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Creative headboard ideas for kids bedroom ideas

Headboards has got a rocket craze among us nowadays. Peep into this article to know how to select creative headboards for your kids. With some creative thoughts you can double the fun factor of bed room interiors besides adding a great dimension point. Discover the epitome of bedroom luxury through exquisite headboard design that redefine comfort and style.

A headboard is a upright panel placed at the head of a bed. Originally headboards were designed for the Egyptian for Pharos out of ebony and other luxurious materials for decorative purposes.

As the Middle Ages set in the Greek, European and Romans took in the idea of headboard design and made it one of convenience.

Large wooden headboards were designed to cut out draft and wind and provide insulation. To not allowing the cold air seep into the floor, matching wooden headboards and foot boards were designed.

Today as times are warmer and style tastes have evolved, any material can be used to make headboards. From PVC pipes to industrial grade metal wiring and muslin cloth to fancy upholstery anything can be used to create an innovative headboard design , especially for Kids.

Kids headboard

Kids today are very expressive and inventive; to create a safe space for them to express themselves and also give them an opportunity to change the medium they use to express themselves would mean design genius.

Although a headboard is a small piece of addition it dictates the climate being set for the room itself simply because it is the most dramatic addition to the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, the bed.

To start off, a designer should know his/her client. It is imperative that the designer keeps in mind the kids age and parents requirements. Based on the age of your client and permanency required from your design idea the bedroom can be decorated.

A designer can set some standard parameters in terms of age

  • Infants’ rooms
  • Kids rooms (between 5 – 10 years)
  • Pre teen’s rooms (between 10 – 13 years)
  • Teenagers’ rooms (above 13 years)

Infants’ rooms decor:

The parents dictate the child’s requirements, and most often than not a baby cot is required. In an infants room safety of the child and the ability to clean consistently soiled bedding takes precedence over anything else. A headboard design is often attached to railings on the side of a cot to prevent the little tykes from falling out and getting hurt. An infants room edicts the need for a durable headboard whose functionality is more appealing that its design ingenuity.

toddler headboard

Kids rooms design ideas:

Every designers dream design would be a kid’s bedroom headboard design . The size of the client is a big plus, simply because even in tight spaces grand and exciting headboards can be designed.

Kids usually have a lot of things, a grand headboard, to facilitate their storage or creating an expressive canvas for them to display ideas and emotions through their headboards or creating for them a safe haven, the designer can choose and pick.

A kids rooms headboard can bear many and bright colors.


From emulating a doll house to a pirate ship or doubling as a convenient study unit to a playhouse combined with the nifty placement of a bed the headboard can set the mood for the room.

Pre Teen’s rooms:

Designing for pre teens can be vague. An age where they try and decide their likes and dislikes, and figures out avenues to express themselves. A designer could look at this as a challenge to help the child channelize their inner light and bring out the best or simply look to establishing a finished product.


For children of this age to be able to create consistent change and try out new designs would prove exciting. A headboard being an integral part of the grandest piece of furniture in their bedroom, the bed; the designer should consider options to change the headboard around.

Creating normal, ordinary or adult looking headboards would not cut it. Although not the primary requirement along with creativity a certain amount of functionality is also required.

Teenager’s rooms design:

Teenagers’ rooms are rooms that require a lot of attention. Although a certain quantity of adult perspective and sanity is required, a teenager’s room is where designers can go berserk. Every interior decorators wild Mithweald!


Most ideas that would be turned down by conventional adults would be embraced with open arms by experimental teens. By combining bold ideas and colors with convenient designs, an otherwise conventional bedroom could be converted into a modern minefield of promise; appeasing both the teens and the parents.

Some basic and out there headboard ideas:

  • Tufted headboards, a common design when combined with the right fabric, color and size can set the room with a luxurious and luscious feel.
Creative headboard with moon and stars
  • Ceiling high headboards; they create an ethereal feel to any room.
  • Ceiling high headboards combined with canopies; create a sense of privacy and class. This sets up for a prim room with the possibility of a footstool and other pieces of furniture otherwise uncommon in a children room.
  • Headboards that double as pinup boards, this works as a reminder board and also helps the child in question personalize every bit of their den.
  • Headboards made up of soft upholstery. Square pieces of fabric can be held against wood or huge cushions can be assembled together to make a fuzzy and comfortable headrest. This would prove convenient to sit on the bed and watch TV or read.
Princess headboard

Headboards that emulate a chalkboard/ blackboard or whiteboard:

This creates a canvas for the kid to express himself or herself consistently, allowing for change on a daily basis in a controlled environment.

  • Headboards made out of unusual materials like muslin cloth, t-shirts, artwork, framed up pictures, artwork, tie died cloth, brocaded fabric or even photographs. When designing such pieces, to enlist the help of the client would prove wise, making the headboards that much more personal.
headboards with cove lightining
  • Headboards that work as nigh lights, this saves space and creates for easy access, especially for small children.
  • Headboards that double as storage shelves, closets or study units. This would entail the creation of a large headboard. This user friendly, space saving furniture piece made for convenience are what most parents prefer. Adding little fun factors to it for the kids would lighten up the piece and increase its acceptance factor.
  • Headboards that play with lights are usually a possibility in older kids rooms. This opens up an entire avenue of modern abstract ideas that a designer can work on and implement.
  • Headboards that double as display cabins. Although quite common and abundantly found, a kids friendly display cabins doubling as a headboard would interest kids.

Headboards that hold mirrors.

Headboards that hold huge mirrors in the center create a dramatic and interesting look. Most young girls would be excited at the prospect of having a mirror above their beds. The challenge would be to make it user friendly and position it in such a way as to be most practical.

So chose your headboards as per your kids mood swings. This will have a impact on the overall decor of your kids bedroom interiors.