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by Pavithra Joshi March 24, 2013 In 2BHK Home Designs | 2BHK Flat Designs Project Writeups Uncategorized

Apartment type: 2 BHK
Residence: Bankers Apartments, BTM Layout
Project commencement date: September 2012
Project completion date: November 2012

Mr. Rangarajan and his wife Mrs. Yashoda are an elderly couple who have two sons, both live in the US with their family. The apartment they bought was a small one, of 1100 sqft. Though the couple wasn’t very keen on spending too much money on the interiors of the apartment, their sons were very insistent and convinced them to let us design their interiors. Our team first went and met the couple, and further discussions about the design were carried out on the Team Viewer with the children in the US. As with virtual calls, a lot of challenges were faced by us with coordinating the timing and the calls. During the design phase, about 3 to 4 options were given, changes made as needed and finalized.
The apartment is in a premier location in BTM layout, right off the main road. It has a scenic view from the terrace and the balcony, and hence a sit out was proposed and executed.
Challenge: During this project, selection of materials became a hassle, since they might look slightly different in real than what they do in the catalog.
The clients were very particular about getting Veneer work done. Veneer gives a better natural wood finish than laminate would. But the problems with veneer such as scratches were explained to them and then we went ahead with the execution.

Foyer Unit Designing Process in a 2BHK Apartment

The couple had a Krishna which they had procured in Haridwar, and they requested for it to be accommodated in the foyer area. They wanted it to be the first thing seen when people enter the house. The foyer also has newspaper storage and a shoe rack. There is also a simple false ceiling with two niches. There are also three spotlights, which could highlight a painting. There is also a spotlight to highlight the Krishna which will be placed in a tall unit.
Living Room:
The TV unit in the living room is sleek, small and uniquely designed. It is not too heavy, with ample storage space. A pebble tray is an exclusive value addition to this unit.
Based on the same design concept as the TV unit, a false ceiling has been designed, with cove lighting.
There is a simple glass partition between the living and dining areas, and this partition also provides the backrest for the sofa.
Dining Area:
There is an adjustable photo frame that has been provided in the dining area, along with a spotlight to highlight the painting or photo. There is also a false ceiling with blue cove lights in the dining area.
There is also a Puja plus crockery unit in the dining area, with spotlights provided. There was initial confusion about the size of the puja unit, but this was sorted out during the final design discussion.
Guest Bedroom:
The guest bedroom has a veneer, slider wardrobe with an end to end loft. The wardrobe has a straight line concept and there are adjustable shelves inside.
The same texture paint used on the wall has been used in the false ceiling. There are also four rectangular niches in the ceiling. The four corners are adorned by spotlights.
The study table has a stone cladding where a TV or the computer monitor can be mounted. There is storage on top as well as the sides for books.

Designing TV Unit in a 2BHK Apartment

Master Bedroom:
The master bedroom foyer area has simple lighting. The room has been provided with silent colors to give it a cozy feel. A simple but elegant false ceiling has been provided, with cove lighting.
The couple has an existing bed with a curved profile, and the same design has been implemented for the wardrobe. A storage space for an existing safe has also been provided inside the wardrobe.
Challenges faced:
Most of the challenges in this project were faced due to the absence of the couple’s children, who took most of the calls for the final design.

  • In the foyer area, Mrs. Yashoda was very particular about having a place for the Krishna, whereas their son was more concerned about having enough space for shoes and newspapers. Both the requirements were taken into account and implemented.
  • In the living room as well as the dining room, Mr. Rangarajan wanted the false ceilings to be elegant, which their son wanted to be simple. Our designers came up with a contemporary design for both.
  • A lot of changes were made in the puja unit. They required the puja unit to also accommodate crockery. While the puja unit required more depth, that design was not looking good for the crockery unit. So changes were made and the depths had to be adjusted for both.
  • Another challenge here was the restriction of working over the weekends since the neighbors could be disturbed by the work going on.
Master Bedroom Wardrobe in a 2BHK Apartment

Despite all these difficulties, the project was completed in 45 days.