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A gym can be a great place to unwind at the end of a day or even to start your day off. However, getting yourself to go to a gym at the end of a long and tiring day or if the weather is bad can be challenging, and requires a lot of motivation. This is where a home gym can come in extremely handy, allowing you to get your day’s exercise in without having to step out of your house. However, designing a home gym isn’t always easy, particularly if your home doesn’t have a lot of room for such extra spaces. However, if you’re blessed with the space to be able to incorporate a gym inside your home, keep reading this detailed guide. We take you through some of the best interior designs for a healthy lifestyle for you to take inspiration from.   

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Pain Point   

Designing a home gym in compact spaces can often be challenging and might even seem limiting, particularly when you want to replace your gym membership with your workouts at home. What’s more, designing a gym that motivates and inspires you to get moving every single day can also seem hard to achieve.   


The solution is to create a gym layout that makes the best use of the space available in your home. Additionally, it’s essential that you personalise your gym’s interiors with elements that inspire and motivate you.   

The best way to design a visually and mentally appealing gym that’s also functional is to work with an experienced interior designer with the skills to strike the right balance between all your needs.   

Choosing the Right Space   for home gym

Choosing the Right Space   

The first step to creating interior designs for a healthy lifestyle is to choose the room in which you’d like to incorporate your home gym. If you live in a traditional apartment in a metropolitan city, for example, you may or may not have an extra room that you can convert into a home gym. If you do, you can use that as a dedicated room to create your gym.   

On the other hand, if all you have are your bedrooms in a 3BHK apartment in Mumbai, for example, you could convert your third bedroom into a home gym.   

Alternatively, if you have a large, covered balcony, you can also use that space to design your gym and create a space that motivates you to work out every single day.   

Last but not least, if you stay in a penthouse and have the luxury of a terrace, you’re blessed with ample space to create a gym with all the equipment you could need to create a comprehensive alternative to your commercial gym.   

Selecting the Right Colour Palette for home gym

Selecting the Right Colour Palette

Just as the space you choose can influence your mood and sense of motivation when working out, the colour palette you select is equally important. According to the theory of colour psychology, every colour has its very own impact on your mood and emotions, making it critical that you choose one that inspires, motivates, and energises you.   

Different shades of green, for example, create an energising environment that also make your space feel closer to nature. Red is the colour of power and can be ideal to make you feel invincible when working out. Blue is yet another colour you can choose if you like a colour that’s energetic and helps make you feel calm and consistent.   

Creating a Space to Relax   - home gym

Creating a Space to Relax   

While a gym is a space that’s traditionally meant for rigorous exercise, the key to the perfect interior designs for a healthy lifestyle is to also create some space for you to relax and unwind. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate a relaxing corner or a meditation pad into your home gym.  

With some indoor plants and soothing colours, you can create a space where you can relax after a rigorous routine.   

Touches like a comfortable chair, a portable speaker or even a music system and some indoor plants can help create the right ambience for you to relax. Examples like snake plants and palms, for example, can also help you feel closer to nature, while helping purify the air in your indoor gym.   

What’s more, you can even choose materials like stone for some of your walls to help regulate the temperature in your home gym and keep it from becoming too warm in the summer.   

Lighting Up Your Home Gym 

Lighting Up Your Home Gym 

Like any productive space, your home gym should be well-lit to help uplift your mood and make you feel energised. While you must ensure that your space has ample artificial light should you prefer working out in the evening, it must also have lots of natural light flowing in during the day.   

While it helps create an open and airy ambience, it also helps boost your vitamin D levels, particularly if you work out in the early hours of the morning.   

In terms of artificial lighting, you can use a mix of both overhead lighting and task lighting in individual workspaces to ensure a well-lit space overall.

Integrate Smart Storage Solutions  for home gym

Integrate Smart Storage Solutions   

One of the most important elements of interior designs for a healthy lifestyle is to create a space that’s well-organised and clutter-free. The key to ensuring this is to integrate ample storage spaces across your home gym to store all your exercise essentials. These include dumbbells, supplements, towels, and other smaller equipment.   

With a mix of smart cabinets, shelves, and even modular furniture such as an ottoman with storage, you can ensure that your home gym stores all your workout equipment and more if needed.   

Personalise Your home gym

Personalise Your Space   

A gym, be it at home or a commercial one would be nothing without the right decor. Designing a gym at home gives you the freedom to create a space that’s truly personalised to your tastes and preferences. This way, you can decorate it with elements that motivate you at every step.   

Whether it’s motivational quotes or posters of your favourite athletes or sports persons, you can truly make your space your own with the right ideas. Such granular personalisation is one of the major benefits of home interior designs for a healthy lifestyle.   

In Conclusion   

Creating interior designs for a healthy lifestyle involves bringing together various elements, from your equipment to a spacious layout, ample storage, lighting, and even your choice of flooring and colour schemes.   

However, ensuring the perfect balance of each of these factors can be rather challenging, particularly if you live in a compact space where each room must be multifunctional. This is where the expertise of a skilled interior designer can help.  

At Bonito Designs, India’s only ISO-certified full home interior brand, we have over 300 experienced interior designers who have the best industry insights and expertise to create unique and opulent spaces. Give us a call today so we can design your full home interiors to reflect your unique tastes and preferences.