How To Boost Your Home Aesthetics - Carpets & Rugs Edition

How To Boost Your Home Aesthetics – Carpets & Rugs Edition

With the restriction in space, one can hardly keep on adding more elements into the space to add on to its aesthetic value. Especially in Indian homes where additional accessories translate into losing focus from the design style of the home. This is where we introduce carpets or rugs into the design. Elaborate or simple carpets that define the space or round plushy rugs that uplifts a piece of furniture. These floor accessories work wonders in elevating the mood of the room with their coziness factor and not to mention the clean sense of definition they provide to a space.

Why go for carpets and rugs?

  • > Including carpets into the design of the house is the easiest way to add in a pop of color of the season, as and when required.
  • > Placement of a carpet emphasizes on the need to have a structure of position for the movables in the room.
  • > Rugs add texture and layers to the room. It is always recommended to buy rugs that complement the color scheme of your furniture.
  • > Fluffy and textured rugs add that extra bit of coziness to even the most elegant interior designs.
  • > Patterned carpets complement simple interiors the best and enhance the beauty of the space. If you are one who tires of patterns faster than the season changes, swapping out the carpet is a quick fix.

Buying the right one for your floor

Size Matters:

As much beautiful and grand giant carpets look in the shops, we would strongly recommend you to focus more on measuring your room area before going shopping. The main purpose of introducing carpets into the space is to make the most out of its ability to create the illusion of making the room look bigger. A carpet stretching from wall to wall emphasizes the size of the room - making it look smaller than it really is. A designer pro tip is to leave a minimum of 12 inches gap from the wall on all sides to give the illusion of excess floor area, thus making the room look bigger.

Get the weave right:

Rugs add texture and layers to the room. Carpets like Woollen Dhurries, Pure Silk, Tufted Woollen carpets and Hand-Knotted Woollen carpets - enables Indian homes to have their spread of choices. The type of weave and its material for the carpet also determines its value. Pure silk carpets made from fine grade 80% silk and 20% cotton originating from Kashmir are the most expensive ones. Known for their fine craftsmanship and softness, they are mostly displayed in the living room. Whereas the Tufted Woollen Carpets made from wool woven into the fabric for a thicker feel. These fluffier ones are the best suited for the bedroom to invoke a cozier environment.

Patterns that fit right in:

It is always recommended to buy rugs that complement the color scheme of your furniture. For a room with neutral color palette, quirky or vibrant patterned options are the best way to add in a pop of color. Similarly, for darker-toned interiors, lighter colors with clean patterns create the right amount of balance. Even the material used for the carpet can add to the look and feel of the room. Carpets and rugs have been in use unconsciously in Indian homes for a long time. That usage being more for functionality rather than style. For example - in warmer climates, rugs are used in limited amounts and only in areas needed. In these regions, carpets are not used in order to keep the space breathable. In colder climates, carpets are used more sparingly and functionality is taken into consideration more than aesthetics of the space. With the new age preference of having both functionality and style, manufacturers have also taken to catering to both preferences. There is a variety available in the market today that emphasizes the aesthetics as well as serves its purpose. It depends on you how you want to utilize them and style them accordingly. If you still are unsure about the best carpets or rugs for your home and need expert advice – we are always ready to help. Have a chat with us today at 8066085646 !


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