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byBonito Designs October 16, 2023 In Blog


Navratri, the festival that resonates with vibrant colours, rhythmic music, and divine energies, holds a profound significance in our lives. Each day of Navratri is dedicated to a different manifestation of Goddess Durga, and the colours associated with these days are more than just a visual spectacle.  

Day 2 of navratri

Today, on Day 2 of Navratri, we celebrate the divine energy of Goddess Brahmacharini, a symbol of purity, wisdom, and meditation. The colour white, adorning the festival today, signifies the divine aura of Goddess Brahmacharini and the tranquillity she imparts to the universe. 

Understanding the Energy of White: 

Understanding the Energy of White

White, the colour of Navratri on this auspicious day, represents purity, peace, and clarity. It reflects the essence of divine grace and serenity, filling the surroundings with a tranquil aura. This colour is not just a visual choice but a spiritual one, signifying the calm within chaos, much like the Goddess herself. 


colour of Navratri - purity

White, the hue of untouched snow and the pristine lotus, symbolises purity in its truest form. It represents a clean slate, untouched by impurities or blemishes. When we embrace white during Navratri, we invite the purity of thoughts and actions into our lives. It signifies a fresh beginning, free from the stains of negativity and doubt. 


The tranquillity of white is akin to a calm, placid lake under the soft moonlight. It represents the peace that pervades the universe, even amidst life’s storms. Choosing white during Navratri is an invitation for peace to settle within our hearts. It reminds us to find solace in silence, to seek calmness in chaos, and to harbour serenity amidst life’s bustling noise. 


White possesses the power to illuminate even the darkest corners. It signifies mental clarity and spiritual awakening. Just as the white light encompasses all colours, it represents holistic understanding and a clear perspective. 

When we adorn our homes with white during Navratri, we seek clarity of mind and vision. It’s a reminder to see through illusions, to understand the truth, and to embrace life with a clear, focused mind. 

Incorporating White In-Home Interiors: 

Incorporating White In-Home Interiors

In your home interiors, embracing the energy of white can be a transformative experience. Opt for white furniture that exudes elegance and minimalism. White walls can create a sense of openness and tranquillity, making your space feel larger and more serene. Beddings in various shades of white can create a soothing retreat for a peaceful night’s sleep. To enhance the serene atmosphere, adorn your space with white flowers or vases, bringing the purity of nature indoors. 

White Furniture: 

White Furniture

Choose furniture pieces in shades of white that exude timeless elegance and minimalism. White furniture not only brightens up the room but also adds a touch of sophistication. Whether it’s a classic white sofa, a pristine dining table, or even chic white cabinets, these pieces can serve as focal points, radiating purity and simplicity. 

  1. White Walls:

White Walls

Painting your walls white can work wonders in creating an aura of openness and tranquillity. White walls reflect light, making your space feel larger and more serene. They act as a canvas, allowing other decorative elements to stand out. It’s like wrapping your room in a clean, calming embrace, encouraging a peaceful atmosphere that nurtures both body and soul. 

  1. White Beddings:

White Beddings

Bedrooms are sanctuaries of rest and rejuvenation, and what better way to enhance their soothing ambiance than with white beddings? Various shades of white, from ivory to snow, can create a soothing retreat for a peaceful night’s sleep. Crisp white sheets, soft duvets, and fluffy pillows in different textures invite you to relax, ensuring your dreams are as serene as your surroundings. 

The Goddess’s Blessings: 

In Hindu mythology, the Goddess worshipped on this day is believed to bless her devotees with clarity of thought, purity of heart, and a peaceful mind. By surrounding ourselves with the colour white, we invite these divine qualities into our lives and homes. 


As we immerse ourselves in the purity of white during this Navratri, let’s not just adorn our surroundings but also our hearts and minds with the serenity it brings. Embracing the colour of purity and peace, we align ourselves with the Goddess’s energy, creating a sacred space were clarity reigns supreme. Do all this with a touch of celebrity-designed home interiors. 

Experience the transformative power of white in your interiors with Bonito Designs full-home interior solutions. Let our expert designers curate designs and redefine each corner to reflect the divine energy of Navratri. Embrace purity and serenity in every corner. Contact us today and let your home radiate the tranquillity of Goddess Durga’s blessings.