till then please do keep subscribing to our site. Bye.
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