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In today’s modern lighting, we have come away from the times wherein we used to just have a lighting just for illumination. With the passage of time, creative ideas have given birth to new ways of lighting your home.  People nowadays are more bothered about the color, shade, and styles of lighting. Here are some ideas about lighting your home. You can choose the right kind of light fittings for your home.


Apart from being a showpiece, chandelier spreads light evenly. The chandeliers act both ways as home décor and also a great light fitting. A vintage chandelier can be of visual interest to anyone and everyone. You can hang a chandelier in the center of your living room depending on the size of the room.


2.Floor Lamps

If you need to light any particular area of your room, floor lamps are great options. These types of lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Vintage floor lamps can transform the entire look and ambiance of the room.

floor lamps

3.Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting allows you to illuminate only that part of the room that may be necessary at a given point of time. These are generally used in larger rooms. This kind of lighting usually makes use of incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs for the purpose of illumination. Dimmers can be used to make the lights brighter or dimmer accordingly.

Recessed Lighting

4.Fan Lights

Fan Lights are a new concept wherein a set of lights comes attached to the ceiling fans. It gives an altogether different ambiance and a whole new feeling. Apart from giving a bright illumination to the entire area it also has a unique charismatic look. These bulbs are specially designed and are resistant to vibrations of the Fan.

fan lights


Skylight is a very innovative way to bring in a bit of the sky into your room. It is a unique way to beautify your room with the addition of natural elements. Kitchens or penthouses are the most probable places wherein this can be used very strategically making use of natural light.

sky light

6.Under – Cabinet Lights

These lights can be very eye-catching when used suitably. If the lights are used below kitchen cabinets that will be a smart and also a very practical way of using them. This kind of lights generally is used for illuminating the kitchen countertop and space below the cabinets and thereby allowing to focus more on work.

Under – Cabinet Lights

7.Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are another great way to spruce up the ambiance. When suspended from the ceiling, they simply act as a great lighting solution. Hanging lights are available in different shapes and sizes including in vintage designs. They generally come with adjustable cables so that you can increase or decrease their height as you may wish.

hanging lights

8.Bedside Lamp

Bedside lamps are another great way to add life to your bedroom. These come in various shapes and sizes. These could be from a wall mounted lamp to a floor lamp. Even a well-designed table lamp is a very good way to create an ambiance. Using fancy and designer table lamps are certainly a great way to enhance the overall décor of the room.

bedside lamps


Sconces are an exciting way of lighting that can lift your dull mood. They are generally used in living rooms and bedrooms. Sconces come in various shapes and sizes and thereby you can choose from multiple types to improve your décor.

sconces lights

10.Ceiling Mounted Fixtures

Ceiling-mounted fixtures are another way of lighting a particular area. They are specially used in bathrooms or over a sink which needs to be illuminated in particular.

Ceiling Mounted Fixtures lights

11.Mirror Lights

Mirrors reflect light and this can be used to make your space look bigger and brighter. When you add a light on the either side of the mirror, the mood of the space changes instantly.

         mirror lights


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