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by Sanchari B June 30, 2015 In Blog Uncategorized

It’s been quite some time that Bonito has become the go-to company for any homeowner who wants to beautify their living space in Bangalore. We have given life to many dreams and curved our own little corner in the market of interior design.

The constant encouragement and positive feedback from the clients had been the greatest profit that we have ever made and we are really thankful to them that they have given us the opportunity to deliver to them. But now that Bonito has come of age, we decided to begin a new journey, a new venture to cater to your needs better, at a micro level.

The Baby Squadro

So we, at Bonito, decided to give birth to Squadro and bring it up like a child till it can walk on its own.

It’s an e-commerce website that has the potential to fulfill all your furniture needs. Be it a gorgeous crockery unit, a chic TV cabinet, a couple of quirky wall mounts, or even wardrobes and beds, Squadro will help you brighten up every corner of your living experience.

Collecting happiness with Collections

Apart from a host of individual products, Squadro has also launched three collections recently keeping in mind the needs of homes. They are theme based collections so that no matter how different each of your rooms are, they will be connected by the common thread of furniture theme style. Check now at www.bonito.in

If you had to buy similarly styled furniture individually, the cost would have gone up and you would have had to budget your purchases tightly. That is why we came up with the idea of collections so that everyone can afford to build a dreamy interior without spending a fortune.

Come one, come all

Squadro is for all. It is easily accessible and pocket-friendly which means every section of society can go for it without any hesitation. You might be a group of bachelors or a newly married couple busy setting up the foundations of a home; Squadro’s newly launched collections have something or the other for every kind of homes.

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The best part is, unlike other e-commerce websites, we at Squadro make our own furniture, we are not just vendors selling products created by others. So naturally, if you have any queries or problems related to our products, you can directly get in touch with us for a solution. There is no third party involved.

The family is growing

Squadro is in its growing phase. We have already launched many individual products and four collections till date. But our work doesn’t stop here. We are coming up with bright new ideas every moment and would soon surprise you with a variety of other collections that will sweep you off your feet with its style and freshness.

Just hold your breath and allow Squadro to impress you, the same way you have given Bonito your love and trust to serve you to the best of their ability.

Meet this youngster soon!

Squadro is the brainchild of Bonito, so naturally it has inherited Bonito’s keen sense of aestheticism. But being a younger kid, it’s much more bubbly and experimental, playing with ergonomics and colours so as to add a little kink to your mundane everyday existence.

So if you believe in Bonito, put your trust in Squadro for once. This young rockstar won’t disappoint you.

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