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byBonito Designs February 6, 2024 In Blog Interior Design


When it comes to celebrities, it’s not just their on-screen presence that wows us, but also their tastefully designed homes. From palatial apartments to penthouses with the best of amenities, these homes serve as timeless sources of inspiration for us to design our home interiors around. However, aside from simply looking at these homes in passing, what if we could take a closer look at how celebrities design their dream homes? In this guide, we take you through some of the most iconic celebrity homes and some timeless celeb secrets to designing the perfect home interiors.   

Celebrity-designed home interiors

Pain Point   

Celebrity-designed home interiors can seem like the stuff of dreams, and most homeowners, while often awe-struck by them, wonder whether they could ever emulate the same ideas in their own living spaces.   


Celebrities have the benefit of turning their homes into their dream living spaces with minimal constraints in terms of budgets. However, not everything they do has to be out of reach. The key is to understand the underlying ideas behind their home interiors and figure out how you can implement the same in your own home.

celebrity home interiors

Abhay Deol’s Lush Green Paradise   

The first home we take a peek into is that of Abhay Deol. His property, located in the midst of a forest features the perfect way of integrating brick and mortar with the bounties of nature. With vast green spaces, an open-concept living room, a sprawling swimming pool, and tastefully designed stone walls, his abode stands out as one of the most stunning homes you could find.   

Another aspect that adds to the feeling of being at one with nature is the use of glass all around. In Abhay Deol’s own words, “I wanted a glass house…” Incorporating large windows that let in plenty of light can be a great way to make your space lively, and bright, and can give you the rush of dopamine you need every single day.   

If this fusion between concrete and greenery is your cup of tea, there are plenty of ways you can take inspiration from it. For one, you can incorporate plenty of houseplants in your space to give it a calm and relaxed vibe. These could be vines across your balcony’s railing, a gorgeous indoor palm that takes pride of place in a corner of your living room, or even a few snake plants dotted around your bedroom.   

Another on this long list of celeb secrets you can incorporate is adding a stone wall to your interiors. While stone might seem like a rather unconventional choice, it can be a great way of adding some texture to your space, while making it cooler during the summer. 

celeb secrets for their luxurious bedroom

Lilly Allen and David Harbour’s Stunning Brooklyn Townhouse   

Shifting the focus to Hollywood, Lilly Allen and David Harbour’s gorgeous Brooklyn townhouse stands out as one of the most stunning celebrity homes you can find. With the perfectly balance use of floral wallpaper, unique textures, including the velvet on their sofa set, and art deco furniture dotted around their property, their home makes for an interior design enthusiast’s dream.   

Her home interiors are inspired by the decor from late 19th century Italy and creates a space that transports you back in time to 19th century Europe. Every element, while retaining elements of English design heritage, also harks back to the quintessential Italian home. From the cabinet curtains or skirts in their kitchen to the chequered furnishings, their interiors truly weave a range of different elements seamlessly.   

If this nature-adjacent design inspires you, you too can take inspiration from it. For instance, you can design your interiors with statement art deco furniture to give your home a feeling from an era bygone. Floral wallpapers, greens, plants, and shades of beige and brown make for some of the ideal elements you can incorporate into your dream home.   

New York Loft-Inspired Home  

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s New York Loft-Inspired Home  

Shifting the focus back to Bollywood, another home that truly stands out as an interior design haven is that of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. Like some of the most popular celebrity homes, Alia’s brief was simple – she wants a home that’s eclectic and energetic at the same time. Her home interiors feature elements such as brick detailing, statement furnishings, and so much more.   

Their home combines the perfect balance of elements from a Swiss chalet and a New York loft. These World Designs seamlessly integrate to create a space that almost transports you around the world from the moment you step in. 

From the inviting teal blue entrance, cosy couches, and segregated workspaces to create a separation between the professional and the personal, all make for a welcoming space that’s tastefully designed.   

The living room has a snowy white brick wall that gives it the illusion of more space, while the large, cushioned sofa makes it feel extremely cosy, especially when lit up in the evenings. The concrete floors and large windows that let in plenty of light, creating the perfect New York loft vibe.  

Their home is the perfect example of one that reflects the owner’s personality down to every little element, making their space feel truly personal. 

Eclectic home decor

Aditi Rao Hydari’s Eclectic Residence   

The first thing you notice about Aditi Rao Hydari’s home is that it seems, rather normal. When we say normal, we mean that it isn’t the palatial residence that several of her counterparts might boast of. However, every little element of it creates a sense of warmth, and love, and makes you feel cosy.   

Her sofa’s intimate pattern arrangement and elevated dining area showcase thoughtful design, creating depth and intimacy in every space.

Her home, in her words, exudes kindness and happiness, instantly creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere upon entry.

Filled with ample light through large windows, and balanced by sheer curtains, her home is an eclectic, airy haven.

A cozy haven, her bedroom features a four-poster bed, vintage furniture, a matching dressing table, and bright, airy windows. Her home offers numerous tips for someone who wants to design a truly cosy and eclectic space for themselves.   

In Conclusion   

Our guide provides expert tips to craft your dream home, inspired by iconic celebrities from India and beyond. When you think of celeb secrets and how stars design their dream homes, you get plenty of inspiration on the different ways you can do the same for your dream space. However, achieving interior nirvana can be challenging if you don’t hire an interior designer.   

At Bonito Designs, Tailoring dreams to reality, we embrace homeowners’ distinct tastes, personalities, and preferences. Connect with us or visit our Experience Centre to explore enchanting full-home interior themes from around the globe.

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