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byBonito Designs April 8, 2024 In Interior Design


Gudi Padwa is a Hindu festival celebrated every year during spring. It holds immense significance for Marathi, Goan, and Konkani Hindus, and also marks the day Lord Brahma created the universe. The Gudi that’s made during the festival is considered to be a symbol of victory and is believed to ward off evil and invite prosperity in return.   

This festival then presents us with the opportunity to take a refresher, pause, and envision a path of prosperity and happiness in our lives. It’s also the perfect time to give your home interiors a refresh.   

In this guide, we show you some of the best ways you can mark the festival of Gudi Padwa by giving your home interiors a much-needed refresh.   

declutter your space this Gudi Padwa

Declutter Your Space   

When you think of a fresh start in any sphere of life, the first thing you often need to do is get rid of the old to make way for the new. In other words, you tend to declutter – be it your mind, life, or space.   

Decluttering can also be a fantastic way to give your home an interior refresh this year on Gudi Padwa. While this might sound like a rather daunting task, this doesn’t have to be the case. Start by tackling one or two shelves or drawers a day. Comb through your belongings and segregate them based on the things you need, or those you can get rid of or donate.  

Keep at this process for about a week, and you’ll be surprised to see how organised your space truly can be. After all, a clutter-free environment helps ensure clarity and creates the space for the flow of positive energy in your home.   

Try Rearranging your Furniture

Try Rearranging your Furniture

An interior refresh doesn’t always have to be expensive. You don’t need to buy new bedding, curtains, furniture, or furnishings to give your home some sprucing up. In fact, simply rearranging the furniture in your home can do wonders.   

For instance, if you’ve got a sofa set design with a three-seater, a two-seater, and two single-seaters, you can rearrange them into a different layout to add some freshness to your living room.   

You can similarly experiment with the furniture in the different rooms in your home to figure out which layout feels the most energising. What’s more, you can even switch furniture between rooms if you want more than just a cosmetic change. At the end of the day, rearranging your furniture for an interior refresh offers limitless possibilities, so let your creativity run wild.   

Make a Statement with Texture

Make a Statement with Texture   

One of the simplest ways of giving your home an interior refresh is to play around with different textures. Whether you experiment with wood, metal, fabric, or even materials like marble, stone, or bricks, you can experiment with several different options.   

Layering texture into your home interiors can be a great way to give your space some depth and character. Some examples you can consider are plush cushions, woven throws or knitted blankets, textured wall art, and even rugs made of natural materials like jute.   

What’s more, you can choose from a whole range of textures depending on the existing theme of your home interiors. For instance, if your interiors exude a sense of luxury, you can consider lush options like silk, velvet, and suede. On the other hand, if your interiors are more rustic and vibrant, materials like linen, jute, and stone can be brilliant additions to your space.   

Add a Touch of Nature to Your Interiors

Add a Touch of Nature to Your Interiors

Nothing adds a sense of calm and magic to your space quite like live plants. They can be a fantastic way to make your interiors greener and aesthetically pleasing while improving the air quality and your mood.   

The auspicious festival of Gudi Padwa also falls during the mango season, and the mango tree is known to be a symbol of prosperity and abundance. What better way to add some greenery to your home interiors than placing a mango tree at your home’s entrance or foyer?   

Aside from the mango tree, you can also consider flowering plants like marigolds, lilies, and so much more. If you have a small garden, you can even plant a temple tree or two particularly because they grow up to bear gorgeous flowers.   

festive touch in interior design

Add a Festive Touch to Your Space

You can give your home an interior refresh during Gudi Padwa without adding a few festive touches to your space. The word “Gudi,” for instance, refers to Lord Brahma’s flag, a symbol of victory and prosperity. This flag thus becomes a thoughtful festive touch to add to your home interiors.   

As with every other festival, you can also add a dash of colour to your space with beautiful Rangolis, made of either colour or flowers. Decorative door hangings, flowers such as marigolds, and so on, are some other examples of the many festive touches you can consider for a festive interior refresh 

Brighten Up Your Space with Natural Light 

Brighten Up Your Space with Natural Light 

If we had to choose the most impactful element that makes home interiors energetic, vibrant, and characterful, it would be natural light. While it can be appealing to keep your interiors dimmer and light up your space with artificial lighting, nothing beats the appeal of natural light.   

So, consider opening up your curtains and allowing every bit of natural light to flood your space with brightness and positivity. When the sun goes down, you can light up your space with well-placed lamps and lanterns to add a sense of depth to your space.   

In Conclusion   

The festival of Gudi Padwa offers the ideal time to take a step back and reflect on our lives and everything we have to be grateful for. It’s also an incredibly auspicious time for new beginnings. If you’re a new homeowner looking to design your full home interiors by the best designers in the country, look no further than Bonito Designs.   

As India’s only ISO-certified full home interior brand, we ensure that every project is delivered with the utmost perfection. Our team of 300+ interior designers offer a pool of immense talent and creativity, all of which help us design interiors that meet your preferences down to the last detail.   

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