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byBonito Designs January 20, 2024 In Blog Interior Designers in Bangalore


Luxury living is about more than just creating opulent spaces that leave you spellbound at first sight. It’s about the tiniest of details in every corner of your home that adds to a sense of luxury. Luxury interior design is one of the key trends that has taken over the world in recent years, but this style is often difficult to define, unlike others such as Art Deco or mid-century modern.   

However, we’re here to assuage all your doubts in this guide. If you’re looking at full home interiors that redefine what luxury living means, you’re in the right place. We tell you about all the different elements that define a luxurious space, along with some key suggestions that you can do to turn your home into an opulent and sophisticated haven.  

Luxury interior design

Pain Point  

Homeowners often want to create luxurious spaces that maximise comfort, convenience, and aesthetics, but they’re often unsure about the various elements that help achieve this perfect balance.   


Creating a truly luxurious home involves taking care of various elements. The tiniest of details play a crucial role, from the doorknobs to the technology you integrate into your various spaces and your choice of materials. This guide takes you through the various elements you must pay attention to create a home that reflects your personality, relaxes you, and speaks luxury at every turn.   

True Essence of Luxury Living 

The True Essence of Luxury Living   

Every individual or homeowner has their own idea about what the term “luxury” means. That’s where its true essence lies – in understanding that luxury means something different to everyone. What could mean extravagance to some, could be quiet luxury for others.   

Regardless of what your approach to luxurious full home interiors encompasses, there are certain characteristics that define it. The forthcoming sections dive into these characteristics to give you a true sense of what luxury living means. 

The Simplicity of Clean Lines and Surfaces   

Modern luxury interiors are all about minimalism and clean lines. This kind of approach helps eradicate the “clutter” of excessive designing, which can often also have an undesirable effect on how you feel once you’re in that space.   

With a key focus on being organised and uncluttered, modern luxury living focuses on neutral colours, and minimal designs, along with the perfect blend of form and function. Every element in this kind of space serves a purpose, rather than just being placed for its aesthetic value. The result is a space that’s calm, relaxing, opulent, and sophisticated in every sense.   

High-Quality Materials All-Around   

High-Quality Materials All-Around   

Luxury living isn’t just about sight over substance. The quality of the materials you use to make a space luxurious makes a world of a difference in how you or any third person perceives its luxury quotient.   

Your choice of materials extends to your living room design, your bedroom interior design, and your kitchen as well. Some of the key materials you can incorporate into your space to give it that sense of grandiose include –   

  • Hardwood

     – Unlike compressed wood, hardwoods like teak, walnut, oak, and mahogany are preferable for furniture and flooring. These offer a much higher perceived value of luxury and make for great options to use across various elements in your home.   

  • Glass 

    – Glass is another great element that you can strategically incorporate into your home’s interiors. Large or bay windows, glass partitions, and glass cabinets are great options to consider. Frosted or fluted glass in particular are ideal choices if you want to give your home a truly luxurious feel.   

  • Natural stones

     – Onyx, marble, or granite make for great options when it comes to designing countertops or even flooring. Each of these stones gives you plenty of options to choose from based on your individual tastes. They’re beautiful, durable, and truly offer your space a sense of luxury.   

Statement Lighting Fixtures

Using Statement Lighting Fixtures   

Lighting is possibly the key element in creating luxurious full home interiors. It adds a sense of warmth, and depth, and sets the mood for each part of your home, and thus needs to be given a lot of thought.   

High-end lighting fixtures, for example, can prove to be great focal points and can even serve both practical and decorative purposes. Pendant lights, on the other hand, can be great options for ambient or accent lighting in your living room or bedroom. For example, you can seamlessly suspend these pendant lights over an accent or reading chair, or even over your bedroom side tables.   

Recessed lighting, for example, can be a great option for a modular kitchen design as it offers ambient lighting wherever you need it, and gives your space a modern, contemporary feel.   

The Integration of Technology and Luxury  

One of the key tenets of luxurious interior design is the use of built-in technology. From home automation, smart lighting, and air purification solutions, to the technology used in the kitchen, integrating these key elements goes a long way in making your home luxurious.   

However, the key to remember is that technological integration isn’t just about purchasing the latest appliances. It’s about ensuring that the technology you use makes your life easier in one way or another. Another key detail is that the technology shouldn’t stand out or take over your design, rather, it should be seamlessly integrated with it. This perfect blend is what makes a space opulent and modern.   

Maximising Attention to Detail 

Maximising Attention to Detail 

Opulence and sophistication lie in the tiniest of details in your home. If you have statement furniture and the best of technology with cables lying around in open view, they defeat the purpose of creating a space that’s well-tailored and luxurious.   

This is where attention to detail comes into play, as it ensures that every element of your home is designed in a manner that shows your commitment to high-quality materials and smart solutions. This doesn’t just extend to cables but to other tiny details such as door handles, your selection of wall coverings, the placement of your furniture, and a whole lot more. 

Creating Comfortable Spaces That Relax You   

Comfort is another key aspect that plays a major role in luxury living. From your choice of sofa sets for your living room to ensuring ease of access in your kitchen, or even in the strategic placement of electric sockets around your home, there are several details to consider.   

A home that’s comfortable is one that’s luxurious. There are several things you can do to achieve this. Prioritise sofa comfort; functionality matters as much as aesthetics in choosing your couch or sofa set. Enhance coziness with a plush living room rug for an inviting and comfortable home ambiance.  

Co-Create Luxury Living with Bonito Designs   

Co-Create Luxury Living with Bonito Designs   

Building a luxurious home needs more than just a vision; it needs the talent and skill of an interior designer who works closely with a customer to help them achieve their dream home. That’s what we do best at Bonito Designs. We aren’t just an interior design studio; we’re a brand name that has established itself as a beacon of trust.   

Our designers work closely with our customers to help them achieve luxury in every aspect of their home’s interiors. Book a consultation today to craft a luxurious home that mirrors your personality.