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Client Name: Mr. Rajasekhar
Current Residence: Malleshpalya.
Type of Residence: 3 BHK Flat
Residence To Be Occupied: Bangalore Harsha Complex, Horamavu
Project Commence: Oct 2011
Project Completion: Jan 2012

Apartment Before Interior Designing

Interior Designing Execution (UPDATE 1)

Interior Designing Execution (UPDATE 2)

Interior Designing Execution (UPDATE 3)

Final Site Handover

Requirements Given By Mr & Mrs Rajasekhar:

This is the couple’s first owned apartment; and they wanted their apartment interior design to be unique. We knew from day one that they were excited to be a part of the process of getting their full house interiors designed. Even though both of them happen to have a full time job, and a cute 2 1/2 year kid to take care of; they still found time to freeze down on favorite color, laminate texture and do loads of homework on how they would like their home to look like.

Even though their requirements evolved throughout the apartment interior designing process; here is a quick look.

  • They were concerned about their kid bumping into sharp edges of the new furniture that they were planning to decorate their interiors with. Thus they asked for a rounded finish for at least the furniture inside the kid’s bedroom.
  • They demanded a good amount of storage space inside the wardrobe; and enough partitions so that they can keep their daily use items completely organized. Matter of fact; they designed most of the master bedroom wardrobe inside layout themselves.
  • They asked for a sleek master bedroom TV unit & a simple but usable TV unit for parents’ bedroom.
  • They asked for a nice living room TV unit that has good storage space for electronic devices.
  • A sleek and modernized 4×5 pooja unit that can be placed inside the dining room and yet be left out with space for the sit out near the french window.

Our Initial Analysis & Challenges Faced By Us

Like any other apartment, there are a few problems that crop up all the time, be it any premium apartment. Best interior designing companies in Bangalore must already be aware of all these problems and they must already be accommodating each of these problems in their design. We’re almost there 🙂

  • Dark living room – The living room of this particular flat was totally dark even in the mid afternoon. So we had to keep that in mind and design a TV unit that will look wonderful with all the lights switched off.
  • Wavy walls – Many of the walls inside the apartment weren’t all that straight. Walls had waves that measured up to half an inch at places. Since we planned on having a 8 x 5 wall panel for the Living room TV unit; it was soon to be turned into a nightmare to have it aligned without any waves; as we couldn’t follow the wall contour anymore.
  • Non-perpendicular wall intersections – There were many corners in the house that weren’t at the right angle and had odd angles. Also many of the walls weren’t following the contour of the tiles; and hence a wooden furniture that followed the wall contour would be made out when looked at the tiles alignment.
  • Unfinished Plumbing & Electrical Work – Without at least one bathroom completed; you can expect a delay from the labors when it comes to work. For every other nature’s call, they would be forced to go outside; the same time which they could have used in working in the apartment. Quick Tip: If your builder has placed restriction over labor not staying at your apartment and incomplete plumbing and electrical work; Keep in mind that the contractor would take 50% more time that what says he will take.

Innovation Added

Mr & Mrs Rajasekhar were given 2 main designs for their entire house interiors. They froze down on one of the variant and we decided to continue iterating that design until they finalized on each one of the furniture. Close to 3 options were given for each of the TV units. Since living room TV unit was of prime importance; we decided to add good number of lights in the unit as the room was already dark. Every of the option given for the living room, contained facility to add good number of lights. The design chosen by the clients had 3 insets on the left that had spot lights from the above and the central panel with duco paint finish with indirect incandescent light from above.

  • Kids bedroom study table was designed keeping in mind the rounded edges. We had to make sure that the study unit doesn’t look odd with outstanding edges. We convinced the client to go for a total glossy laminate and a combination of 2 primary color: blue and white. The glossy and slippery laminate makes sure for them that its quite easy to clean up.
  • The laminates chosen for the Masterbedroom wardrobe and the TV unit were to be outstanding and were supposed to be the design attraction of the house. We went down to choose a combo laminate that had a base matte texture and grains of glossy material. We spent a good deal of time trying to match the grains while laminating the TV wall panel inside the Master Bedroom.
  • We designed a very trendy but difficult to execute sit out unit that was close to 8″ height and was around 8′ in length. This sit out unit had a back panel which extended till the ceiling. The difficult part here was to get the entire curvy sit out unit laminated and having a border setup for the unit. Another major task was to get the cushion designed which fit perfectly in the place.
  • The living room side panel was one tough nut to crack. We had to get the electrical fittings up and wiring done before hand and verified before we could begin closing the wall panel and laminating it. Once the lamination was done; there was no way we could reach inside and try wire it.
  • The living room TV unit wall panel proved to be difficult thing to erect; as the wall had a wrong contour and had waves at many places. Despite this, we had to make sure that the panel was placed perfectly and there were no visible gaps as the duco paint could be cracked when the panel was pressed during the installation of the wall mount TV bracket.

Final Delivery

  • Apartment interior design layout delivered on time to the client with rendered images and also the working drawings of every furniture.
  • Site visits and in-process changes.
  • Consultation and advisory on fabric, lights, sanitary ware, colors selection.
  • We made Interior Design in Bangalore painless for Mr & Mrs Rajasekhar (at least we hope so).

What The Clients Had to Say

They are happy that things are falling in place just before their house warming ceremony. They are happy that we reduced a few things from their list of “things to worry about”. Although they are a bit irked about the glitches that have turned out to be irreparable (especially the slants inside the Master Bedroom wardrobe.. our mistake!), nothing chronic; they are happy with how things have turned out, and they like how the wall paint and the entire interior design talk to each other.