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by Sravani Padmanabhuni November 21, 2013 In 3BHK Home Designs | 3BHK Flat Designs Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog Home decoration ideas & Tips Interiors Decoded KITCHEN Project Writeups

The apartment at Salarpuria Greenage has been highly appraised by the peers of Mr. Amit Gupta. Hence here is a short account of what makes this 3BHK apartment so extra special for the couple and extra ordinary for their peers.

Craze for the modern interior design is laddering up day by day. Keeping this in mind we have designed a beautiful and elegant space for this couple who were very excited to have their house, to be resembled more like a wooden house.
We have used the veneer (thin slices of wood) for this home interiors, to give an exquisite touch to their home.

Interior design in the Foyer area:

Foraying into the foyer area makes one realize that a lot of imagination has been put into work, to achieve such an output. This section of the entire house, has the appeal to capture anyone’s attention. A 3 stepped storage unit occupies a small section of the foyer area.
Beside the storage unit, a low seating unit has been designed. This was specially designed keeping in mind, the effort put into wearing shoes while standing.
The next piece of creativity which a visitor encounters is an amazingly well designed wall, which has been crafted utilizing coconut chips.
Hence the area not only displays great creativity, but also innovates our thoughts. We designed a lengthy 5 feet by 1 feet open storage unit, from which the 2 pigeon niches were hung with the help of SS rods.

Besides giving a designer look, it also acts as a storage unit. Ceiling in the foyer area is chalked out with simple design of having a square shaped false ceiling along with cove lighting.

Living area cum dining area:

Coming to the living area, we must say that this is one of the best living room designs we have proposed. A long wall at the backdrop is the main attraction of the living area.The continuous wall has also been designed partially utilizing the stone cladding.

On the left side a special section has been created for the television. The passage continues further to the Pooja room.
The doors of the pooja unit are fixed with black lacquered glass. When the doors of the pooja unit is closed, one can feel the continuous look. Special thought has been rendered into maintaining the sanity of the Pooja house.
The dining room which is in continuation with the living area, has storage units. The storage units have been incorporated to provision storage of various utilities.
Above the storage units, a metallic panel is placed. The panel, along with stone clad wall, gives the house a rich and refined look. On the top of the wall a designer light has been installed to glorify the scene.
The ceiling on this particular section is basically a continuation. Wooden designs, having two long parallel bars have been incorporated into the ceiling.

Guest bedroom:

On the right side of guest bedroom, a slider wardrobe has been provided. Inside the wardrobe there is a hanger facility besides a drawer unit. Above the slider wardrobe one can see the cabinets. The ceiling design of the guest bedroom has been purposely kept simple, yet charming.

The slider wardrobe on the left is a  multi purpose storage unit. On the adjacent wall, a uniquely shaped ledge has been created, to facilitate storage of books. The ceiling of the bedroom has wooden patterns designed to attract visitor’s attention.

Master bedroom has all that arresting look.

The most incredible factor of the master bedroom, is the 14′ split wardrobe. The wardrobe is not just a plain assortment of numerous cabinets for storing clothes, but is a complete accessory fit.
The splits made in the wardrobe have been designed for specific purposes. The wardrobe has four long elongated sections. Each section is a basically a slider unit.
A TV unit has been designed in the wardrobe section, so as to eradicate any hassle faced while finding a space for television. Other sections are basically reserved for storing men’s and women’s important accessories. On the opposite side of the split wardrobe one can visualize the presence of a wall.
The wall does not, in any way, give an impression of being a regular and boring creation. The creation was does to impart a 3D look to the wall. For the very purpose, recyclable MDF’s have been used.
The white hued wall has an artistic pattern, which is highlighted by three spotlights at the top. This white wall unit became the focal point of this entire room giving a pleasing look.

Kitchen: where everyone’s hunger ends:

Modular kitchen is the very 1st option chosen by the most. Gone are those days where we used to allot a small space for kitchens. Kitchen is only considered as a cooking space in those times. The kitchen in this apartment is not only a utility but also allots a vibrant look to the house.
The basic concept behind designing of the kitchen, was to allot a contrasting aura to it. Finished shelves have been provided which provisions easy cleaning.
Another addition to the long list of innovations we have used in this interior work in bangalore is the utilization of G-profile handles. Hence overall each section of house exudes innovative ideas.